Fucked by the Prince


***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Josh Dallas***

The door opened and closed, I looked and he was standing there, breathing heavy, he was running. A boyish smile on his lips
“You came!” I exclaimed full of excitement
“It was hard not too” he replied and kissed me softly on the lips, feeling his mouth touching mine, his breath, I felt my excitement growing,I needed him, I wanted him!
I pulled and ripped his shirt off him, he pulled mine, and kissed me passionately on my neck, his scruff made me shiver from pleasure, twenty minutes ago he told me he was straight, and he would never had sex with a guy. But here he was, he came after me. Our breaths combined with our moans, I kissed his chest and his nipples, I bit them softly, he moaned and pushed me lower, until I met his bulging crotch, I unzipped his jeans! and smelled the perfume of manliness! the cock smell! which made my ass shake from anticipation. Without using my hands, only my mouth, I pulled his cock out off his boxers, he almost fainted from pleasure…I licked his cockhead, a big cockhead ready to destroy any asshole, that would allow it in.
Using no hands I continued licking the rest of his dick, until it got hard and the veins were visible, then I grabbed it and took it in my mouth, watching Josh getting lost in pleasure, his moans were loud, his breath short, his cock felt shaking inside my mouth, so I stopped, I let it drop on his belly, he looked at me smiling, he understood why I did it, I slowly removed my jeans, my black string, made him gasp with pleasure…”I like your ass, get ready to be charmattacked!” He quoted his line from Once Upon A Time, I smiled “I can’t wait to see how a Prince/shepherd fucks!” I said using his own character’s background from Once Upon A Time.
He pulled me to his arms sitting in my couch, he kissed me again slowly and with more passion, he turned towards me without letting my lips, and placed himself between my legs, his hot body, was touching mine, I could feel our excitement mixed along with our muscles responding to this touch. He placed his cock slowly in my hole, and then he leaned again toward me, kissing me on my neck,while he slowly thrusted his way inside my ass, the first thrusts were painful, but I had to endure it, I was a virgin and I knew that my first time wouldn’t be painless, but I was also afraid that any cry to stop, would make him leave. My screams couldn’t stop, as he was biting my neck and thrusting his waist, I could feel the sensation of something foreign entering inside my ass, I could feel it strongly, it was sizzling at first, as his cock made its way, I only kept moaning and biting my lips so I wouldn’t scream again, but it wasn’t easy, he looked at me, and kept thrusting, his glance
was intense and looking directly at my eyes, like he was expecting something, I didn’t know what to do, but after seconds, his thrusts became hard and strong, “Aaaaaaah!” I heard myself moan, he smiled “Yeah let yourself free, scream” he told me between short breaths, “You have the best sword in the land Prince” I said with trembling voice cause by my body being thrusted by his fuck, “It’s only fair to share with the good people of my kingdom” he continued, I love how we made room for his character while he was fucking me. I held his face as he was fucking my ass hard now, fighting my screams I said “Look at me, as I become yours, look at me” his glance was full of pleasure and conquer, he was a conqueror and I was his property, he kissed me passionately again as I felt a liquid sensation between my cheeks coming from my ass! at the same time Josh slowed down, and took deep breaths, sweaty as he was, he pulled his cock outside of my sore asshole and I felt the rivers of his sperm, pouring out of my ass, creamy sperm…He took a shower and since then he is my boyfriend…by boyfriend I mean he fucks me occasionally.


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