Esposito’s Liitle Secret



Esposito’s little secret!***This is a fictional story, based on Jon Huertas’s character Javier Esposito on Castle, I have never met Jon Huertas***When I decided to be a drug transfer boy, I never expected to get caught I was very cautious, and indeed, it wasn’t my fault that they got me, it was Alfie who couldn’t control himself and killed a junkie guy, now the whole NYPD was all over my ass.After the interrogation I knew I had to ask for protection! Alfie was one of those who could easily lose his temper and he was strongly against betrayal! but the cops said they would lock me up, so I had to tell them the truth.”Guys come on, I can’t go home now, he will kill me!” I yelled at them”One junkie less” replied a short blondish cop, Ryan was his name”But I told you everything” I replied feeling hopeless”Until we arrest that son of a bitch, you will come with me” said another cop, a pretty one, he was tall, and Puerto Rican color, he wasn’t black, but not white either, he was a chocolate color. He wore a t-shirt, plain green, and thin, revealing his muscled body, he wore a leather jacket and also black jeans. I followed him to his car, it was a descent car, for a cop, we didn’t talk at all while he was driving us to his house, I felt a little bit uncomfortable, not because of him, but because I found him very hot, I had these gay fantasies about guys, and he seemed like on of those hardcore cops, who wasn’t just hardcore on their job…We arrived at an apartment, it was descent like his car, it was obvious that a bachelor owned that place, some clothes were on chairs, and some dishes were still on the sink waiting to be washed, he took off his leather jacket and left it on the nearest couch, on the table he left his badge, and his gun was always with him, now without the leather jacket I could see he was indeed a muscled man. “I’m going to take a shower, I stink, suit yourself, eat, or sleep or whatever, just don’t open the front door while I’m at the shower ok?” He said”Yes sir” I replied he seemed to be 35 years old, so I had to show some respect”You can call me Esposito or Javi” he said and then went to his bedroom were his bathroom was located, I sat on a couch looking around the house and feeling my little butt turned on, I was 19 years old and I have fucked girls but I never tried to be fucked by a man, even though they turned me on too.I slowly walked toward his bedroom were I could hear the water running! I took a peak at his bedroom, he was in the shower, so I had a small chance to smell some of his underwear but suddenly I heard his bathroom door unlock, I returned to my chair in the living room, some minutes later, he dropped me some blankets for the sofa, he was wearing a sweatpant, and nothing on top, I felt my ass opening like a flower just by looking at his chocolate muscled body, he didn’t have chest hair only a few, I thanked him and made the sofa, when he would be asleep I would sneak in and take one of his boxers or underwear, I wanted to smell them so bad…and that bulge that was obvious in those sweatpants, seemed quite big. I waited a few minutes until I heard him snoring softly, I took a few steps toward his bedroom, I looked around.he was indeed asleep! I took a few steps more, near the pile of clothes, I could see a boxer already, I just wanted to sniff it, and then I would return to my bed…maybe masturbate a bit.I touched the black boxer, it had some green stripes on, the fabric was soft, I imagined his dick and balls being held there, I took it and took a big sniff of it! the manly smell flooded my nostrils, I felt my dick erected.I was so lost in the manly smell and his underwear’s sniffing that I didn’t noticed he stopped snoring, then he turned on the lamp”What the fuck are you doing there kiddo? Stealing from a cop?” He said, I wasn’t moving, he came toward me and looked at me sniffing his underwear, he seemed shocked at first but then he relaxed “So you play on THAT team huh?”he took his underwear from my hands, I could smell his sweat, he headed to his living room, so I followed, he drank some water, and then I noticed, the bulge in his sweatpants was double now, he was horny, “Wanna keep me some company in my bed?” He asked, “Yes sir but may I see your badge first?” I asked pretending to be a citizen asking for it, he took it and hanged it on his neck, this sight was so hot, him shirtless, in a sweatpant, and his badge hanging on his chest around his neck…In his bed, he left the dim light on, it gave him a hotness, this light hitting his body that glistened from sweat, he took all of his clothes off giving me the most hot sight I’ve ever seen, a fit muscled body, with a nice cock. I bit my lip thinking his chocolate cock in my mouth, he sat next to me, and with his hand, he pushed me, toward his lap, were his cock was resting erected on his lower stomach full of nerves and veins, in chocolate color, I rolled my tongue around the head, and heard his breath deep and hot on my neck, I was sucking his cock and felt horny by looking the badge that was hanging on his chest, NYPD, I was sucking his cock! with my lips I felt the veins and nerves, like they were carvings on a hot rock, I looked at him, he was staring at my eyes, with a sadistic comfort, while he kept pushing my head slowly, more cock inside my mouth, I tried to manage it, it was way too big for my untrained mouth, 7,5 inches! He pushed more, he glans was close to the back of my tongue, I withdrew my self, “I can’t do it, I have never done it before” I told him, deepthroat was way out of my league, he smiled, “No need to worry, besides we are done with your mouth, you are now suspect and I need to do anal interrogation” he said, hmmm he wanted me to play