Dean Winchester’s Dirty Fuck


***This story is fictional, obviously, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***

My family is not normal. My parents are hunters, no they do not hunt ducks or hogs, they hunt monsters, yes they are real and no they are not like you imagine, they are worse! I’m an only child, a son, a gay son, even though I’m 19 and I haven’t mentioned that to my father, for him being gay is equal as being a vampire or something.
It was a usual day, when Dean Winchester knocked on our door, he looked so handsome. “Hey is your father here?” he asked, “Nope, He went for provisions, you know with the apocalypse and stuff, but come in” I said moving aside. Dean Winchester was always welcome to our home, especially for me, I liked the guy, not only for his obvious good looks, but because he knew about me, I had flirted with him and he kindly declined, without making me feel awful, he was cool with it and that made me feel even more turned on by him. Now he was sitting in our old sofa, his legs spread in a manly pose, as he always sat, and drinking a beer, whatever Dean was doing was turning me on. He drank a bit from his beer and looked at me, he seemed to trying to gather his words “Umm I didn’t come here for your father Harry, it’s you I wanted to talk with” another drink from his beer. I sat next to him.
“What is it Dean, just say it” I said believing he just wanted someone to talk to.
“The apocalypse is upon us, and I know we probably all going to die, and you know there are things, I want to experience…” he was looking at me with his green eyes, I was trying to understand, what he wanted. When I didn’t got it he said “I want to try to have sex with a guy, not bottoming, always top but I want to try it with a guy” he said, and looked at his shoes. I was stunned, I never believed Dean Winchester would knock on my door so he can ask me if he can fuck me. “Dean are you asking me what I think you’re asking?” I asked, he just nodded. “I never had such experience before, you know I’m still a virgin but my answer is yes” I said, and he smiled, I climbed on top of him as he was sitting on our sofa, and kissed his neck, I loved everything on him, his smell, his muscles even his sweat. After some kissing by me, he kissed me slowly on my neck, and I felt him relaxing! I unbuttoned his black shirt he was wearing and, kissed his chest, the warmth of his hot body, made me wanna lick him everywhere. He softly pushed my head lower, as I was kissing his stomach, I was on my knees, in front of his gorgeous crotch, which was bulging and I could see his “gun” being imprinted on the fabric…if I was making him horny we were on a good start. As I undid his belt and zip I looked at him “Dean, I have no experience at all, so if I do something wrong just tell me ok?” I said, he nodded, his penis was 16cm (6.3 inches), and his girth was very nice also. Not too big, not too slim either, just right. He had pubic hair they were trimmed though, freshly trimmed, probably he took care of himself before he came here. Those veins and nerves in his penis were making it all the more beautiful to me, I licked the tip of his penis. He squirmed, but tried to remain calm, the taste was so not what I thought it would be, it was so good, and easy to lick it, I always thought that it might be disgusting to suck a penis. That maybe the taste would be weird, but now I found the taste pleasant. I wrapped my tongue around his cockhead, Dean squirmed more and a small “ummm” escaped his lips. “You have a nice penis” I said trying to ease the tension, he smiled “It’s called a cock, a dick if you may, don’t say penis because it sounds weird” he said with his heavy voice. I smiled back “Ok then, your cock is beautiful and big” I said, and felt it getting harder from what I said, I traced his cock with my tongue, from the head to balls, I wanted to take it all in, I knew that this thing Dean wanted was a one time thing, he wouldn’t allow me to do it again. So I wanted to taste him all over, his balls were not shaved but they weren’t too hairy, they looked good and big, bigger than what I imagined they would be. I took all of his cock inside my mouth and sucked strongly, he jumped up “Wow that hurts, be gentle, suck slowly” he said and sat again” I did as he asked, sucked his cock slowly and softly, which caused it to be more hard than before. He gave me a condom, I wore it to his penis and somehow it seemed way more threatening now, maybe it was the latex that made it, all glistening. I stood up and got naked. Dean just unbuttoned his shirt, and told me to bend over the table, I did, and felt his hot body against mine, I could feel his penis hard touching me behind. “Dean, please be gentle…” I said, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed his cock inside my ass, I remember someone screaming loudly, it was more of a moaning scream, like those women that were getting fucked on those porn movies. Then I realized it was me who screamed, the intensity and the pain of having a cock like Dean’s inside an untrained ass as was mine, was huge, I could feel my ass trying to eject his cock, but everytime my ass tried to push it out, I felt a jolting pain, it was like my ass was stretched beyond repair, I could only moan because that pain was letting me with less air and gasping for breaths, Dean pushed again, he thrusted his cock inside my ass, I felt that my knees couldn’t hold me,I didn’t know if it was from pain or from extreme pleasure. I could feel both his hands on my shoulders, and I heard to his breath shallow, while he let soft moans whenever he was thrusting in! He leaned forward, his chest on my back, I could feel his sweat on me, and his hot breath on my neck. “Finish me Dean” I said, he started rimming my ass, in a steady rhythm, I felt my dick ejaculating without me even touching it, his cock was so nice inside my ass that made me cum. He bit my shoulder. “Dean yeah, oh Dean” I was saying as he was thrusting me forward for me intensity of his rimming. “Dean! DEAN!aahhh” I never though I would feel so much pleasure from a man, even when I was thinking how Dean would fuck, I never imagined this. He moaned loudly, and then he slowed down until he stopped, I knew he came, I felt it when the muscles on his cock had a spasm…he pulled his cock out and took the condom off, creamy white sperm was in it, he tied it up, I got on my knees and licked his cream covered cock, the veins were now visible, green, with my tongue I could taste and feel his sperm, bitter but it was Dean’s and I wanted it, no matter the taste! I kept licking and he was looking at me, with his brooding face, making me want his cock more,and then while looking at me, almost angrily he tore another condom’s packaging, and wore it to his dick, “Again?” I asked in awe. “Yes, again, turn around and bend over” he said, I did as he asked, I would love to have Dean fuck me hard again, but my ass felt sore and I was sure that there would be no pleasure! while my ass is still hurting. He pushed his dick inside without waiting, he just pushed it, I positioned my ass toward him, it felt nice to do it, I could feel his cock, hot inside me, a warm foreign thing inside my ass, throbbing and then I could feel the awesome sensation of the dick being pulled out slowly, he pushed harder, I moaned like a bitch, he kept going like that, pushing further, like he was trying to dig in a tunnel, he was pushing his cock deeper, and my ass was so stretched that I thought, I would need stitches if he kept up what he was doing. He pushed my asscheeks together, causing friction on his dick, amazing sensation for my ass too. Feeling the pulsating cock going in and out of my ass. He didn’t need more. A moan later, he was throwing the second condom filled with creamy white sperm and I was the one who cleaned his cock from the sperm residue.when I stopped he pulled his pants and underwear up. He got zipped, and he was buttoning his shirt when we heard my parents car from the garage, I managed to make myself look as normal as I could, my ass was sore and sitting wasn’t exactly my top favorite thing to do now…my father didn’t picked up anything…
When Dean left, I couldn’t stop thinking about him…my butt felt different, it craved more dick,more Winchester cock.


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