Eddie Punished Me…!


***This is a sex fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Eddie McClintock***

Eddie returned to his dressing room, another episode of Warehouse 13 was over, he enjoyed filming but it was so tiring sometimes, he unbuttoned his blue shirt which he wore as Pete Lattimer and now was almost drenched in his sweat, luckily, his sweat didn’t smell very bad, but still it made him uncomfortable. As he dropped his shirt on a chair, he checked out his body on the mirror, he wasn’t a douche but he liked to check himself every now and then. he bulged his muscles around his body, his abs, his biceps, yeah I still got it, he thought as he undid his black jeans, which were the most uncomfortable, Summer was approaching and wearing such jeans caused him to burn up, now he was free at last, with his boxers looking at the mirror. Not looking himself just thinking what to do next, his thoughts were interrupted by someone barging in his dressing room, he looked at Eddie and felt so sorry to be so rude as to not knock first. “I’m sorry!” said the young man, he was a bit shorter than Eddie, probably around his 19-20 years old, with short dark brown hair, and a lean body. “Don’t sweat it, what is it?” Eddie asked, “Umm they send me so you can sign your contract” he said, his eyes playing around, and especially on Eddie’s boxer bulge. Eddie reviewed his contract a bit, and then signed it.
“Thanks” the guy said and stood at the door before he close it behind him “by the way, you’re hot” he said. Eddie smiled astonished I a good way by this guys attitude. “Thanks, what’s your name bud?” he asked then. “I’m Jake, I’m new here” he said and then closed the door. Eddie dressed up and left the sets. Not before he saw Jake though “Hey Jake, if you want come by my hotel room to grab a beer or something”, Jake winked at him and Eddie was on his way.

Eddie was on his couch after a long refreshing shower, he didn’t feel like wearing clothes so he just sat there in his bathrobe, watching tv and drinking a beer. A polite knock on the door startled him. He went to the door and opened.
“Oh did is this not a good time?” Jake said when he saw Eddie on his bathrobe
“Oh no I’m like this for like an hour, I just didn’t like putting clothes on” Eddie said and let him come inside. Jake seemed like a nice guy. “So how it is to be the famous Eddie McClintock?” Jake asked. “Famous? Oh come on, i. Known, famous though, I have yet to be” Eddie replied. “You’re right, you are not famous, you should be though, you are an excellent, funny actor and this is not a compliment”
Jake said. Eddie went to his mini fridge “So what you wanna drink?” Eddie asked
“A beer for now” Jake replied, Eddie was kinda puzzled, what Jake meant with “for now”? but before he was able to give him his beer, Jake was behind him and when Eddie turned to face him, Jake kissed him on his lips, Eddie stepped back “Woah! buddy I’m not judging but I’m not playing on your team ok?”
“But I….you invited me here and I…oh my is is so embarrassing” Jake said
“No don’t be embarrassed, come on sit down have a beer” Eddie said
“Have you ever considered it?” Jake asked
“To be honest, no” Eddie said
“If I asked you to do it for me, would you?” Jake asked
“It’s…ummm inappropriate, I’m older than you” Eddie replied
“This is not an answer, older? Who cares you are hot” Jake said
“Hey I could be your dad” Eddie replied.
“I would love you to be my “daddy” Jake said
Eddie felt something hardening between his legs.
“So you would want me to punish you huh?” Eddie asked.
“Oh yes, I think I need someone to teach me respect” Jake said looking directly at Eddie’s eyes. Jake got closer to Eddie, and kissed his chest a bit, Eddie did not backed off, he just watched him directly in his eyes, Jake smiled and kissed his nipples, those famous pink nipples, Eddie felt a jolt of pleasure going through him, when Jake bit them softly. Eddie stood up and unwrapped the bathrob. He threw it on the floor…Jake couldn’t believe how hot he was, a nice body, with chest hair as he liked them, muscles and a nice and thick cock. Eddie stood before Jake. Jake licked the tip of the cockhead, Eddie hardened with every lick Jake did.mWhat a nice taste, Jake thought, Eddie with softly shoved Jake’s head toward his cock, that was now all veiny and hard, “See it isn’t so bad is it?” Jake asked. Eddie smiled “The way you do it is not at all bad, more sucking, less talking Jake”
Jake sucked Eddie’s tool, without disgust, he loved cocks, and Eddie’s had a nice taste, he liked how he could feel the throbbing veins and the nerves with his tongue and lips, he likes how Eddie, was breathing deeply, trying to control his urge to cum, Eddie had a hard time keeping his sperm in, when Jake moved on the balls area, and sucked each ball while Eddie’s cock was lying on Jake’s face while he did.
Eddie was sweating, and he smelled really good, manly. He was breathing deeply, and his face was a mask of effort, balls of sweat were dripping from his temples.
I stopped and stood up, Eddie seemed disappointed “What come on let me finish” he said, like a little kid who was whining for not finishing his ice cream. “I don’t want you to finish Daddy” Jake said. Eddie looked puzzled, Jake took off his pants slowly, revealing a smooth hairless, nice butt, Eddie touched it, he never wanted a guy’s ass like this…”Lie down” Jake said, and Eddie did as he was instructed, Jake place each leg to Eddie’s waist, feeling his hot cock on his ass…Eddie placed his cock in an upright position, and Jake impaled himself on it, slowly, absorbing every inch, and trying not to scream with the thick tool he was fucking with his ass, he was trembling as Eddie’s cock, pushed through, now the feelings of the throbbing veins and nerves, was on his butthole, Eddie thrusted his waist, causing his cock to be nailed hard, Jake could feel it hardening, he leaned on Eddie’s chest as he started moving up and down to his cock, Eddie was moaning “Yeah daddy, like that, punish me” Jake said, when Eddie heard those words, thrusted his waist angrily, “Yeah nail me dad, nail me!” Jake said again, and kept moving up and down Eddie’s cock, “oh daddy, oh daddy” Jake moaned, as Eddie was rimming him with strong thrusts up his ass. Jake pinched Eddie’s nipples while he was being fucked, and Eddie seemed to get harder…”Yeah shoot your tesla gun, shoot it shoot it!” Jake moaned and felt a thick creamy liquid being shot up his ass, he did not stopped moving up and down, and all the creamy sperm was now spread on Eddie’s cock making it glistening…When Jake got off Eddie, he grabbed his cock and sucked and licked until it was clean, Eddie of course shot another load, but Jake did not mind. Nobody ever talked about this after that….Eddie though still gets horny when he is thinking about it.


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