He Is Hotter When He Is Angry!


He Is Hotter When He Is Angry!

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***

I know you probably thinking “another Jensen Ackles story? Come on!” but he is so hot I can’t stop thinking of him sexually!

I was taking a bottle of juice when Jensen stormed in. “Son of a bitch!” he yelled slamming the door behind him. He was wearing a plaid red shirt open, and inside a gray simple t-shirt and a pair of classic blue jeans. “Hey man! what happend?” I asked as I poured some juice on a glass! he looked at me! he was still mad, “That bastard on the hardware shop, he thinks he is smart but anyway were is your brother?” He asked me, they were best friends, Jensen was taking vacations and usually spend them with us. “Oh he is out, probably fucking some girl” I said, I sat next to him! “Hey relax man, Mr. Dillard is an ass to everybody”, I said slapping his knee, it was my only taste of happiness, I touched him like this all the time. He let a long breath out, and I just couldn’t help it, I caressed his leg and worked my way up! to his crotch! he looked at me. “Hey hey, stop, this is wrong dude!” He said standing up, “You know what’s wrong?” I replied, he waited, “Wrong is when you want somebody so much, just for one time, one fuck, and he tells you what you want to do is wrong!” I said, he sat next to me, thinking, I caressed his chest “Let me take care of you! If you don’t like it, you can stop me anytime.” I said, he looked at me, those green eyes, “fine, but if I say stop. You stop ok?”, I nodded.

    We locked the door in the kitchen, and sat in kitchen’s sofa, I caressed him a bit, on his chest, he removed his shirts, now shirtless, I could kiss his sweat glistening chest, neck, belly, he wasn’t too fit, but he had a nice body, with my lips I could feel his muscles, his hand caressed my hair, he eyes were closed and he was leaning back on the wall, he enjoyed it! more than he would ever admit. I bit his nipple softly, my belly was touching his crotch, and now I could feel something getting really hard, I licked his nipple, and suck it slowly, he moaned slowly, I slipped on my knees and between his legs, and undid his belt, and unzipped his jeans, I grabbed his cock from the underwear and played a bit with it, it was erected but it needed some boost, it felt soft and hot in my hands, as I was masturbating him! I could feel his pubic hair with my hand, every time I stroked his cock down, and his balls, soft balls, shaved. His cock got hard quickly with my hands, then I sticked my tongue out and licked his cock from the balls to the top of the cock head, slowly, like it was a lollipop, for me it was!. His long moan meant I was doing it right! again, from the balls to the cock head, I could feel throbbing veins on his dick, as my tongue was touching it, it fell on his bellybutton hard and veiny. I grabbed it and sucked it starting from the cock head slowly, the taste was incredible, his cock head was big, and wet from the mix of saliva and precums, he was looking at me, with his boyish grin, and his hand pushing me gently, until all of his cock was inside my mouth, my lips touched his pubic hairs, the sensation of having a throbbing cock deep inside your mouth was perfect but I couldn’t keep it long, so I slowly let it slip off of my mouth. “You are pretty good at what you are doing, this whole time I didn’t know” he told me, I smiled as I was sucking his cock! “You willing to move it to another hole?” He asked me. I let his cock slip off of my mouth again “I want but I was afraid to ask” I replied, his cock still erected toward my mouth, waiting.

“Then let’s do it” he said, he let his jeans fall completely off of him, now he was completely naked, this man was hotter than hot. I was about to remove my shorts but he stopped me “I want it on your ankles, it turns me on” he said. So with the shorts on my ankles I bend over while Jensen worked with his finger on my asshole, “I have never done this before” I told him. “I can tell” he said, as he was finger fucking my hole, making me feel weird, hot weird. I felt my own dick getting hard as he was working with my ass. It was my turn to moan, his finger stopped, and then I felt a hot hard sensation, his cock! he tried the paintbrush first, teasing my asshole first, causing me to get ever more hard, and my hole felt like it would suck his cock!
Then he pressed and pushed his cock inside, the feeling of having another man’s cock inside your ass, is completely hot, the feeling having Jensen’s cock inside your ass, is unbelievable. I could feel my ass trying to push back his cock, and that made the sensation more intense, a bit painful though, I moaned as he pushed harder, overcoming my ass’s defenses. His hands were on my waist holding me tight, as he was thrusting his cock inside my ass. “Ahhh calm a bit it hurts” I said, he smiled and pushed harder “Ah!” I yelled, “Scream” he said, as his waist increased speed and his cock was in mind out my ass pretty fast, I felt a burning sensation as he did that! that turned to a searing pain! He was deeper! “Stop Jensen Stop it hurts” I said.
“No stopping now” he said and his hand moved from my waist to my shoulders, as he pushed me on his cock. He leaned on my back and slowed down, he came after a few more thrusts inside my ass. He stayed there, leaned on my back, I could feel his chest and our sweats mixed, his cock still inside my ass, his breath shallow. He stood up and went to take a shower, I sat straight, trying to realize what had happened, I managed to get my dream come true, Jensen fucked me!
I managed to lift my shorts just in time as my brother came home.


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