roles, nice, I loved to play roles, “I want my lawyer!” I pretended to be upset, “Shut up and get on your four”He said with his badge hanging on his neck and his cock erected, I felt my knees weak.He came behind me and fingered my ass slowly, it felt so wrong and so good at the same time! My ass was contracting like a pussy, “I see you like that” Esposito said, I felt the glans touching my asshole, and then being inside with a push, it felt good. At that point, but as he was pushing slowly and steady his dick inside my ass, I felt a pain like burning building up, around my asshole, I could even feel his veins and nerves with it, “Ahhh”! I yelled, “Relax it’s not even halfway inside” he said, and it wasn’t! It was hurting a lot and his dick was only halfway inside, suddenly I had a bad feeling about this, “Stop, let’s not do this I’m not ready” I said, but probably seeing me ready to back out, he pushed hard, and his cock made its way through inside my ass, I would yell but I found it difficult to breath, and when I was coming to breath normal again, he started pulling it out, causing a sweet sensation of pulling, and then again strongly inside my ass causing the burning pain again “Stop! Ah! Stop!” I managed to yell and cry like a little bitch, now he pushed my upper body down, and my ass was exposed to him, his bed was creaking by his strong fuck, I wanted to cry and yell, but all I could do, was trying to breath, my ass was getting destroyed completely by this stud, and it wasn’t so hot as I was imagining it would be! his strong hands was holding me down! and all I could feel was my ass going numb, the creaking of the bed, my tears running on the mattress, and the badge hitting my back as he was moving back and forth and he was leaning on my back, “do we have a confession?” He said, I tried to reply but I felt like crying again “Yes” I managed to say, he kept fucking me though “Yes, talk to the officer, confess your crime to me, who fucked you? Who’s bitch you are?” He asked, “Yours” I said, he slapped my ass “Detective’s Esposito, you will reply bitch!” He ordered. “Who fucked your virgin ass for the first time?””Detective Esposito” “Who’s bitch you are?””Detective Esposito’s””Yeah you are my bitch, and I’m the law, and you obey the law!” He said while kept fucking me with force, my ass felt like it would bleed at any minute, his cock was like a rock and he wasn’t a gentle fucker”Ahh stop please it hurts!” I yelled, “Who’s the law?””DETECTIVE ESPOSITO AHHHH!” I yelled as I felt my cock ejaculating, and felt a tingling sensation inside my ass! he was shooting his cums inside my ass!It felt so hot and so tingly! I realized I was still moaning with him! he was moaning in a hot manly way! I was moaning like a bitch, he pulled his cock out of my ass. Now my ass felt incomplete, it felt like his cock was part of it, and it should return there to feel right, also It felt sore, I collapsed exhausted on his bed, He lied there next to me, “it was my first time fucking a guy, but it was incredible” he told me, I managed to say “You weren’t bad yourself” before I felt my eyes closing, I slept within seconds…When Esposito woke me up, it was morning, and my ass felt way more sore than yesterday, “Get dressed, we caught the bastard!” He said, I got dressed and we went to the station were indeed! Alfie was there! in handcuffs, when he saw me, got pissed but he couldn’t do a thing now.”Thanks Detective Esposito.” I said formally, he smiled politely”For what exactly?” He asked, I smiled knowing what he meant and left the station…Only a few steps later, a black van stopped in front of me, and two African American guys, took me inside by force…they were driving in a deserted area, I could see more trees and less houses, they were going to kill me? No Alfie wasn’t so merciful, killing me would be mercy…I knew something way more bad was going to happen…they stopped the car, in the middle of nowhere, only trees were visible, the driver was a guy with a mustache, white, and wore sunglasses, the two African American, were like bouncers, with strong jaw lines, and an expressionless face, then they forced me out of the van, they told me to take my clothes off, I denied at first, but a gun in my face, made me change opinions, I was completely naked in the middle of nowhere, the white man stepped out of the van, and holding a smartphone he said “Ok it’s recording, begin”, I didn’t realized what happened next because it happened so fast, one of the black guys, grabbed me from behind, and pushed his cock inside my ass, causing me to gasp for air, while the other, made me bend, and take his cock inside my mouth, I thought being fucked by the detective was harsh. But this was way more painful. The black guy behind me, was fucking me with such force, and with hatred, no lubricants, nothing just plain cock and I couldn’t even cry, my mouth was full of the black cock of the other guy, they were fucking me so hard, like they wanted to fuck me to destruction, and the guy, the white one was recording it on video. I never felt more violated in my life, being abused and fucked like a piece of shit, and on top of that being recorded? My mouth was going numb as my ass was, I couldn’t control my saliva, it was running out of my mouth along with rivers of precum, and tears, they were holding me like a small animal caught to a trap, it was a hate fuck, I heard Alfie talking about it, but I never realized how it felt, when I thought I would faint, they pushed me aside like a bag of trash, naked on rocky ground, and they ejaculated on me, the white guy included…”Alfie says hello” they told me, as they were driving away, with my clothes and my dignity with them…

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