The Gloryhole (A Taylor Kinney Sex Fiction)


This story is fictional, I have never met Taylor Kinney or had any sexual intercourse with him***
I’m a simple gay guy with an unusual job.My job is a turn on for me, I’m with a team that installs gloryholes, in houses, usually in famous people’s houses, this time Lady Gaga’s house was the one that ordered a Gloryhole, so we went with my team to install it, she opened the door, she was so…normal and beautiful, that moment I understood that she acted as an ugly fashion idol for the press, she was kind and she never ever acted like a snob, my surprise was when I saw that guy, I knew Lady Gaga was about to marry someone, but I never saw him anywhere, not that I searched, he was shirtless and sweaty also more shy than Lady Gaga, he nodded his greetings, when I saw his sweatpants, that bulge was so yummy, he drank some water and went back to the room he came out from, it took us sometime to install the Gloryhole thing, but after some hours it was finished, I saw once again her boyfriend, Taylor, and I couldn’t resist to the sight of his abs, he was so manly, but then I noticed Lady Gaga looking at me, and I looked down, to show her I was ashamed, she caressed my cheek and we were about to go, when she called me back inside, I thought something was wrong with the Gloryhole but she told me “I want to give you a tip”, I declined, our boss told us to never accept tips,we weren’t some small poor company, she stopped me “Follow me and don’t speak” she said, I did as she asked, and realized we where going to the Gloryhole room, at the freshly installed Gloryhole I could see a dick! a yummy juicy cock, waiting to be sucked, “Honey are you coming or what?” I heard Taylor’s voice asking, “Yes love, just a minute” Lady Gaga replied, I realized I was about to watch Lady Gaga blow that hunk, but then when we arrived in front of the dick, she gestured for me, to start sucking, “No it’s not right” I said, “But you want to, don’t you?” She replied, I nodded and got on my knees, his cock had that smell, that manly cock smell, I started sucking him, my tongue touched every simple inch of that cock “wow baby, you are really driving me crazy” he said, Lady Gaga still behind me moaned “Everything for my love” she said and smiled to me, I took it deep inside my mouth, I felt Taylor trembling, and moaning, my tongue could feel his nerves and veins around that masterpiece he had for cock, Lady Gaga was helping by providing her voice for replying or moaning, “That mouth is so fucking hot” he replied, I sucked faster, “Aaaaaaaah!” He moaned, “You like that sausage don’t you.” He asked, I sucked the cock head, he moaned louder, “I want to destroy you” he said with his cock full hardened, with my tongue I teased the lower side of his cock head, his cums came toward my face and mouth without me even realizing it, he was moaning all the way, as he was unloading to my face, Laady Gaga provided me with a napkin and told me to go…I could only imagine how hard they fucked together that night….


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