Stephen Amell and his hard “arrow”


***This is a fictional story, Ihave never met or had any sexual intercourse with Stephen Amell***
I met Stephen in our local gym, he was always there training, those bulging muscles of his, made every gay guy drool and every straight guy jealous, and someone would think that Stephen would be a narcissist because of his looks, but the truth is, that he is as simple as he ever was, he is kind to his fans, and he never seems bored to sign autographs, but as I told you, I met him at the gym even before he got those tv roles, so we where kinda friends, not so close, but still friends.

Everytime I met him at the gym I was masturbating thinking about him, fucking me harder and harder.
It was a typical day at the gym, I went there wearing my shorts and doing my typical exercises, when he came next to me, he always did that, especially lately, that he knew I wouldn’t bug him, about this show “Arrow”, I knew he couldn’t tell anything about the plot so I wasn’t going to even try to ask him, he seemed troubled though, so I had to ask him, “is everything okay?”, he smiled “ahh yes..” he replied but then he changed his mind “Well no, you know on the set of “Arrow” I have a young assistant, he is the one helping with stuff…” he said, I nodded, “Well last week we where shooting the season finale and I had a…” he seemed embarassed to say it, “Come on dude, say it” I asked friendly, “I was horny” he said, “There is nothing to be embarassed about dude” I said trying to make him feel more comfortable, he smiled “Well the director asked to stop the scene and take care of the “problem” so I went back to my trailer and my assistant, well he kinda…helped” he said but his eyes implied something more…”He helped? how?” I asked like a retard, and he looked at me again and said “He me”, I got it, and I got horny by hearing this, I couldn’t stop thinking about that lucky bastard assistant that tasted the cock I wanted to taste for so long, “Well was he any good?” I asked, “He was good, he sucked it dry!” he said more comfortable now that he saw I wasn’t so terrified by the news…I couldn’t stand it, the smell of his sweat, the thought of his assistant blowing his cock, he took his towel and headed for the showers, I had to make my move, I felt kind betrayed, I was drooling next to him like forever, and he gave his dick to that assistant.

I went for the showers too, he was in the shower already, those showers were separated so even if you would like to take a peek, you couldn’t
“Stephen?” I asked, he replied “Hey” I heard the water running, I took all my clothes off and entered his shower, he was shocked “Hey dude, what are you doing?” his wet body was even harder to resist, and his cock, oh that cock, was so nice, not too big, but not small either, it was the perfect size, and he had trimmed pubic hair down there, I got on my knees, but Stephen was furious and tried to get out of the shower, so I had to use the only weapon I had “If you don’t come back inside, I will tell that little story of yours to everyone!”, he seemed even more furious now, but somehow hotter, he came back inside, “What is with guys and my cock lately huh?” he asked, he seemed annoyed, “Can’t you just enjoy the ride, instead of whinning Stephen?” I asked and got on my knees, the water still running…he looked at me, he was relaxed now I sucked the tip of his cock, slowly for some minutes, that got it hard, then I sucked his balls slowly, his wet balls were like a candy for my mouth, he was moaning, that was good, it meant I was doing it right, without a warning I took all of his dick inside my mouth, and started sucking it, repeatedly, the wet hard dick was thrusting against my tongue, and his moans were louder now, he even had to lean against the wall to keep balance, “You…killing me” he said between moans, I smiled “yeah enjoy it cowboy” I replied, and then I just stopped, it was a tactic I used often, whenever I wanted someone to fuck me, “Won’t you finish this?” he seemed dissapointed but he tried to show me his relief that it was over, he liked it but he wouldn’t admit it, “I was hoping you would finish it” I said and turned my back, slapping my buttcheeks, for some seconds he wouldn’t do anything, but then I felt his cock rubbing against my thigh, he pressed me against the wall, behind me I could feel his hot breath, he pushed his cock inside my ass, with no lubricant, and with no preparation, my scream was drowned by the sound of the water, plus the showers were further than the main gym, so there was little chance they heard me, I felt my knees paralized, the pain but also the pleasure drove me crazy, his whole body weight was against me, I could feel the heat of his wet body on my back, and his cock was making its way through my tight ass, I had sex before, but with lubricant, and with preparation, I never had this kind of hot sex before, I could feel his cock, rubbing inside me, I could even feel the veins of his cock inside my ass, “Ah Stephen stop” I said, it was painful, I couldn’t take it anymore, “I bet you can handle it” he said, I was pinned on the wall with Stephen’s breath on my neck and his cock inside my ass, I felt my knees paralizing even more, “Stop it! Ahhh” I felt the need to scream, I wanted to scream from pleasure, he was breeding me hard inside that shower, and then I felt it, his cums inside my ass, he stopped, even when he finished I wouldn’t move from the wall, my ass felt on fire, “Are you okay?” he seemed worried, I nodded “I’m more than okay, I just had the best fuck ever”, he smiled, he was once again Stephen my friend, he was about to leave the shower but I stopped him “Hey I’m sorry I blackmailed you…” I said, he smiled “Well to be honest, I’m glad you did, you have a fine ass!”
after that we never done anything more, he never talked about it, and even though I wanted, I didn’t, I got what I wanted I had tasted Stephen Amell’s arrow in every way possible…


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