Clive owned me…


***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Clive Owen***

You know all those fuck stories they say about the gardener and the lady of the house? Well that’s what happened to me, in a reverse way, I’m Colin and I’m 22 years old guy, a beautiful guy, . With the help of some people I got a job as a gardener at Owen’s home, when I heard the name, it didn’t ring a bell, but when I met the guy, I realized it was the fucking actor! Clive Owen.
He greeted us, me and Yolanda the woman who knew him and proposed me for the job, and we sat at the sofa, he was wearing a shirt and pants, his shirt was open a few buttons, Sometime Yolanda left and I stayed, Clive was a kind boss, he offered me soda and then told me I could start with the garden whenever I wanted.

I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, the weather was pretty hot, and I was working my ass off to impress him! I would slow down a bit later, but for a first day, I have to do my best. I was bending to grab the water hose, when I felt him behind me. I felt he was staring at me. When I turned to look at him, he smiled. “Nice Work, I wanted to ask if you would stay for lunch, I live alone and I could use your company, so what do you say?” He asked, I was ready to decline but I thought it wouldn’t make a good impression if I declined my boss’s invitation. “Sure, if it’s not a problem” O replied. “Not at all, I like your company” he said, and I felt that he meant it in a more intimate way, but maybe he was just being a good boss.

When he called me for lunch, I noticed I was covered in mud. “Maybe I should go, I’m covered in mud, and it won’t do any good to your furniture or carpets.”
“Nonsense, come on inside, just wash your hands, do I seem like a guy who cares about the furniture?” he asked, I smiled and went to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands, I decided to take a peek to his drawers on bathroom. It just a bad habit I have, I do not steal, I just like to look…in the first drawer, there was shaving cream, and some razors and stuff, the second one had two packages of condoms, so Clive Owen might be single here, but he drills some holes. Then I saw a lubricant with strawberry taste, not that I find it weird or bad for a man to have such stuff to his home, it’s just Clive seemed so gentleman, and those are stuff you find in more wild types houses, next it was a cock ring, that turned me on, and then there was a mouth opener, like those a dentist use, but I’m sure Clive didn’t have them for dental use. I closed the drawers.When I went back to the living room, the table was set, pasta carbonara, was on the menu, the classic guy food. “Not to brag, but Carbonara is my specialty…among others” he said. I laughed “do you have other specialties?” I asked, “Yeah but it’s not for the Kitchen” he laughed back. I ate some pasta. “Wow those are good!” I told him, he smiled “Told you, it’s my specialty”.Later I asked some questions about his career, he was more than happy to talk to me and he even brought an album with him, he had photos with many stars and celebrities. “Come on you have to look at this” he said, so I stood next to him and looked the photo, it was him naked covering his cock with a hat. I felt his hand grabbing my butt, and then one of his fingers pushing. I turned to look at him, his penetrating eyes, looked at me, with passion, he wanted me. I stood up and went for the door. “Mr Owen this is inappropriate” I said, he was right behind me “Good, because I like inappropriate” he hugged me from behind, I could feel his hard penis through his pants. “You have given me a huge boner, it’s only right to enjoy it too”, I pushed him “No, look you are a very hot man but I will not be your slut ok?”, he seemed startled, but he stayed where he was, he didn’t approached me again. “You know why I gave you that job?” He asked, I waited for his reply “Because of your great bubble butt” he said, I rolled my eyes “You need a shrink” I said, “Ok. I understand you don’t like to get in bed with me.” I opened the door to leave and then he said “Consider yourself fired young man”. I stopped walking. I needed that job, I needed those money. “Fired?” I said with a hint of a panic in my voice. “But I have debts to pay sir” I said, “That’s your problem” he replied.

2 minutes later, I was laying on my stomach and he was kissing my neck from behind. I felt so violated. My mouth was full of the taste of penis. His hot breath was on my neck, as he pushed his cock inside my virgin ass, my whole world collapsed, I felt bad for letting a guy fuck me, and also good because his cock inside my ass felt so good. I didn’t had time to consider it, Clive did not use any of his lubricants or condoms. He fucked me without even spit. I screamed so loud. But he wouldn’t stop. His cock was destroying my butthole, and I felt my masculinity drain away with each thrust he did. My body was trapped under his, his sweat made him sticky on me, but I had to endure it! I opened my legs and he pushed harder and harder. He didn’t have a big cock, but it was kinda thick. “Ahhh Ahhh it hurts” I yelled.
“Take it like a man” he said and he slammed his body against mine, his balls were bouncing on my buttcheeks, nice feeling but I was in very much pain. My ass refused to open for his dick, and he kept pushing and pushing. I thought he would rip my ass! Then he sat and told me to suck his cock, “I’m not doing that” I said, I felt really bad for being fucked, but sucking a cock that was ready to shoot, I wouldn’t do it. “Come on, you did everything, you wanna leave at the best part?” he asked. “Yes I want to leave! this was a mistake” I said, grabbed my clothes and managed to walk and then he said “Fired” and I remembered the huge financial problems I had. So I got on my knees with my ass feeling sore, and he grabbed my head, he pushed his cock inside my mouth, he did it slowly, he knew I was disgusted by it! and he wanted to make it slow. He facefucked me, and I almost gagged but then he shot his load on my face, giant sperm balls were shot toward my face, my hair, my mouth. I wanted to wash them right away, but I stayed there.
“Clean me up” he said, I tried to not thinking what I was doing, so I licked the remaining slimy sperm off his dick, and then I swallowed. When I got out of his bathroom he was buttoning his shirt. “You were great. You know I don’t want a gardener, but I do need a slut” he said smiling at me. I was looking at the floor.
“Hey cheer up, don’t tell me you did not enjoyed being fucked by me”, I did not reply I grabbed my stuff and left. I worked for two weeks to his home. I couldn’t take anymore dick though so I left.


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