Michael Trevino my best friend and my first fucker!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Michael Trevino***

I will never forget my first time, my first fuck, that made me tremble from passion.
It was last year when I met Michael Trevino, yeah the famous one, the actor, he was my best friend back in the day, but later he chased after his career and inevitably we lost contact, since he moved to L.A.

I was mad at him when he left, he didn’t know that of course, he left me an address and many messages, but then he stopped since he saw I never replied.

Let me introduce myself first, my name is John and I’m a guy! a bisexual 22 years old guy.Michael was the one who made me realize I liked guys too, because until then I liked girls but one day, I saw Michael! he wasn’t different! he was the same as I was seeing him everyday! we played basketball and I remember thinking “He is stunning” I felt a little erection but I hid it from him, so yeah when he left for his career I was mad at him, I shouldn’t have been! because he didn’t know I had a crush on him! hell he didn’t even know I was bisexual!

I had to visit L.A. To be honest, it was more of a recreational trip to L.A., I wanted to see that famous city up and close, it’s a large city,and I knew it, but I never knew how large, and I never expected to see him! Michael there, he stopped at his tracks, he was wearing a black jean, and a shirt with a tie, and a jacket green, he was stunning, and fucking hot, he looked at me, and I saw his little boyish smile! he missed me! that bastard missed me! even if it I acted like an ass. He hugged me (in a friendly way!)
“Hey man, what’s up! I tried to contact you but you never called me back!” He said, “Yeah I, I was mad at you” I said, I knew I had to tell him the truth, he looked at me in a serious way “Why, what did I do? Talk to me man?”, I couldn’t find an easy way to say it, so instead I said “Wanna drink a coffee or something? if you are not busy of course!” I said, he seemed to weight something in his mind! he was busy but he took out his phone and pressed some buttons.
“Yo Lorain, it’s Mike, yeah cancel the next appointment, I have something else to do! Ok bye!” He said, wow he was so hot when he was bossy, and he actually blew away his next appointment, for me! “Ok let’s go to my house, I want you to check it out, I wanted you to check it out, since I first moved here but…” He stopped, he didn’t want to say “but you weren’t replying” would be the phrase.

His house, was not house, was a fucking villa! My house could fit ten times in there!
It was one of those modern houses, you could see in magazines, with pool, and giant windows, and amazing sofas. He looked at me, I was looking at his palace, with mouth wide open “great huh?” He said, “Great? This is the house we always dreamed of!” I said, it was true, whenever we talked about our future houses, we had the same idea, a big house like this, he bought his, I couldn’t buy such a house, but then again I wasn’t as hot as Michael.
“Want a beer or something?” He said casually, while opening his giant fridge,I grabbed the beer he gave me and drank a bit. He sat across and looked at me worried “So you wanna tell me, why you were mad at me?”, he wasn’t asking in a provocative way, he was worried, he always was, he didn’t liked it when they were mad at him, he always wanted to make it right. And that was another quality I always admired in him, he was ready to make it up for anything wrong he might have done.
“It’s a bit complicated, but it’s really not your fault, I was mad at you but I did have the right to be” I said looking down, I didn’t want him to see my eyes, I was ashamed, he was my best friend, and if I liked another girl or even boy I would have told him in a second, but it was him I liked, “Hey is everything alright with you Johnny?”, I swallowed before I could say the words I wanted “Michael I had and still have a crush on you, and I didn’t know how to face that fact” I said quickly, he was silent for a moment, thinking, I could almost hear the mechanism in his head working, “Look hey Michael, I’m not here to confess my love or something! I won’t intrude in your life again, you have a life now, a different one, and I accept that, but since you asked me what was wrong I had to tell you”. The longer he kept silent, the longer I felt unwelcome to his house, if felt like his silence was pushing me away, he was looking on the carpet now, I grabbed my pack and I made my move toward the door “It was nice to catch up man, sorry if I ruined your day” I said, ready to cry, I didn’t expect him to hug me or something, but being rejected by him, was definitely something that I surely did not expect, not from Michael, not from my best friend.
I was one step from the door when I felt his hand grabbing me “Hey hey, don’t be silly man, I just needed some time to absorb what you told me! please sit! you are always welcome even if you are gay! That’s none of my business!” He said, he meant it, I could see it in his eyes, Michael had this little disadvantage, whenever he was lying you could see it, in his eyes, or maybe it was just me who could.
“I’m a bisexual man, I still like girls ya know?” I said, he breathed his frustration out
“Whatever you are, I’m there, I’m you’re best friend dude, do not ever forget that!”.
The way he said this made me want to kiss me him all over, this guy was so good, he always was, but I forgot about as years passed without seeing him.

I sat on the sofa, he grabbed his phone, it was ringing on vibrate, “Lorain yes reschedule, do not ask me, just don’t bother me for today ok?” He said, he was frustrated, he meant that he didn’t have a problem, but I could see he felt awkward around me, because of what I said, because it was him, that I liked. I had to get out of there, I knew it was a bad idea, he was open minded but this was a really bad idea, he was still talking to his phone when I reached the doorknob slowly and made my way out of his grant house, he probably didn’t realized I was missing yet, so I tried to walk fast toward any direction away from this house, away from Michael, he didn’t need this, I didn’t need this, no rejections, it’s better this way.

