Johnson’s Johnson


***This is a fictional story.I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Ray William Johnson***

How a straight man can fuck a gay man? Trough blackmail, at least that is my story, I was at the local coffee shop drinking my milkshake and trying to find a guy to fuck me, but they all seemed too absorbed to their phones or to their girlfriends, so I decided to go back home, I paid my drink and stood up, I had to walk to reach my house, it was nearby, when I turned to the corner, I saw two people kissing, a guy who seemed oddly familiar and a girl, unknown to me, they were so absorbed in kissing, that they didn’t even noticed me, but I did notice the guy, he was the famous youtuber Ray William Johnson, the one who made those funny video reviews, he seemed pretty nice, and pretty aroused at the moment, he was sucking this girls lips with such lust, and she was grabbing his crotch, I was so turned by the scene that I took out my iPhone and took a quick pic, a quick but clear pic, of Ray horny with the girls arm on his crotch. And their mouths sucking each other! The thing is I forgot to disable the sound of the camera, so when I took the pic, I saw Ray and the girl looking at me first surprised, then angry, I ran fast, hoping they wouldn’t follow me…When I arrived at my crappy apartment I was sure I lost him, I sat down and wondered why he was on such need of catching me, I mean ok I took a photo of him kissing his girlfriend but what was his problem? And then I realized it, he was kissing a hot African American girl, and I knew his girlfriend was Asian, I realized I caught him in the act! I took a shower, thinking of him, he was such a turn on, he was the typical frat guy, the one who could rock your ass with his dick, when I heard someone knocking the door, probably this old lady for the rent, I didn’t bothered to dress up, I took the money and I opened the door ready to shove them to her hands, but someone else was standing on my door”You little piece of shit, give me that fucking smartphone!” He yelled, oh my he was hotter when he was angry, my smartphone was nowhere near, I kept it in the cabinet, and he did know about that, and suddenly I got an idea.”Ray, I’m sorry I took a photo of you while you were in such intimate position with your friend” I said, he seemed to relax a bit, “Ok give me your phone, to delete this photo and I’m outta here” he said, I didn’t move and he realized this conversation wasn’t over “Well, Ray it happens that I’m your fan and I find you quite attractive!” I said, he seemed bothered “Thanks dude, but I fuck pussies, sorry to burst your bubble!”, he was being sarcastic, but I didn’t care, I wanted to taste his cock, “Oh you might have to fuck this dude, because I won’t delete that photo, in fact I might send it to your real girlfriend” I said, he didn’t saw that coming, he was confused “Hey dude, thanks, but I can’t do that, I don’t get turned on by guys sorry” he said honestly, “I can make you horny, if you let me” I said, he seemed to think about it, I closed the door, and he sat on my bed, “If any of this gets out, I will kill you, do you hear me?” He yells, “I just want to get a good taste of your personality” I said implying his cock, he unzipped his red hoodie and threw it on the bed, he was wearing a black t-shirt, he wasn’t too Tall, but he had a nice body, and an even nicer bulge, and he wasn’t even horny yet, he was wearing jeans, I massaged his crotch, he seemed way too angry, to be aroused, but I felt something getting harder with each stroke I was giving to his crotch, I unzipped his pants, the smell hit my nostrils, manly penis smell, I pulled out his cock, semi hard and pretty thick, not too long, but thick alright!His pubic hair were trimmed, and his balls were to for licking them!He moaned a bit as I slipped my tongue to his cock head, his cock was getting harder with each contact of my mouth, I pulled his jeans down to his ankles, so I could have easier access to his dick, he leaned on his elbows, letting me handle his cock, now it was erected and the veins and nerves were visible, I shaped my lips in an O formation, and started sucking it as hard as I could, I felt his muscles tighten, “Stop!” He said but it was obvious he didn’t wanted me to stop, his hand grabbed my hair and started pushing me like I was a slut sucking his beautiful cock! I tried sucking it, deeper and deeper, until I felt it on the back of my mouth, it was all in, he moaned, but I didn’t wanted him to cum, I wanted him to fuck me, hard! I wanted him to shoot his load up my tight ass!”Fuck me” I said, he didn’t disagree, he stood up and took off his clothes, now I was seeing Ray naked, his nice body was toned, and sweaty, I dropped my towel and he told me to sit on my fours, doggystyle, I did as he asked, and then he pushed my head down, so my ass would be up, He wore a condom, and he pushed hard inside my ass, he didn’t care to prepare my ass, he just wanted to get it over with, his hard cock was a shock for my unprepared ass, I gasped “Ray slower” I managed to say between moans, he didn’t go slower, he went faster, and faster, I could hear my ass doing sounds as his cock was opening the road, it felt so good and so painful. “STOP!” I yelled, no stop, Ray was fucking me angrily, he wanted to make me regret my decision of asking him to fuck me, but I wouldn’t, My ass felt numb after a bit, and I could only feel his cock going inside and out, I grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them more, his hands were on my waist, they were holding me tight as he was destroying my ass, then he grabbed me from my shoulders, nailing me on his cock, his sweaty body, was sticking to mine, I could smell his sweat, he pulled out of my ass, and with a moan I saw his cums ending up in that condom, pity! He pushed me like I was a shit, and while he was wearing his boxers he asked “Where is your fucking phone?”, with my ass feeling sore and itchy from his cock, I managed to reach my phone and delete the photo in front of him, he slapped me hard, and told me that he would bring on of his black friends to fuck me so hard that I would need an ambulance next time I will take such photo! He meant it as a threat but I didn’t felt threatened, I felt horny! When he left, I reached for his condom that he left on my bed, and I drank every drop of his little “rays”!

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