Sandwich With Double Sausage


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jeffrey Dean Morgan or Jensen Ackles***

I’m Nick and I’m an assistant to the studio where Supernatural is being filmed, you know what I love about this job? The fact that I meet the hottest actors every single day,and the best thing is that I’m kinda friends with Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, by the way I’m a gay guy and I have a crush on both of them, but I only act friendly around them. It was a night after filming an episode, and me, Jensen and Jeffrey were sitting and drinking beers, we were alone in Jensen’s trailer and in the studios were only few, mostly janitors and assistants like me. We were laughing and making fun, I remember distinctly that the manly smell of Jeffrey’s and Jensen’s sweat was all over the trailer! and somehow! I got a boner, because I kept picturing them fucking me, both of them. A boner that both of them saw. “What is it Nick, did you thought about your girlfriend?” Jeffrey asked laughing, Jensen was more aware of my preferences because he had seen me looking at him “Oh I’m pretty sure it’s not a girlfriend that he was thinking…” he laughed and drank some more beer.
I smiled feeling awkward, Jensen though continued “Come on tell him, it’s no big deal” he said, “Tell me what?” Jeffrey asked curious now. “Our boy Nick here, is gay, he likes the meat, the sausage” Jensen said, normally I would be insulted but he was drunk, and Jensen was always kind,so I knew it was the beer talking. Jeffrey seemed cool with it “Hmmm ok, so what were you thinking then?” Jeffrey asked.
“Oh nothing” I said, drinking from my beer. Both of them were sitting next to me and I could smell their sweat! it wasn’t stink! it was this manly thing that turns you on.
“Come on, we’re cool just say, is it someone from the crew?” Jeffrey asked.
“It’s you two” I said, Jensen seemed like he didn’t hear me, Jeffrey seemed a bit struck. “Uh us? Ok with Jensen there, but me? For fuck’s sake I’m older” he said, and I couldn’t believe that Jeffrey had such low opinion for himself.
“Uhh have you searched the internet, Jeffrey you are the total DILF oh and Jensen well Jensen is Jensen” I said looking at him and smiling. Jensen lifted his beer like a toast and winked at me smiling. “What were you thinking about us and you?” Jensen asked, now I felt really awkward! “You’re nuts if you think I’m gonna tell you what gave me a boner about you” I said and drunk some beer. Jeffrey with renewed interest said “I wanna hear it”. I took a few breaths and said “I was thinking you know that you were fucking me, both of you” I said, Jeffrey smiled, Jensen said “You mean threesome, have you ever done a threesome Nick?” he asked, I nodded no. “Well Nick I’m going to give you something,it’s not a threesome but I hope it’s something for you” Jeffrey said and grabbed my face and kissed me, his tongue hugging mine, his kiss was so intense, my boner came back “Jeffrey I think that you gave him another one” Jensen replied and stood up, he was wearing his jeans and a black shirt unbuttoned a bit, he came closer to me “I want to give you something too Nick” he told me, he unzipped his jeans, and his cock fell out of them. Smelly, hard, cock, “Come on give me a blowjob, it will be our little secret” he said, Jeffrey seemed a bit awkward “Oh come on dude, this is gross” he said, I sucked Jensen’s cock, like it was my drug, “See he doesn’t think so” he replied to Jeffrey and then pushed my head toward his throbbing cock, Jeffrey was behind me sitting, but I could hear his heavy breath, that meant he was getting horny. Jensen was looking at me as I was taking his cock inside my mouth and he was smiling “Nick you suck better than many girls I have dated” and then he laughed with his own joke.
