Bonus Service!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Joshua Bowman***My job is one of the jobs everyone would love to have, I’m giving tours to famous people, showing them the Ancient stuff and also the best places in the town of Athens, another thing my office doesn’t know is that I’m gay, ok not active gay, I haven’t had sex, never dared, but I like men a lot.I threw my backpack on the office and my boss came out of her office with a file “Joshua Bowman, not so known in Greece, but a celebrity nonetheless” I opened the file, I saw a short résumé of the guy’s work and likes or dislikes, based on that I could tour him to the right places, that was an innovation my office had, they always looked the profile of the client.When I saw him I realized the photo on the file wasn’t nearly as hot as he really was. he was tall, his body seemed muscular normal and very very hot face. I introduced myself and he smiled, I drove him to the hotel were he could freshen up and then call me so we can begin our tour.We started from the classics, like Parthenon and we ended up drinking coffe next to a beautiful beach, then he said “Could we have a slight change of plans?”, “Sure” I said, “I would love to go to a Greek island, could we do those arrangements?” He asked. We where on a ship to Crete the same night, he seemed content, he was wearing shorts and a very tight t-shirt that revealed his lean muscled body, I couldn’t stop staring at him, when we arrived we had problem finding a room due to summer, so we ended up into apartments, they got connected by the balcony, Joshua seemed happy so I had no reason not to be, he took a nap so did I since there was nothing to do.When I woke up I had to check on him, while going full speed in his room I saw him though the balcony door, being fully naked and masturbating, he seemed to enjoy it, his body muscles seemed sweaty and his cock had some pubic hairs on, trimmed though, he look at me and I covered my eyes “I’m so terribly sorry” I said, I felt his hands uncovering my eyes, “There is nothing to be sorry for” his cock was still hard, and his balls, oh those balls…he lied down to bed, and placed his hands behind his head, and his eyes were inviting me..I approached his bed, and I started playing with his cock, it was a very nice cock, normally big, not too big, but it wasn’t small that was for sure…the veins were all around it and along with them trimmed pubic hair, I approached his chest which was hairy in a normal hot way, and bit his nice nipple, softly, he hanged his head behind with closed eyes, he moaned softly as I continued sucking and biting his nipples. With his hand showed me what he wanted, he pushed me on his cock, and I stopped “Sorry I haven’t done anything with a guy before, he stopped pushing but he kept his hand on my head, with my hand carefully around his dick, I tried to lick the head, I was afraid it might cause me to throw up, but it was pleasant, hard, hot and pleasant, as I was getting used to sucking his cock, his hand gave me more strength, he was pushing, so I could almost swallow his cock! Then he told me to loose the clothes, without any shame, I was naked with him, he told me to sit with my ass toward him, he played with it, he touched it, and sometimes slapped my hairless nice ass, “This ass is better than my girlfriend’s” he told me, his big hand gripped tightly my cheeks and pulled them apart, then he placed his cock between and stroked it up and down, not inside the hole, it was so hot, that I felt I would cum in any minute if he wouldn’t stop it, I could feel his veins outside of my virgin asshole, and as he was stroking it, I could feel them more intense, without any warning, he pushed his cock inside my ass, I felt weird, pleasant at first, feeling that throbbing dick inside my asshole, and as long as he was keeping it slow and careful, I could only feel passion! But then he started giving me thrusts, that caused me to scream, he wouldn’t stop, I could hear the bed creaking by his fuck, I was scratching my face due to pain and passion, I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, I wanted to moan but still couldn’t, his big hands gripped my shoulders and gave me a tight thrust, I could feel my eyes watering from the pain, my ass was so stretched, and so sore, and he was keep fucking me, I managed to say “Stop stop” but he smiled and pushed nice more deeper and stronger, I opened my legs as if that would make the pain less, but it was the same, if not worse, I could also feel his balls, crashing on my buttcheeks, He pushed me and yelled “lie down!”, I did as he asked, he sat on my chest, and while masturbating he told me to hold my tongue out for his cock, I was sitting there ready to take his load, after a minute, I felt hot creamy cums, on my face, on my hair and on my mouth, he told me to take it with my hand and lick them, I did as he asked, such a gorgeous man, I couldn’t say no, when I took a shower, he was dressed and told me he would give me a tip for my services…and smiled…


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