Zach’s Payment


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual inter course with Zach Roerig***

I’m a 25 year old guy, I have a luxurious lifestyle and that comes from my job, I’m a lawyer, but not just a lawyer, I represent famous people, you have a sextape and need to stop it from the internet? You come to me! Anything for the client.
An old friend and now client is Zach Roerig of Vampire Diaries. With Zach we know each other since we were kids, and later I had and still have a crush on him. I flirted with him but he refused, of course we never stopped being friends, but that lust I felt for him, always grew everytime I saw him.
We had a case and of course he hired me as his lawyer, so he came to my house so we can discuss the details, when I opened the door he was wearing a classic blue jean and a navy blue t-shirt, I could even see his nipples. He sat at the sofa..
“New one huh?” He said for the sofa, I nodded and brought him his whiskey,
He drank a bit and I started explaining the boring details of his case! when the whole thing was over we were both bored. “How much is going to cost? The usual?” He asked, I caressed his leg slowly but intensely, he left his drink on the coffee table “Look man, I told you I don’t feel the same way!” But I could see his jeans bulging after my caressing “Zach I’m not asking relationship or anything, just a night with you…I want your cock!” I said, knowing that dirty talk was turning him on, he smiled and gestured for me to continue, I kneeled in front of him, between his legs, his look was full of lust, I undid his belt and unzipped his jeans, I could smell the cock, the cock I was fantasizing about for so long, gently I pulled it out of the jeans, it was a nice 6,7 inches with nice pubic hair and balls ready for eating, I smiled at him, and I took it inside my mouth, I sucked like it was my oxygen, I looked at him as he was getting hard! he seemed to enjoy it too! his hand grabbed my head and started pushing me toward his cock. He moaned as my tongue hugged his cock head. He moaned intensely, I grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and sucked it like it was my drug! “Yeah…” He moaned with eyes closed, I licked his balls, he almost came but managed to hold it…”I want to fuck you now” he said quickly and as I dropped my pants he came behind me, and made me bend, he pushed his cock inside my ass, I could feel it hot and hard, passing through the tight tunnels of my ass, “Ahhhh Ahhh yeah!” I moaned like a bitch, “You like it? Huh? You like my cock inside your ass?” He asked as he pushed harder and his cock ended up all inside my ass, “Ahhh!” a sizzling pain went through my ass, Zach was holding me and leaned on my back as he was thrusting me with his waist “I never imagined you could offer me such a good fuck!” he said, he held my buttcheeks together and pushed his cock inside and out, causing me a mix of excitement and pain..he was pounding me hard, I could hear his shallow breath as he was giving me the best fuck I ever had. “Get on your knees!” He ordered and I obeyed, I kneeled. He was jerking off and asked me to look at him, I did as he came and a creamy load covered my face and mouth….”woooow! aaaah!” his moans made me wanting him more…”We should make this a weekly thing” he told me as he sat back on the couch, exhausted and with a happy smile on his face…


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