Carry On My Wayward Son!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***

My mouth was full with his cock, sweaty! veiny cock! I had it all in my mouth! trying to manage it! but it was too big for me! I took a breath. Jensen was looking at the door, he had a break from the convention and he was afraid that someone might find us here….

He didn’t even had his jeans off, he had only unzipped his jeans, and let his cock out, he was wearing a gray t-shirt and outside a red plaid shirt unbuttoned.
I could smell his sweat, manly sweat, not disgusting…and then there was the cock smell, the same smell all cocks have…I loved it, I tried not to gag this time, I sucked it really deep, his hand resting on my head now pushed me and held me there, with his cock deep inside my mouth, I took breaths through my nose, looking at his green eyes, he was happy and horny, he loved the way I worshipped him and his cock, he loved that he had a bad boy like me, with his cock stuck on my mouth.
His precums were dripping on my tongue, I could taste it! and yet I wasn’t disgusted! I was happy, I was giving Jensen the blowjob of his life…when I proposed that to him, I thought he would kick me out, but he just told me to wait until his break. He relaxed his grip, and I managed to let the cock slip out of my mouth! now it was shiny! covered with my saliva! it fell on his belly, I licked his balls, making him moan softly, he was shaving those balls, but not the pubic hair, he only trimmed them, it was ok, I always preferred trimmed haired cocks than completely shaved ones. I let my shorts drop he looked at me like I was crazy “Dude get your pants on what if someone walks in?” he asked, “I don’t give a fuck” I said, he exhaled but said nothing, lying in the sofa, I drew his pants a little lower, so his thighs would show, I turned my back on him and took a position over his cock “Reverse Cowgirl, they really know everything on internet” he said, he placed his cock in the entrance my hole, I could feel the hot glans! and then I sat feeling it entering slowly and painful, I was taking big breaths, as I was feeling his cock sliding like a snake inside my ass, I could even feel its veins! when more than half was inside my ass I couldn’t help it “Ooooh!” I moaned, I couldn’t see his face, but I know he liked it because I felt his cock getting harder. “Aaaaaah it’s big” I said between breaths, he laughed a bit “That, it is” he told me.
I had it all inside my ass, it hurt very much, but it wasn’t everyday I could get Jensen Ackles to fuck me like this. It was my first fuck ever, but I didn’t told him…so you can imagine why I wanted to scream when his cock was getting harder inside my ass.

“Ahhhh come on fuck me” I said trying to mask my pain as pleasure…”No sit, let your ass stretch a bit” he said, it was a torture, his cock was deep inside my ass, and I felt like I might bleed at any moment! every tiny move brought a shearing pain.
“You know!?” I asked, “That you are a virgin? Of course I do, your ass is tighter that a gnat’s chuff! But I like it, don’t you?” He asked and moved his cock “Ohhhh please be gentle!” I said, “You didn’t come here to get gentle did you?” He asked and then he pushed me forward and the position changed from reverse cowgirl to
the hound position…his strong hands holding my shoulders and his strong hips moving hard and fast. The friction was unbearable “Ahhhh stop it Jensen STOP!” I screamed, but he didn’t stop, he knew, that his fuck brought so much pleasure as pain. His strong rimming made his balls collide with mine. I felt tears in my eyes, I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t try to cry, it was from tightening my face due to so much pain, his cock like a fat stick now instead of a snake, was making its way to my ass opening and stretching it, like never before, they had told me that fuck with a real cock is not the same as finger or dildo, but this was different…it was pleasure, and sexual excitement altogether…his hands grabbed my waist and then the real hard fuck begun, my body jerked forward from his strong thrusts….”Ahhh stop, stop!” I yelled,

He grabbed his iphone and choose carry on my wayward son song to play really loud, I was being fucked under the sound of Kansas! He was keep fucking me jerking my body forward in doggystyle position, while murmuring lyrics from the song “Carry on my wayward son…”, I felt my cock shooting cums, on my leg. He slapped my ass and then I heard his moan “Ooooooh that’s it, ooooh argggg yeah!” followed by a river of cumshots inside my sore ass.
“Sir your…break is over you need to come to the stage now” a female voice said shocked by what she was seeing, he just glanced back “in a minute!” He said. When his cock unplugged from my ass, all of his creamy cums came out my hole like a little sperm waterfall, on the back of my thighs, along with a little bit of blood “Hey Jensen I bleed!” I said scared, he looked at the tiny drop of blood inside the pool of his sperm on the napkin “You don’t bleed, that musts mean you are not a virgin anymore!” He said smiling, and zipping his pants. “I don’t need to remind you that if you talk about this, I will kill you!” He said. I wouldn’t tell anyone, it was my secret, I got fucked, I got my cherry popped from Jensen Ackles, what’s more to ask for?

Positions used in this sex fiction:

Reversed Cowgirl


The Hound


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