Jeffrey Dean Morgan teaches me some respect!


I’m 18 years old, a handsome guy even though somewhat rude, my parents divorced ***This story is fictional, I never had any sexual intercourse with Jeffrey Dean Morgan***

and now my mother is getting married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, big news for me,
since I know the guy from tv shows, anyway I don’t like the idea of another male in
the house, and I try to show it to my mother by being extremely rude…
We were eating and my mother asked me if I wanted to go with Jeffrey to a baseball
game, I said “You are fucking with him why should I stand him?” I threw my chair and
left, Jeffrey seemed perfectly calm my mother started screaming at me, so I locked in
my room, I fell asleep because I woke up by banging on my door, I unlocked and it
was Jeffrey, he actually had the nerve to annoy me, he entered my room without
asking me and he closed the door behind him, he was wearing a shirt unbuttoned,
his nice hairy chest was sweating, he took his buckle off his jeans and told me
“Someone must teach you some respect kiddo”, I was furious, “I have a father for
that but thanks” I said and opened the door showing him to leave, he pushed the
door hard and closed, he locked it, “Your daddy isn’t doing a good job then is he?”
I smirked, “Go drink some beer and leave me alone Jeff” I said, he seemed perfectly
calm “For you it’s father or dad or daddy you bastard” he said, for the first time I was
afraid, I didn’t reply, “Good, now lets teach you how to obey to my rules” he said, and
then he told me “Take off your jeans”, I was scared but taking off my jeans was
something I wouldn’t do, he slapped me, like a bitch, I fell on the floor, I stood up and
took my jeans off, and my underwear, he told me to stand with my back in him, and
he started hitting me with his belt, my buttcheeks were on fire, but I wouldn’t cry, I
wouldn’t scream, I wouldn’t do him a favor, he continued harder, my ass was on fire,
I couldn’t hold it anymore “Ahhhh stop it please” I screamed, he stopped, he looked
at me, “Please? So you do know that word huh?” He kept hitting me, I tried to go but
he was hitting me with his buckle, he stopped when I started crying “Oh what’s the
matter son, you are not so tough now are you?” He asked, he grabbed me by the
hair and pulled toward his crotch, where his cock was full erected, I looked at him, I
understood he was hitting me, but what kind of pervert he was anyway, “No I won’t
do that, that’s wrong!” I said, “That’s your punishment for being such a bitch to your
mother and me” he said, “But you want me to suck on your cock, that’s rape, I won’t
do it” I said firmly, he stroked his cock a bit and looked at me, he slapped me hard,
and then again, and again, his hands were so big and strong, finally I said “Yes I will
please do not hit me anymore” and I took his big cock inside my mouth, I gagged at
first, it was disgusting to have another mans schlong inside my mouth, “Sorry” I said,
suddenly I felt I should apologize and obey Jeffrey, he smiled “That’s ok son, I know
it’s your first time, take it slow” he said with the tone of a father, and stroked my hair,
as I was trying again to lick his cock, I decided I had to do it, or else he wouldn’t let
me go unharmed, I started sucking his cock, the veins, the head, the balls, it was
hairy manly, and big, I wanted to vomit, but I knew this would be unforgivable by
Jeffrey, so I tried to not think about it, he finally stepped back, I stood and without
looking him at all, I took my pants ashamed, by what I had done, he took my jeans,
“You won’t need your jeans yet” he said, “But I did as you asked” I said feeling so
scared, I knew what would come but I didn’t want to do it, “Lay on your stomach” he
said, “Not this, Jeffrey…” I begun to say but a slap stopped me “it’s Dad, you
ungrateful bitch” he yelled, “Dad please, it’s…not right, I can’t do it” I said, “You must
do it, so I can break you!” He said, “B…Break me? What is this gay bootcamp?” I
asked, he came closer “No boy, this is me showing you who’s the big man in the
house now”, he pushed me on the bed, I fell on my stomach, He took off his clothes
and he laid on me, his cock was touching my ass already, I could feel his sweat, and
his warmth, but I couldn’t stand the fact I was going to be fucked, I wasn’t a gay guy,
so I tried to escape, but his fist stopped me, he was becoming more and more
violent…I was laid crying when I felt his hard cock on my ass, he was pushing it way
to hard, I moaned, “Ahhhh” my scream came out without me even realizing it, “Oh
yes that’s it” he said, and pushed the rest of his cock inside, my ass felt so small, my
sobs became louder “Stop it hurts” I begged, he smiled “if it hurts now, wait to see
the rest”, he was thrusting my ass with his big veiny cock, his sweat was all over my
back, and I could feel his breath on my back, hot and shallow, the bed was
creaking,under the force of his fuck, “Ahhh sorry I will be a good boy, sorry
dad,DAAAD!” I screamed, he didn’t stop “Oh yes you will” he said while fucking me
doggystyle and my knees felt wobbly, “Come on say it, say it that you like it” he said
while keep fucking me, I could feel the veins scratching my ass, but I wouldn’t say
such a thing,”As you wish” he said when he realized I wouldn’t say it, so he gave me
the hardest fuck ever, I thought I would lose consciousness by his force, my ass felt
damaged “Ohhhh OK!!! I like it!!! I like it daddy” I said, and then I felt him stopping
slowly while my ass had a tingling sensation inside, he pulled his cock, and I felt
fluids drop from my ass to my thigh, he through me a towel, I realized along with his
sperm, there was also a bit of blood! “I need a doctor!” I told him, he laughed “No you
don’t, that means you are not a virgin anymore, now go wash yourself, your mother
will come from the market, and I want to show her her new kid, and then give her a
good fuck! You got a problem with that?” He asked, I looked at the floor “N…No
father” I replied and he unlocked the door I went to the bathroom to throw up and cry,
because I realized that I liked Jeffrey’s cock, he made me gay….