“HEY JOHNNY!” He yelled, he was running behind me, I felt so honored, but it really didn’t do that so he could run behind me. He stopped when he reached me “Come on man what’s up with the escaping, I told you I’m fine with you, why you act this way?” He asked, “Look Michael, you have a life now, a good life, you are a fucking actor, what you always wanted to be, you don’t need me, and I’m sure you don’t need the bomb I just threw at you! it’s fine really! just forget about today! forget you saw me. It’s ok really” he grabbed my arm, and pulled me with him to his house
“If you don’t stop thinking like that I’m going to kick your ass man, ok?” He said, when we reached his living room again, I sat on the sofa, “Dude I’m going to change clothes okay? Please PLEASE! Don’t leave!” He begged, I just sat there, while he went upstairs and I heard the noise of drawers and stuff, when he returned he seemed relieved to find me there, he was wearing a white t-shirt with a stamp on it and sweatpants, simple, and yet he managed to turn me on, because those sweatpants made his bulge visible, and I have seen this bulge once back in the day, when he wore speedos for swimming he was the only guy who could wear them and be hot with them, I always liked that bulge, and here it is again…”So what’s up with you, what are you doing now, why are you here?” He asked, and drank from his beer, “Nah, I did nothing important, it’s the same old me, I came here for fun really, just a trip I always wanted to make” I replied, he cleared his throat and look at his beer “Where you planning on finding me?” He asked, Why he had to ask such questions? “No. Not really” I replied! he seemed surprised “I see”
“Look it’s not like that Michael, I wanted to see you but I didn’t know if you wanted to see me, after I never called you”, he smiled bitterly “Dude how we ended up like this? I remember we used to be so close,that I knew what you were thinking before you even say it and now…” He didn’t completed his sentence he just drank beer.
“I saw your tv show!” I said changing the subject, he seemed a bit ashamed “The Vampire Diaries?” He asked, “Yeah, you became a buff dude!” I said and he smiled, the truth is I always watched that tv show since I found out about him playing in there, it was my way if spying on him. He stood up and left his beer on the table, I did the same, somehow I knew! he came closer! and closer! he grabbed me and kissed me! my first kiss from a guy! sweet and wet! his hands cupped my face! I felt like melting! his manly smell, his hot breath, on my face! He was breathing heavily,
And I fell on my knees, yes I was a bisexual but I have never been with a guy, I wanted him to be my first, and maybe that’s why, I pushed away every other guy that tried to approach me, some of them were hot guys, but they weren’t him.
I pulled his sweatpants down, on his ankles, along with his underwear, and then I saw it, I always saw his penis, through bulges, but now it was in front of me, erected with trimmed pubic hair and giants balls, tiny veins and nerves around it, like it was ornamental carvings, I touched it with my lips slowly! and I felt him tremble, my tongue touched the glans slowly, making slow moves around, his breathing became shallow, and his penis became harder, now those veins and nerves were getting more visible, and bigger. I licked his balls, one by one, slowly, feeling their softness, his moans told me I was doing it right! I grabbed his cock! and started doing deep blowjobs! the dirtiest blowjobs I could imagine, I tried to remember every porn I have seen, and I tried to give it my best! his cock was getting harder inside my mouth! his glans touched the back of my tongue, and his balls were on my chin! I had his whole cock inside my mouth. All 18cm of it!
His hand slowly reached my head and pushed me toward his cock, giving me rhythm, with his cock in my mouth I looked at him! right in the eye! he was looking at me! with so much lust! I rubbed his abs, as I was sucking his cock! and then he pushed me away! he pushed everything on the coffee table! to the floor and placed me on the coffee table! I opened my legs! I should have been anxious but I wasn’t, I wanted him to fuck me, to pop my cherry, he placed himself between my legs, the sensation was amazing, having such stud between your legs, and he placed his cock inside my tight hole, and pushed! Oh that feeling, a hot but painful sensation of something invading your ass, your virgin ass, his whole body, against mine, I could feel those ripe muscles of his on my skin, but none of this mattered because his cock made me lose my breath, he leaned toward me, I placed my hands to his neck, and then he started rimming, in and out, in and out, my ass was getting violated, I heard some moans! and then I realized it was me who was meaning, Michael locked his eyes on mine, he smiled at me, encouraging me, he loved what he was doing, I knew it deep inside me! that he liked me back! I could feel his strong hands on me! and his strong cock inside me! getting deeper and the pain getting stronger “Ahhhhhhh!” I heard myself moaning loudly, the pain was beyond lust, my ass was in pain, he was deep inside my ass,a I could feel those throbbing veins of his cock, deep inside my ass, “Stay with me breath Johnny!” He asked, I felt like I would pass out, “It hurts Michael ahhhhh!” And then he started fucking me even stronger, than before, my breaths couldn’t catch up with me, I felt like my ass would bleed from his fucking, I could hear the coffee table creaking from his strong pushes! he was looking deep in my eyes! as he was fucking me hard “ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I yelled, and then that was it, I felt rivers of his cums inside me, they were flowing from his cock, he slowed down, and then he pulled his cock out of my ass, I didn’t move, I couldn’t move, my ass felt sore, Michael wore his sweatpants and went upstairs probably to take a shower, when he returned I was all dressed up, and happy, happy that I had fulfilled my fantasy we him! I got fucked by my best friend, Michael Trevino, he smiled at me
“You will stay with me as long as you are here, call your hotel to bring your stuff.” He said. I could finally feel connected to my best friend, with a stronger bind than before…


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