That’s Why They Watch Supernatural!


This story is fictional, I never met Jensen Ackles or had any sexual intercourse with him….*My dad parked his car in the big driveway, we were invited by his friend, Allan Ackles, my father wouldn’t stop talking about his son and how I should have known him since he was starring at this big show “Supernatural” but to be honest I never watched the show so I didn’t knew him, I mean as a person I knew the name but I never searched google to see how he looks. Mr Allan hugged my father, they were best friends and they hadn’t seen each others for years, then Allan gripped my hand in very tight handshake, he was a nice looking man, probably a very hot man in his youth, then he led us to his big living room, he had a big tv, which I adored the moment I saw it, and his living room was so nice, my father and Mr. Allan started the conversation about their lives, I politely asked Mr. Allan if I could take a look around his big ass garden, he said his garden was all mine and then returned to the conversation with my father, I slipped through the sliding doors, in the backyard, well it was more like ten backyards but anyway…I heard some noise, someone was fixing something, in the other corner there was this hot man, he had blondish hair a bit messy from all the sweat, he wore a sweaty black t-shirt and some old jeans, he looked at me, I smiled “You must be Gus son, my father’s friend?” He asked as he let the tool he was holding in a nearby table, “Yes, and you are the famous Jensen” I said, he laughed with me, he seemed so down to earth, and he was so hot I was starting to have inappropriate gay thoughts, I never had such thoughts before…he had green eyes, he wiped his sweat from the face with his t-shirt allowing me to see his nice body, it wasn’t too muscled, but it was so hot, “So are you a fan?” He asked talking about his show, I told him the truth “I don’t watch much tv, but I think I should” I said, trying to show him I was turned on by him, he didn’t catch it though, “I need to take a shower I must smell like a pig!” He said, I got closer and smelled him, he seemed to feel awkward by that “You smell fine, sit with me for a moment, the old men inside are catching up and I feel bored” I said, he showed me a bench nearby, we sat there, and I didn’t have anything to say, I just wanted to act, so I did, I slowly reached with my hand and grabbed his upper leg, he pushed it gently and said “Well dude, with all due respect don’t do that, I don’t play in your team” he said, “I wasn’t playing in this team before I saw you” I told him, “I’m flattered but still…don’t touch please” he replied, I saw his crotch, he seemed a bit turned on, “Come on Jensen, I’m a virgin 18 year old boy, and I have much to learn, and I’m sure you are a good teacher” I said passionately, he smiled “Look we could do something but if you talk to anyone I will kick your ass” he said, I smiled “I won’t even tell my self”, he grabbed my hand and we went deeper to the big garden, behind some big trees in another bench, the place was so private because nobody could see you unless coming toward this way, but even then we would hear them first…I sat on the bench, Jensen stood in front of me, he undid his belt, and his pants fell to his ankles, his wore a black tight boxer, revealing the bulging beast inside, it was 16 cm approximately and normal thickness, not too thick, not too thin..he had also some pubic hair, trimmed carefully on his shaft, and his balls were so soft…his cock was semi erected so I grabbed carefully its base and full of stress because I never done anything before, I licked a bit the head, he seemed to enjoy it, I licked more and more each time, it wasn’t as disgusting as I was thinking it would be, the taste was weird yeah but not disgusting, then he told me to suck it, I tried but gagged at first, “Sorry” I said, “No need for worries” he pressed my head again, this time I managed to not gag with his tight dick head touching the back of my tongue, “Look at me” he asked passionately, I couldn’t, I was feeling ashamed, he ordered it again “Look at me!”, I looked at him with his big cock inside my mouth, he moaned “oh my you are a perfect bitch” he said, I felt uncomfortable hearing him talking to me like that, but it was probably the fact that it was my first time with a man, as he was pushing his cock in and out of my mouthing holding my head tightly, I felt veins popping out of his cock, I could feel them on my lips and tongue, like small snakes bulging around his cock, it felt nice to have his hot veiny cock inside my mouth, every time he pulled it out, cord-like saliva was around it, then he told me to undo my pants and let them fall on my ankles…I did and I felt weird, my ass exposed like that, his finger with spit managed to go through my tight hole, I moaned, it was a weird feeling it felt nice and wrong at the same time, he played with my hole for some minutes, spitting more when needed, then I felt something warm, I was on four, I felt it going through my hole with a pleasant feeling at first, but as he was pushing stronger, I could feel my hole stretching and tingling more and more, his cock was getting further inside more and more, when I couldn’t managed to keep my moans for more, I let my moan escape my lips “Ohhhh” I moaned, in pain and from passion, he grabbed my bubble butt and pressed it together with his cock in! It was awfully painful, my ass was already tight and he was pressing my cheeks to make him tighter? I could feel those veins with my hole now, he stopped with his whole cock inside, “this hurt Jensen” I moaned in pain, he shushed me, and moved his cock around in my hole causing more pain! “Ahhh!” my scream startled even me, he pushed more inside and started pulling his cock outside, causing an incredible sensation, feeling it moving like a snake in my ass, and then he was pushing right back in! “Ohhhh stop!” I yelled, he acted as if I wasn’t even talking, he used more force with every pulling out and pushing in! and I was moaning like a slutty schoolgirl from some kind of porn movie, his speed increased and now I was trying to not collapse from his beastly fuck! I could feel his soft balls hitting mine with force…for about 12 minutes he was fucking me like I was somekind of slut…and then he stopped and pushed me down on the grass, he served me his cock for my mouth, I welcomed it and then he let his loads flow…I felt like gagging again because those creamy cums of his, reached my throat…he secretly led me to his room were I took a quick shower and then we left with dad thinking I was friends with Jensen…well now I can say I’m a fan of Supernatural lol!


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