I was completely into the moment and didn’t realized that Jeffrey pulled my sweatpants down, I only felt the cold air, he played with my butthole, but I didn’t mind, my whole fantasy was coming alive, Jeffrey’s rough fingers combined with his saliva were making way for something bigger, but I was too busy with Jensen’s hard cock inside my mouth to care, Jensen had his shirt completely unbuttoned, and his entire body was glistening from sweat, Jeffrey pulled us back so he could sit on the couch, we all moved a little bit closer to him, I returned back to my sucking cock job and Jeffrey asked me to sit, I did he slowly slid his hot big cock inside my ass, I could feel it throbbing as it was making its way through, I let a moan escape my lips before taking Jensen’s cock inside again, Jensen was getting harder by the minute, while Jeffrey was impaling me with his gigantic dick, his breath on my neck was a smell of manliness and beer, “Oh yeah” I moaned again, “Yeah you like it?” Jensen asked and face fucked me for some minutes in a row after that, my saliva was everywhere because he was holding my head and thrusting in and out of my mouth, the taste if his cock was imprinted inside my tongue. It was too much to handle, Jeffrey’s girth made me uncomfortable, I tried to stood up a bit to re arrange myself so it wouldn’t hurt so much, but then he got deeper and the pain was stronger “Ohhhh Jeffrey, ahhhh” I couldn’t even say anything because there was mixed up pleasure of pain and passion. “I can feel your veins” I said to Jeffrey, and it was the truth, I could feel his hard cock’s veins throbbing, the same with Jensen but I could feel his with my tongue. Jeffrey thrusted inside my us again but now with force, “Ahhhhhh ahhhhh” I screamed, Jensen’s cock gagged me though, Jensen was holding me by the hair and pushing me toward his cock, that was full of precum everywhere. “Move your ass” Jeffrey said, I stood up a bit and then down again, impaling myself on his cock, he asked me again “Don’t stop it, come on nail yourself on me” he yelled, I did as he asked,I was up and down trying to withstand the pain of Jeffrey’s cock, and my mouth was back and forth, trying to satisfy Jensen’s cock, that seemed to get hard, but it was too hard to cum yet, he was a tough cummer. Jensen poured some of his beer on his cock, now the taste of his cock was mixed up with precums and beer, nice taste if you ask me. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. “Ahhhh Jeffrey. You hurting me” I said as Jeffrey was nailing me hard with his dick, really hard, “Ahh ahhhhh yes Jeffrey yessss” I screamed, Jensen was laughing and then grabbed my head and slid his dick inside my mouth again. “Don’t let my cock out of your mouth missy” he said and drank some more beer. I kept sucking Jensen’s cock, while Jeffrey kept fucking my ass, and then I felt a jolt from Jeffrey and thick liquid rivers run in my ass, Jeffrey moaned as he came, and Jensen couldn’t hold it anymore either, and my mouth was filled with creamy sperm, with a hint of beer, I swallowed it, for me that was nectar, Jensen’s cums. Jeffrey and Jensen then changed positions, I thought they were finished but they wanted a round 2, to be honest I felt very tired and my ass was sore from Jeffrey’s rimming, and then Jensen nailed me with his cock, it was thick, but not as thick as Jeffrey’s and Jensen’s was longer, and reached a deeper level which made me hurt and feel more pleasure, Jeffrey’s cock was now in front of my face, thick veiny daddy cock, I sucked it while looking at his eyes! he was smiling but he had something???paternal! I know it sounds creepy to say this while fucking but Jensen’s was more the fucker’s glance, while Jeffrey’s was like a father. I sucked his cock, it was thicker and my mouth was filled with it, but I loved it, I did a deepthroat and felt his pubic hair on my nose. Jensen as giving me the hardest fuck, he wasn’t gentle, he was a fucker, and my butt was taking it all inside, “Ahhh I love you both” I said, and sucked Jeffrey’s balls one by one, he moaned loudly, and Jensen thrusted himself inside and made me scream “Jensen you hurting me” I said, “Yeah like you don’t like it huh?” He laughed, and kept thrusting hard his cock inside my ass.
Jeffrey pushed me softly toward his gun, and I kept sucking it! it was a big veiny sausage! delicious! ready to be eaten! I couldn’t let it go off my mouth, Jensen held my buttcheeks together, and kept fucking me, I moaned like a little bitch, this was the best threesome I ever had, not that I ever had one, but who had two studs fucking him hard like me? The other morning we woke up naked, all three of us, luckily nobody so saw us, so we dressed up, and acted as if nothing happened, my tongue had their cocks taste though…


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