Let’s Lust Over: Jensen Ackles


What can someone say for our favorite bad boy of TV? Jensen Ackles is one of those guys that they get better with age, he has this calm personality that promises a strong fuck in bed, you can see it in his eyes that he loves to fuck!

Flaws: His worst flaw is that he might be a homophobe, I doubt it but I don’t really know if he is.

What Astrology Says?

Jensen’s birthday is at March 1st, that makes him a Pisces! A very difficult sign to talk with, a very good sign to fuck with, literally!
Pisces based on astrological facts tend to be those guys that begin with kisses and romance and then they end up fucking you hard!
in astrological terms, Pisces is the ones who has the biggest cock, and here I want to remind you that Jensen’s ex lover Kruppa something, said that Jensen knows how to fuck and gave her the best orgasms she ever had! I mean how many girls out there would admit for their lover to be a good fucker if he wasn’t?

Pisces born March 1st depends on friends, they seek emotional support and they give it in return! They believe that attitude more than ability is the way to success! They have strong views on morality, but they won’t confuse them with deeper spiritual truths.

Based on a astrology book, Mars planet indicates the size of the penis
Jensen’s Mars is in Cancer that makes his cock fat and delicious…

Personal Experience with Pisces

What I understand with Pisces men, is that they might be strong fuckers, they might fuck you hard, but they are shy, . So shy that they would never make a sextape…they are usually troubled, and they always seek ways to balance emotional with practical…
They tend to talk a lot about their dicks, joking of course, but I believe that when you joke you hide some truth in it…
They are also guys that will fuck you if you give them the opportunity just for the kicks, but they will never admit of fucking you, if you are a guy I mean…




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