David Boreanaz’s Boytoy!


Boreanaz’s Boytoy!

***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with David Boreanaz***

I’m a guy, a beautiful guy, with a nice ass, I’m 22 years old, and since my 19, I’m working the best job I ever wanted! I please famous men, sexually!
My ass is always covered with some lotion, so it can stay nice, and soft, and that is what drives them crazy. I learned to not get too excited when seeing a famous guy, because they get scared, so when I saw David Boreanaz waiting on a sofa! I wanted to scream from happiness! but I kept it to myself, the fat lady came from the reception desk and told me “Mr. Boreanaz is your client, be sure to give him your best!” She said, “I always give my best” I replied.
“David I’m Nathan, follow me” I said as he shook my hand with his firm steady hand, people said based on some movie he was naked, that he had a small penis, well now it was time to find out if he was small or not.

I closed the door behind us, no need to lock, I had people taking care for us to not be disturbed during our fuck.

David was wearing a white shirt, few buttons open, a plaid jacket and gray pants. He threw his jacket on a chair, he stood, he didn’t need to tell me, I knew that when a guy stands! wants a blowjob, so I got on my knees in front of him, and undid his belt and his pants, letting them fall on his ankles, I grabbed the seemingly small cock, and started sucking it slowly, he had trimmed pubic hair, and big balls, as I was licking I could feel his cock getting harder! I could even feel the veins after some minutes of licking! his soft moans! were a confirmation of my well done blowjob, his firm hand! grabbed my head and pressed me hard on his cock! Now it was really hard, and I could see it was a 6.30 inches, and normal thickness, yes he didn’t have the dream cock of 9 inches as some might wanted, but he was quite normal and enjoyable, I let his cock slip inside my mouth, my tongue was the carpet for his cock, I could feel his glans getting covered with precum, I could taste it on my mouth, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth! saliva made it glistening and it seemed like a monster cock!the veins and the nerves seemed bigger and more threatening, with my tongue I reached his hairy balls! they were hanging waiting for my mouth to treat them as they should! “You deserve your money Nathan” he moaned between my blowjob.

He undid his shirt and now he was naked, the man was hot, he was getting so hot with age, his body was muscled, and with his cock erected like that, they would never say he is a small cock man!

I undressed and wore a black thong, and sat on four, showing my perfect ass, David smiled and slapped my butt “I want to destroy your ass with my dick” he said, and before I even realize it, he pushed his cock inside my ass, I was used in such fuck so I moaned only a bit, even though sometimes like now, this was causing me pain, a cock like this, trying to enter my ass without lubricant, I tried to exhale slowly “Don’t hold back. Scream, I don’t mind” he said, since I had his permission. I moaned “Ah ahhhhh Ohhhh my ass, fuck my ass” I pleaded as he was giving me chills with his fuck, his strong hands were holding my waist and he was pushing me toward his cock, causing a hot collision, of fuck! “Ahhhh it hurts!” I yelled, he didn’t stop, he even fell on top of me, and pinned me down to the bed, now he was fucking me, rape style, I could feel his hot breath! his sweat on my back! even his hot abs were touching my waist with every push, “Take it” he was moaning as I was trying to keep up with this hot fucker! The bed creaked loudly and repeatedly, I was getting seriously fucked, this style was not my favorite because it hurts bad, but he paid and I had to endure his fuck! one! two! three pushes inside me! and then I heard him moan, and felt his cums on my back, a hot sticky rain, I cleaned his cock with my mouth! and I showed him the bathroom were he could shower! fate that he gave me a tip and winked at me! it was a wink that promised another fuck like this…


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