Jensen has needs too!


***This story is fictional, I never met or had sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***
When I arrived at the hospital for my sister giving birth, I never imagined I would meet there a worried Jensen Ackles, I’m a guy, 22 years old, bisexual, I went toward him, I asked for an autograph and then asked what’s going on, he seemed worried but nothing was wrong, just that his wife was giving birth, and then I told him about my sister and we started talking like two pals, he was wearing, a shirt open and inside a white t-shirt, and a classic blue jean, he was very handsome, and very horny, I could see it, through his jeans, and I kept looking because it was obvious, so he put his hand over it and then said “Sorry but with the whole pregnancy thing, I haven’t fucked for, I don’t know months?”
I nodded and I looked around it was quiet and people weren’t watching, so I placed my hand on that bulge that was going now toward his upper leg, his cock was so obvious and thick, under the jeans, his looked at me, and smiled, “You are a…fan then” he said, “I could relieve your burden Jensen, and it would be something I want to do, and nobody will ever know” I said, he looked straight to my eyes, and he stood up “Lets find a storage room or something shall we?”
We found one on the same floor, and had the keys on, we entered the room, and locked the door from the inside, it was full of mops and cleaners but it was large enough for a fuck, we turned the lights on, I got on my knees and my face was now towards Jensen’s crotch, I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, I let them fall to his ankles, his cock was around 17 cm and thick, ok not too thick, but it was very nice, with tiny nerves and veins running through it, I licked the tip of his cock, he seemed to tremble, he must have been horny for a long time,my tongue ran around his penis, feeling all the nerves and veins on it, it was getting real hard, and Jensen was moaning, he was pressing my head against his penis, the taste of it, made me want to cum, I imagined Jensen was a very gifted man down there, but feeling it with my own mouth was different, it was amazing, and his moans, knowing I was making him moan like this, he was trembling from sexual excitement, and his nice balls were bouncing as he was pushing his cock quickly inside my mouth. “Ahh YOU drive me crazy” he moaned, I took the chance and I stood up, he looked at me startled with his pants on his ankles “What,you don’t want to finish this?” He asked, I didn’t reply I just turned my back and let my sweatpants fall to my ankles, showing him my perfectly hairless ass, “ohh that’s just hot” he said, touching my cheeks and slapping them softly, I grabbed my buttcheeks and drew them apart, to show him, my horny asshole, his fingers went straight there, I felt them around my asshole pushing gently, his cock was still hard, I took a condom I had with me,and placed it on his cock with my mouth, he was looking at me, full of sexual excitement, when I stood up, I turned my back and started to get myself ready but then he grabbed me from behind, like a predator, I could feel his cock with the latex, on my cheeks, “I will destroy your ass” he said and then with quick moves he pressed his dick inside my ass, I moaned, my asshole was on fire,I never had been fucked without a lubricant, the combination of his hot cock and latex was making my ass horny, I could feel my asshole dilating and constrict because of his cock, he was pushing further inside, I moaned in pain, “Ahh stop it Jensen it hurts” I asked sincerely, he seemed to enjoy it “I know” he said and pushed more, “Ahhh Jensen I can’t take it further It hurts” I said, he replied “sure you can” and pushed with force, if he wasn’t so quick to place his hand on my mouth, they would have heard me screaming, the pain was too much, I could feel my ass trying to dilate and constrict around his cock, with quick rimming Jensen made me feel as if I was getting fucked for the first time, he was pushing so hard, that the table was moving and stuff were falling down, “Ahh it hurts, it hurts” was all I could say, If you have asked me before, I would have said I could take the pain, but this was way too painful, I could feel his balls slam against my ass, and he was moaning, in a matter of minutes, he pulled off the condom and gave me all his sperm on my face, hot warm sperm, and it was a lot he wasn’t lying when he said he was with no fuck for months…when we returned on the waiting room, he had a smile on his face, he thanked me, and we never talked again….