Let’s Lust Over: Michael Trevino


Hey guys I decided to make this new section named Let’s Lust Over, and I will post lust Over Worthy male celebrities each time, now I would like to ask you to help me by sending me male celebrities that you think they should be lust over! please keep in mind that I Will post about those I find lust worthy too! It’s kinda like a Match game, you send, if I find him lust worthy too, he will go into these posts

Now the lust worthy male celebrity we will lust over is no other than Michael Trevino! Please lust over him with comments! Only good comments please, if you don’t like him, do not post insults…

So I don’t want to make another post about his tv shows, we all know he plays Tyler Lockwood in Vampire Diaries, what we care here, is his hotness so here it goes:

What Astrology Tells Us?
Michael is born January 25th 1985 which makes him a very hot 28 year old man!
He is an Aquarian, and based on that what he likes is to be independent, also he loves his privacy, and he always cloaks himself with mystery. He probably haves many friends, he attracts many friends because he is able to withhold criticism and judgment.
People born in that specific date, have no tolerance for pills (Health talking) and usually they like to exercise a lot, well yeah we can see that!

Now his penis speculation based on the astrological sign, is probably average normal, average doesn’t mean small so stop crying, but what Aquarians have based on astrology is very large balls! Also his Mars (which indicates penis size) is on Pisces which makes his cock beautiful with a translusced foreskin…

My Opinion for Michael Trevino

This man, is the hottest jock I have ever seen! okay one of the hottest, his body along with his face are pure fuck! What I like is that he seems so down to earth, that he wouldn’t actually believe someone can lust over him- yeah it’s that self esteem thingy, where even the hottest guy in the world thinks he is ugly as fuck or at least average…

Position You Would Like with him?
Doggystyle all the way!



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