Matt Cohen Fucked Me…


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Matt Cohen***

The best thing about conventions, I mean aside from the fact that you get to meet the actors of your favorite tv show (in this case Supernatural), is that you can meet the actors sometimes around the place where the convention is held, when they take a break, some of them are dining or drinking something in the nearby diners or bars.Thats where I met Matt Cohen. He was the one who played the young John Winchester, he was sitting on a stool, wearing a plaid shirt and a gray t-shirt on the inside, his jeans were classic style. I sat next to him, and I said “Hi” he was happy to meet me, even if he wasn’t, it wasn’t obvious. I told him I admire him, for his role for supernatural, he smiled kindly, and he blushed a bit. He even bought me diner, I mean I already had ordered a hamburger and he paid for it, which was the nicest gesture ever, from a guy who didn’t know me.
He asked me if I wanted to go to his hotel room so he could change and come back at the convention together…I said yes. We walked to his hotel which was nearby.
He invited me into his room, and he went to change into the bathroom, until then I had never had gay thoughts, I was a normal 19 year old guy who had his share of girlfriends, but then he opened the bathroom door, wearing his jeans, his belt not buckled, hanging there, and no shirt “Sorry I need to grab the deodorant” he said, but I was stunned by his hot lean body, his abs were so perfect that you would think they were fake, his muscled body was so nice, that I caught myself thinking dirty thoughts. He sprayed his body with the manly deodorant, and my excitement intensified. “Hey are you ok? You seem a little distracted” he said, Then I realized I was staring at his abs, “Yes I’m sorry, what did you say?”, he smiled “Never mind, I’ll wear my shirt and we are off to the convention” he said, I nodded and sat on his bed, trying to recover from this gay shock, I just had. He came out of the bathroom wearing his jeans, and his shirt still open, he sat next to me. “I think we have a problem” he said, I looked at him, he stood up and undid his jeans…in front of me…
“If you tell me to stop, I will…” He said, he let his jeans drop and then his brief boxers were coming down, revealing a hot hair trail that led to a nice trimmed pubic hair pattern, and then his cock, was there semi hard, I had a hard time deciding what to do, so he took a step closer and his cock touched my lips, it was so hot, I licked the cockhead, and then I grabbed it and sucked it, feeling really horny with what I was doing, the sensation of a man’s junk inside my mouth, intensified the passion I felt with what I was doing! his strong arms both of them! caught my head! and started pushing in a rhythm! with my lips I could trace the pumping veins and nerves on his dick, and with my inner tongue I could taste the taste of his cockhead and the precums! his balls were shaved and soft! touching my chin. “Yeah that’s it babe, enjoy it” he said in a sexy voice, with his hands still holding my head and his waist thrusting towards my mouth…I never did a blowjob before! but if this was what was like! I liked it. His cock was very hard, he reached behind him to the desk and grabbed something, he ripped the package and gave it to me, it was a condom. I felt my pulse raising, I was afraid, it was another thing to suck a guys cock, and another to let him open your back door, I knew he would back off if I asked! but he was the man he was! and if I ever changed my mind! he would probably wouldn’t be available to fuck me. I took the condom and I placed it on my lips, how many girls did this for me, and now here I was acting like one of those girls! to this hot man.
I rolled the condom with my lips on his hard dick. “Take your clothes off sweetheart” he said, and pulled my shirt off slowly, I took off my jeans and underwear, and went for doggystyle position but then he said “Lie on your back and spread those legs”, I did as he asked, but if felt awkward! I know it seems irrational but watching my face as he would take my virginity away, was making me feel awkward, still I didn’t want to ruin the mood, I lied back and spread my legs, he came between them, the sensation of feeling his hot body between my legs, was awesome, he played with my asshole, his finger made my sleepy hole,awake for more adventures, I never knew that my asshole would bring me such pleasure and excitement, and then he pushed his cock in, at first I could feel the cock, inside my ass, but it wasn’t painful, until he pushed deeper, I felt a jolt of pain “Ahhh” I moaned, he stopped, and pushed softly, my ass was resisting, I could feel it fighting this hot big newcomer out of the way! as long as Matt was going smoother, my ass was pushing him out. Matt took a deep breath, and pushed hard, the shock of the pain was so hard, that I just couldn’t scream. I just grabbed his shoulders and scratched them, he smiled, and he pushed again hard, my ass was getting hard pounding, and my facial expressions were amusing, because Matt was smiling, I could feel his breath on my face! “You are so tight” he said, I reached for his neck, and wrapped my hands around it, I was holding on to him, like I was a cast away and he was my life jacket.
His beautiful eyes were on to mine,his breath on my face, and his waist, destroying my virginity and draining out any masculinity I might had! I loved how his cock felt inside my hole! I wrapped my legs around his waist, and the pleasure intensified.
“This is so hot” I said…he smiled at me but did not stopped rimming my hole,he just placed my legs on his shoulders, and gave me the best fuck ever, when he was ready to come, he pulled his cock out of my ass, and doused me with his sperm, on my chest, and face, he came a lot. He told me to use his shower and when I got cleaned up, we returned to the convention, we exchanged numbers, and whenever he is near, he knocks me up a bit and I really love it.


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