The Hammer is his Penis!


This story is fictional, I have never been in a sexual intercourse with Nathan Fillion or other men for money!***I wore my favorite jockstrap and I massaged my ass with my lotion, now dressed up in jeans and a shirt, I walked into the same bar, the same bar that I can find men to fuck me hard, there is smoke from cigarettes everywhere, testosterone is tangible in the air, hungry for sex men, looking at me, I just pass them by, watching their bulges rise, I sit on the stool, next to a guy, he seems nice, but I can’t really see him with such low lights, and smoke everywhere, I order an whiskey, the bartender knows me, he knows that I’m a gay prostitute, he knows it because I give him 10% of my payments so he would allow me to find men here, and also for occupying his back room, a crappy room with a bed. The guy next to me, wears a long black coat, with black jeans, and as far as I can see, he wears a black shirt with white stripes…he reminds me someone but I can’t really see him. I take a sip of my glass and I search around for any kind of sign that someone might want to fuck me tonight, a lot want to fuck me, but they can’t afford it, not money talking, see my rule is one, you pay me to get fucked by you but I have to accept you, if you are a creepy face, you are not fucking no matter how much you pay me…that makes me even more delicious for these guys, they know my ass is tight.I spotted one or two guys who are nice enough, but they won’t make a move. I drink the last sip of my whiskey and I’m ready to leave when, I hear the guy next to me saying to the bartender “Get him one more, it’s on me” while he says that, he turns and then I see why the guy was familiar, he was Nathan Fillion, “Thanks, I’m your fan” I tell him, and he smiles politely as I drink a bit of my new whiskey, “I hope that you will be my fan after tonight also” he says and keeps eye contact with me, he is a hunter, a fucker, I realized that from his eye contact, he was the hunter and I was the helpless pray, “So a friend of mine, told me you offer massages” he said, it was obvious he knew I did more than massaging, I smiled “yeah that would be true” I replied, “and he also said you do this face control before you get in bed with men” he said, “You are well informed Nathan” I reply, he smiles at me, “So do I get to see your skills on…massage tonight?”, I smile and I asked “Did your friend told you how much I get paid?”, he smiles as if he is a,used I even thought to ask such a question, he shows me a 100 dollar bill, which was my price, and then he added a second one “as you can see, I’m quite generous” he said, I took the key for the crappy backroom and asked Nathan to follow me, disappointed men were looking at me, for not choosing them, and then return to their drinks, I open the crappy door, at least the bartender keeps it clean inside here, I lock the door, Nathan takes off his coat, now I can see him clearly, and smell him as well, he smells manly aftershave, and he is a handsome man, not quite in shape, but who cares, I like him, while looking at me, he unbuttons his belt, and with a very steady and hot voice he orders me “Get on your knees now”, I do as he says, my knees hurt against the wooden floor, it’s not my favorite sucking dicks while on my knees, but he pays, so I do as he says, his jeans fell on his thighs, with his belt hanging from it, he wears tight black boxers, and I can see he is already loaded, I pull his boxers to his thighs as well, A nice cock, not too big but definitely not small,normal is the description I would give, it’s erected, and pubic hairs trimmed as I like them, not too much, but not untrimmed either, his balls were hanging full of sperm waiting to be milked, I grabbed his cock and I’m halfway to suck it when he orders “No hands, just your mouth”, he is not yelling his orders, but for some reason that makes them sound more serious and hot than if he was yelling, I show him my hands and then placed them behind my back, I open my mouth and take his cock inside, my tongue touches it everywhere, I turn my tongue in such way, to give him goosebumps from pleasure, his moan shows me it’s the right way, I slip my tongue inside the dick hole, his cock gets harder, and he moans louder, his hand on my head pushing slightly, his eyes closed as I keep sucking his cock, he sweats and he takes off his shirt as well, now I can see his very normal body, but that is even hotter, it makes him so much more real, than if he had abs and such, I pet his belly he laughs a it and then he moans by my tongue licking his nuts, he takes off his jeans, now he is completely naked, I do the same, when he sees my jockstrap he slaps my ass hard “That’s what I’m talking about!”, I smile and bend to show him my ass, then I go to bed and I’m ready to take the doggystyle position, but he orders me to just bend a bit and turn my back on him, I do as he says, I feel his hot breath on my neck, and then his cock touching my butt, he slips it inside, he wears a condom, and it makes it a bit easier to slip, but it’s not less painful, I moan and I try to stay steady for him, but it’s not possible, “Ahh stop” I say, he doesn’t he keeps pushing, his cock is inside my ass, and it hurts, it hurts taking it without lubricant and also while you stand, “What is it? You cannot stand it?” He mocks me, I open my buttcheeks with my hands “Give me the best you got asshole” I tell him, he laughs and he pushes his cock inside, I feel like I can’t breath, it’s too fast and too deep, I let a moan escape my lips “Yeah! Let your ass swallow it” he says in my ear, as he keeps pounding me in a steady speed, every push, I moan, he is a nice fucker, and I cannot say that for every man, it’s rare for a man to know to fuck you hard and nice at the same time, I feel his balls crashing on my butt, he kisses my neck and he grabs my chest, he plays with my nipples, it’s so brutal and hot to have man behind you, fucking you so good, our sweats mixed together, my back against his chest, his breath becomes faster, as his pounding increases speed too, and he pushes hard, “Ahh Ahhh stop! Stop” I yell, his hand closing my mouth, as I feel my asshole being on fire, and then I feel his cums inside me, he slows down, and then he throws me to bed, I stay there, and suddenly I feel something between my thighs, it’s his cums coming out of my butt, but also my own cums! He made me cum without touching my cock, after the shower, he dress up, and with a kiss on my cheek he hands me 200 dollars. “We will meet again” he smiles politely and then he left…

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