Paul Wesley and the FuckMyAss Diaries!


***This story is fictional, I have never had any sexual intercourse with Paul Wesley***

Do you believe in magic? I do, and that’s why I paid a woman who knew, to make me a very strong love potion, it was limited though, I could make anyone do anything with me! for 24 hours, then the effect stops.

So I knew exactly who I wanted when I approached one of the Vampire Diaries Convention that was held in my town…Steven R. McQueen the guy who plays Elena’s brother, all I had to do, was to drop the potion inside his drink and he would magically obey me, kinda ironic if you think that, that’s how compulsion works in the tv show…

I approached the desk were all the stars were signing, as I was approaching Steven, I deliberately pour his drink, but I made it look like I wasn’t meant to, he was kind enough and said “Don’t worry” but I had a plan “Please let me bring you another” and I moved on the backstage were there were drinks, I took one of the sodas and poured the potion inside, and I returned back to the desk! the guy was even hotter in real life! I gave him the glass and he said “Thanks”, but something else happened, Paul Wesley was choking on something, so Steven gave him his drink, I didn’t managed to hold Steven’s arm before he give his magic soda to Paul, now Paul was drinking it. I didn’t really like Paul, he was too skinny for my tastes, ok he had some amazing abs but I didn’t really like him! and now I had him attached to me for 24 hours, I looked at him, and he winked at me, smiling, great the potion worked! But to be honest, he was kinda hot, I’m a gay guy and I don’t find all guys hot, but Paul started seem pretty hot to me, especially now that he was winking at me.

When the convention ended, Paul approached me, “Hey do I know you from somewhere?” He asked, I grabbed his crotch, he didn’t even backed off, “Yeah from your fantasies probably” I said, he smiled, and grabbed my ass squeezing it “Nice ass” he said, it was weird to have so much power over a hot actor, “Wanna go to your room to discuss about my ass?” I asked, “My thoughts exactly” he said and we left the backstage, we took a cab and he droves us to the hotel that Paul stayed, I paid the cab and we went straight to his room! he was horny! and I’m sure this potion deserved every dollar I gave for it.

His room was clean, but on the other hand, he probably didn’t even had the time to make it dirty, since he came to the convention right after he arrived. I asked him to take his shirt off, I wanted him shirtless, he did without asking why, he stayed with his black jeans, and a big bulge, which to be honesty I didn’t expect…you know I believed that since he is kinda skinny, his junk would be skinny too, but this bulge proved me wrong. He was like a pornstar, shirtless with bulging abs and muscles, and a black jean, with a belt and a buckle, I asked him to sit on the bed and lean on his elbows, and let me do what I wanted with him, he did it, with a smile on his face, if I didn’t know he was on the love potion, I would have find it creepy that he was smiling at everything, like he was the happiest man to be with a gay guy, I got on my knees in front of him, I didn’t need to massage his crotch, his bulge was huge and it was obvious he was horny, I undid his belt as I was looking at him in his eyes! he was staring back at my own eyes! with a hot determination, his cock was almost 7′ but it was quite meaty and fat, fat in a stretch-your-ass fat, and to be honest, at that moment I realized that he haves the best cock ever, his pubic hair were trimmed, I started exploring his cock with my tongue, beginning from his balls, hanging proudly and big, they were shaven and soft! my tongue was in a mini orgasm! his cock was getting harder! little veins and nerves started appearing slowly around his dick! he was horny but he remained still! it was the power of the love potion, because I’m sure that any guy who gets horny to the point of vein appearing, isn’t so much still as Paul was, my tongue ran toward his glans, which was full of precum, I could see he was holding still but he couldn’t take it, so I gave him an order “Paul I want you to be free to enjoy this cock sucking and do whatever you have in mind as I do it” I was afraid this might snap him back to reality, but instead he grabbed my hair, and started pushing me, I swallowed his cock fast as he was pushing fast, I let him do whatever he wanted, he was pushing his cock inside my mouth thrusting his waist, and moaning like crazy. My mouth was full with his cock, my saliva was spilling over the sides of my mouth from his speed, but I didn’t want him to cum, so I told him to stop, He stopped even though I could see his cock was full erected! the veins were more visible than before! he was in pain, he wanted to fuck! But he had to do what I said, so he was holding back, I lied on my back, and then I chose carefully the words “I want you to fuck me as hard as you can, until you cum, whatever I say before you cum! don’t stop!” He agreed, and came between my legs, I could feel his hard cock, he was about to put saliva on his hand for lubrication but I didn’t want it “No saliva, no lubricant, dry!” I said, he placed his cock inside my ass, slowly, I felt so hot, it was a very nice experience, to feel a hot cock inside, but then it turned to pain, because his cock wasn’t sliding in, my ass felt on fire, and I yelled “Stop!”, but he didn’t, his face was close to mine, and he kept fucking me, hard, without a stop, I wanted to cry for help, but it was too embarrassing to let people see me getting fucked, I had to let it happen! the friction was terrible, his cock was too big, for my untrained ass “Ahhhh fuck me fuck me” I said, in a crazy mix of pleasure and pain, he had my legs to his waist, my cock was hard by the hot fuck that I was getting, I felt my ass going numb, he was fucking me with such force, the bed was creaking, and I thought I would bleed, “Ah ah ah AHHHHH!” My screams terrified even me, no lubricant was wrong, but it was too late now, if he didn’t cum soon I would be bleeding by my ass, his cock was way to big, I could feel my ass stretched to the limit! his hot breath on my face! his strong arms holding me and fucking me really hard! Even if I wanted to get up! I couldn’t he was too strong for me, I was getting seriously fucked! From the next room someone knocked the wall “Keep it down!” He yelled, Paul never took his eyes off mine, he kept fucking causing my ass to get a burn, and then he took me in his arms! and with my legs on his waist! he kept fucking me up and down and our faces almost kissing! his hot breath! his lustful glance! made me cum! I felt my sperm running on my belly, as he was fucking me hard, and then I felt a tingling sensation inside my ass! he slowed down and I told him to let me rest, he did! I lied on the bed, with my ass feeling sore and I was so terrified I might need stitches! but it was just sore!
He lied next to me, naked, I grabbed his cock, and took it inside my mouth, my views on Paul Wesley had changed after that hard fuck, he was so yummy for me now, his cock sliding inside my mouth, and getting hard for the second time, he was sweaty, and he’s throbbing cock was inside my mouth, his soft moan confirmed that I was doing it right, a second load, inside my mouth and his moaned again.
When I left the room he was naked and asleep…the best fuck ever.

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