Me and Zach in the Barn!


***This story is fictional, I never had any sexual intercourse with Zach Roerig***

Zach and I are friends since little kids, I’m three years younger than him, but that
never stopped us from playing and hanging out together, we grew up in Texas, all
day we where playing football and when we were tired we were hanging out in the
old barn of his family, a very big wooden building, inside it was like those movie sets,
full of hay, and the smell of animals,one day we were wrestling inside the barn, it was
a usual thing to do, he was 22 years old and I was 19 years old, hay was all over us,
he was wearing a classic blue jean and a white t-shirt, he was yummy, I always liked
him, but I never admitted it was because I like boys, I always said it was because I
admire him or something, as we were wrestling, I turned on my stomach, and he
came on top of me, he was holding me down, wrestling, I was wearing shorts, and I
felt something hard between my butt, as he was still wrestling, I knew what it was, I
started rubbing my butt to that hard thing, he stopped wrestling me, with his heavy
voice he said “Stop doing that”, I laughed “Why?” I asked still rubbing my butt, his
cock was getting harder, he laughed, now he pushed his crotch, and I felt his hard
cock through his jeans more, “You like it?” He asked with a horny smile, I said “yes”
and he kept rimming with his jeans, suddenly I felt the urge to get naked and let him
break my ass virginity, I was moaning, he was so turned on, his face was getting red
and he was sweaty, he took off his t-shirt, his muscular body was glistening with
sweat, his nipples were so yummy, his abs were tight and welcoming, I turned on my
back and sat, I licked his chest, he was standing there enjoying it, he was a stud, I
licked his nipples, And then his abs, slowly following the path to his jeans, when I
arrived on his closed zip on the jeans, I looked at him letting him know what I
wanted, he unzipped his jeans, the smell of cock arrived on my nose, sweaty hot
cock, my best friends hot cock, I pulled his black boxers down, his pubic hairs were
trimmed, his cock was nice and juicy and hard, and his balls, were huge, I felt
nervous so I turned to him and told him “I never did this before”, he caressed my
cheek and told me “Take your time”, my tongue felt the tip of his penis, slowly I
started licking bigger surface until I managed to lick it all without gagging, the taste
wasn’t bad as I thought, Zach was moaning whenever I took his whole cock inside
my mouth, I was torturing him by slowly licking his cock while it was inside my mouth,
it was so hard in minutes, he was looking at me as he was caressing my hair, I could
see he never believed I could be such a good friend and such a good cocksucker, he
got close to my ear and told me “I want to ruin your beautiful ass”, I laughed and
without hesitation I left my shorts fall, luckily I wasn’t hairy, I tried to take off my shirt
too but he said “Leave the shirt I want to hold on to it while I ride you”, I got on four,
and placed my legs in a position I thought was open enough, but he placed them
further apart, I felt uncomfortable, my ass was fully exposed to his cock, but on the
other hand that was the point, to let his cock dominate my ass, I felt his cock pushing
its way inside, the sensation was so amazing, the smell of hay, sweat, and the feel of
cock, but that sensation didn’t last for long, as his cock was making its way inside,
the nice sensation gave its place to pain, I moaned, and Zach moaned, I tried to
push the cock out with my butt, but every try gave his cock even more way to enter
deeper, I couldn’t stand it, I screamed, “Let me go it hurts” I said, he laughed “Shut
up and taking it”, he pushed with force, I felt that if my ass had a mouth, it would
scream, I supported my self with my elbows, leaving my butt higher, Zach my friend,
was destroying my virginity, he was moaning, and I was crying, between small cries
and moans, I felt violated in so many ways, his cock was throbbing inside my ass, he
was rimming, he was holding me from my shirt, like I was a horse and he was my
master, he was slapping my buttcheeks, I never believed he was such a hot lover, I
was in pain but I loved it, he was popping my cherry from behind, he pushed my
head to the hay, as he was fucking me, then he turned me on my back, and without
any warning, he ejaculated, on my face, I remember feeling his cums on my face,
and lips, hot, creamy, after that, we lied down, On the hay, I felt my ass open, and a
bit sore from that amazing first fuck, he was next to me, relieved, his abs and chest
glistening with sweat, his cock, semi hard resting on his balls, “Did you like it?” He
asked me, I laughed “I loved it dude” I said he seemed happy, after that, the barn
was our own personal fuckhouse, Zach had to move though and I missed his juicy
cock. But there were others to please my hungry ass…