Tyler LockWOOD!


***This story is fictional obviously, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Michael Trevino***

I was so mad at my parents, they wouldn’t understand, I so wanted to buy those tickets for that concert, but they still said no!
I ran to the forest side, there are a lot of trees there, and you can rarely see someone, I wanted a place to relax and this was the place.

I was deep in the forest, were I could hear nothing but the small birds singing their song and doing their thing!

Suddenly I saw a blur, something moving very fast! It was a guy, Latino type, with beautiful eyes, and killer abs, he was wearing only his shorts. I tried to run but he was supernaturally fast! He grabbed me and pulled me back.
“Move and I will kill you” he said, I stood up, and looked at him, “I’m Tyler Lockwood” he said, trying to make the mood lighter, but I couldn’t believe what I saw, he was moving like somekind of superhero…
“What are you?” I asked, he seemed hot, or turned on, I could see his cock hard in his shorts, “You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you” he replied, and then he told me “Let me see your ass”, I took a step back “Wow dude, I’m not gay” I said, he smiled “I didn’t asked you if you are gay, I asked you to show me your ass” he said with a hint of a threat in his voice, I didn’t know what to do, he was obviously hot, but I want a gay guy, and I didn’t felt like showing my ass to people! and especially to one I met in these woods.

He did this blur thing, and before I realized it! my pants were gone! I was standing naked, and he was behind me with my pants ripped in his hands, “Nice ass you got there” he said, I tried to cover my ass, “Now remove your shirt, be naked with me” he said, I removed my shirt! there was no point to resist! he was quicker and stronger, “That’s more like it” he said, and slapped my ass.
“Come on don’t do this” I said, he smiled, “I’m going to fuck you hard, and you are going to like it”, I tried to say something but I didn’t know what to say. He removed his shorts, and now he was naked, with an erection…his cock was very hot, with trimmed pubic hairs, and huge balls, “suck it” he said, I got on my knees and started sucking his cock, slowly from tip to base, and then to his balls, it felt weird, and hot, I never realized that sucking another guy’s cock would be so hot.
I was letting it slide inside my mouth, and then with my tongue, I worked on every inch, without realizing it, I liked it, a minute before I was ready to run, and now I was on my knees sucking a man’s dick, my saliva made it glistening and enchanted the view of its nerves and veins, Tyler moaned, and with his hand he kept pushing me to his cock, as I was sucking his cock, with my hands I caressed his abs, his hand followed mine and grabbed it, he was so hot, I could feel his skin burning with desire, I took his cock inside, until I felt his pubic hairs on my nose, he moaned loudly, I let it slip off my mouth, it stood hard and full of veins ready to explode, “For a straight guy you seem to know how to work on a cock” he said, I smiled “I have done it before but it was long time ago” and stood up to go, but he grabbed me “We ain’t finished here” he said, I realized he wanted to fuck me, but that was not an option for me “Dude, I will not give you ass” I said, he stood before me, he grabbed my shoulders and, I could feel his breath on my face “You think you are in position to decide what you give and what you are not?” He asked me, his eyes locked to mine, he was a hottie, but I never had given my ass to anyone before and I was afraid, I leaned and kiss and licked his chest and his nipples, he seemed to enjoy it, but his hands were holding my buttcheeks and fingered my ass, making me feel very nice and weird. Then he pushed me against a tree with me facing the tree, hi felt his tongue inside my asshole, I wanted to scream from pleasure, my knees felt weak from his tongue fucking my ass, he stood up, I felt his hot breath on my neck, he pressed his cock inside my ass, and as he was doing it, he was pressing me more against the tree, my face was stuck on the tree, and I was trapped by his strong body! and then I felt it, a burning sensation, that grew stronger into a pain, I tried to move my ass, so his cock would not be so deep, but the trunk of the tree was in my way, I was trapped to get fucked, “Aaaaaaaah!” My voice came out without me realizing it, he was holding me from my waist and he was fucking me, raw fuck! His sweat made his body stuck on my back, “Yea scream, nobody can hear you” he said into my ear as he was biting my ear, I could only make short sounds of “Ah ah!” While he was rimming my ass, I could feel my ass hugging his cock and trying to push it away! but he was strong! and his rimming was getting stronger, he was moaning! as I was moaning too, pain, pleasure, burning, all those sensations flooded me, as he was fucking hard against that tree, I couldn’t see him, and that made me somehow feel more horny for him, the fact that he was behind me and fucking me like I was a slut…

He drills me on the ground, my sore ass hurt, and before I even realized it! I was covered in his cums! white creamy cums! and he was moaning, he left me there naked and fucked…later I found out he was Tyler Lockwood, Mayor’s so. From Mystic Falls…

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