A Hunter on My Ass!


A Hunter in my ass!

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles, plus this story contains rape, it’s a fantasy, and I do not endorse rape. Rape is a crime and a very disgusting one, despise what I write in this story I do not endorse nor like rape for real, and you shouldn’t either***

Dean Winchester, I have heard of him! the best hunter out there! but I had never seen him, until he saved me. I was so sure I would die that night, what he called a Vetala, attacked me, and he was there, he was stalking it, but that saved my life. Vetalas hunt in pairs so, we had to hide so he can nail that other “son of a bitch” as he told me.

Sam was working on some other case, so it was only him, we locked into a motel room and we waited, Dean threw his blue jacket on the bed, he was wearing a black t-shirt and a shirt over it unbuttoned.

He left his gun on the stand and sat on the bed
“How you holding up?” he asked, I was shaken up but I was ok! he then talked pretty weird, he said something that wasn’t quite relevant
“It’s been long since I had sex”, he looked at me as he said this, I didn’t understand why he said it, I’m a guy, so he couldn’t be talking about me, or could he?
“Well there is always the hand” I said, meaning he could masturbate, but he didn’t seemed to like it, I’m a straight guy! but if I was gay I would totally screw with this hunk.
He stood up and went he took his gun, he then turned on me, and he pointed the gun at my face “Look I just want to have some fun, I think you will like it but even if you don’t like it, you have no choice, on your knees, now” he said, I couldn’t believe what was happening! I was going to be raped! At that moment I wished Vetala had gotten me, I wasn’t gay! and sucking another guy’s cock while straight wasn’t a very comfortable and tolerable thing, I got on my knees looking at him scared, he smiled “That’s my boy” he undid his jeans and he let his erected cock fall in front of my face, the smell, was intense, his cock was 17cm with a very thick glans, he had pubic hairs, trimmed, he pressed his cock on my mouth, I resisted, I heard the gun’s cock loading, so I opened my mouth, and took his penis inside, feeling like a total slut, his cock was hard, and he grabbed my head pushing it, on it! I tried to push him away but the gun was pointed at me all the time, so I had to keep sucking, his disgusting dick, I was sucking a guy’s schlong, a handsome guy yes, but still a guy!
I could feel precum on my tongue, the taste was awful “Please let me go, don’t do this” I said “Keep sucking princess” he said, so I kept doing it “Hey I want you to look at me while you doing it” he said, I did as he asked feeling lower than dirt, I was looking at his green eyes, and his sadistic smile as I was letting his cock slide inside my mouth, “I can see it in your eyes that you like it” he said. I looked away, he slapped me, I looked at him feeling a stinging pain on my cheek from his hand! his cock was going slowly inside and outside of my mouth! like a giant snake, my lips could feel his veins! and some of his pubic hair! I tried to not think what I was doing, because if I did, I would throw up.

When his cock was very hard and probably at the peak of its erection he told me
“Enough stand up” while he kept pointing his gun at me “Take your clothes off and lie on your stomach”, I froze, I knew what he was planning to do, he wanted to fuck me! it’s another thing to suck a cock! a hard experience yes but getting fucked was another thing! and his cock wasn’t small, so it was obvious it would hurt, I stood there “Are you deaf? Do as I asked!” His gun touched my back, so I had to take my clothes off while begging him to let me go “Please, don’t do that, please!”, he pinned me down, and he slid his cock inside my ass, it wasn’t easy, I tried to escape many times, but he kept me down, then he pushed harder, I could feel my masculinity leaving my body, as his thick cock was making its way up to my tight ass, my moans were deep and full of pain, he was fucking me raw, I could hear him groan and I could feel his breath on my back! His waist was thrusting me onward. I felt like I would fall through the bed, so hard he was fucking me, I could hear the creaks of the bed, creak,creak,creak, and then moans and shallow breath, and then faster and stronger creak,creak,creak, my moan, and then his moan, and then more creaking, every creak was a thrust of his cock inside my ass, I could feel every inch of his cock as it made its way inside my ass, I was hoping the Vetala would attack and that he might leave me alone, but it never came, I was getting fucked, over and over again, until the sun rays came through the windows and he was next to me sleeping deep and I was naked next to him, crying all night, why? Because I realized that somehow I loved his cock, I wanted him to fuck me again???he turned me gay…and I wasn’t even sorry!


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