Montauk Has The Best Sausage


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nick Wechsler***

As a rich guy, I like to travel a lot, my new adventure was to do a road trip, just enough money to buy me stuff I need. One of my stops was Porter’s stowaway in Montauk and there I met him. Jack Porter, the owner of that stowaway. He was the guy you would expect to meet in a place like that, and his package was obviously big. He was nice to me, he even gave me a free meal because I became a regular there, I forgot all about my road trip when I saw him. My new objective was to taste his cums. I woke up early in the morning and after washing my face I went to the stowaway. He was restocking the bar, he wore a black shirt with zipper and a gray t-shirt on the inside, he smiled when he saw me. “Good morning to my favorite costumer, what can I get you?” He asked, I was distracted by his bulging biceps, his hoodie was thin and you could see the muscles. “Ummm whatever you guys serve for breakfast” I replied when I managed to take my eyes off of his biceps.
As he went to make breakfast, I took a peek at his jeans. Classic jeans, tight at the right places. His package was big, and he wasn’t even horny.
Then a blonde girl came, her name was Emily, she said “Hi” to me, and her and Jack went to the other room to talk, I heard them arguing about something, and when she left the stowaway Jack seemed determined and upset …I knew that was my chance.

I ate my breakfast and returned to my room to freshen up and at the evening I went to the stowaway it had only few customers drinking and talking! and Jack on the bar cleaning glasses as a distractive technique probably, “Hey, what did that glass ever do to you?” I said, he smiled “Oh hey! Ummm…” He struggled to remember my name “Harry” I said, “Harry!” he exclaimed as I reminded him of my name. “Want a drink?” he asked, “yeah, ummm whiskey!” I said, he went to prepare my drink. He brought it to me a minute later “This one is on me” he said, “What’s wrong?” I said, “It’s that obvious huh?” He replied, “Well I miss seeing your smile” I said, he seemed kinda shocked but then he smiled “it’s complicated” he said, I knew that I shouldn’t push him to tell me more, I made my move, I wanted to show him I care! and he got the message! now it was up to him…he served others with drinks, but sometimes he was smiling at me, I was smiling back. he was having brief conversations with other customers, and while he was talking I could stare at his package…when the stowaway started to empty, I was still there on the bar. I waited for a sign, something that would give me the green light as to what he wanted, but he was cleaning up some tables and then he was cleaning the bar, so I took the hint and went for the door, when he said “Leaving?”, I turned to look at him “Umm yeah, you are going to close the bar aren’t you?” I asked, he smiled “Yes I’m going to close the bar, but I was hoping we could hang out, you know upstairs” he said, I smiled “I would love that, Jack” I replied, “Then help me clean this mess up” he said, I helped him clean the tables, and washed some glasses. It didn’t took long, he then gestured towards the stairs “After you”.

We went to a balcony, with a view to the port, the light breeze, everything was beautiful, he had one of those sofas, he sat and gestured for me to sit next to him. I did. He seemed kinda uncomfortable, so he sipped a bit from his beer.
I caressed his leg, and he gave me a long intense kiss, how sweet it was, his kiss was both hard and soft, both loving and passionate…he stopped “Look I have never done anything with a guy before and I want to tell you there won’t be any strings attached after this” he said, “No problem Jack, now let me taste your lips once again” I said, and kissed him deeply, and passionately his hands cupped my face, I got on my knees, in front of him, I unzipped his jeans. He leaned back, and I grabbed his cock, licked it slowly from the balls to the head, and back again…it was a strong veiny cock, he smiled at me as I was sucking it like it was an ice cream.
it got hard and and precums were pouring out of it…”This is a nice cock Mr. Porter” I said as I was sucking it! his hand pushed me toward it. “Your mouth is a nice place for it as well” he replied. My tongue’s tip entered his cock’s hole, and he moaned deeply, I did it again and I could sense that his cock was as fully hard. “I think it’s time to ride it” I said and he smiled, he took of his hoodie, leaving his t-shirt on.
His body was hot, his t-shirt’s fabric was so soft and thin that his muscles were visible. “Stand up” he said, I did, and believed he would change position but what he did next was beyond my expectations. He came on to me from behind, trapping me facing the wooden wall, he was kissing my neck passionately, and I could feel his cock behind me. He pressed his cock inside my tight hole, and pushed hard, I couldn’t even moan, it was so painful. I could feel his hot cock making its way up my ass, and it drove me nuts, it was so exciting. And painful at the same time.
I was trapped by him on the wall, as he was destroying my ass with his cock, I could feel my ass stretching by his continuing thrusts. It was all so hot, I was getting fucked hard, by the sea, by an awesome hot man, it was romantic in a porn way.
He grabbed my hands and held them on the wall, like I was going anywhere. His breath on my neck and his cock deep inside my ass, his fuck was so strong that at times I felt my feet lift from his thrusts, and it was then that I felt I would scream my breath out! His deep moans made me want him even more. It didn’t took long until he came inside my hole, the feeling was awesome, after he came he let go of me, and I fell on the wooden floor, with my ass fully stretched and sore, he zipped his pants and said “Welcome to Montauk” he left me there like a used condom.
Even if he used me I still think of his hot fuck!


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