New “Toy” For The Rich Boy!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Rusty Joiner***

Kyle opened the curtains of his room, it was the day after his birthday, he was 18 years old finally, why would he be so happy you might ask? Well Kyle is a beautiful young man, who prefers other beautiful men, he is gay. He knew it all along but he never wanted to do anything sexually until this day, he was eighteen, now he could do something, he had promised himself he would have his first sexual experience.
His butler (yes he is rich) knocked kindly to his door. “You may come in Miles” he said without looking, his butler entered the room and asked in a sweet kind voice.
“Sir your parents cannot make it today, they are still in their business trip in New York”, Kyle almost burst out laughing, this day was beggining with perfect news, he had his home, all his. “Thank you Miles, you may go but before you go I need you to do something for me and then take your day off” Kyle said.
“Whatever you wish sir” Miles replied.
“Do you know Rusty Joiner?” Kyle asked
“I’m sorry sir but I do not know this man”
“It’s ok, he is an actor and a…model, I need you to give him this check and tell him to come here and see me, then give him the address” Kyle said while writing a check with a huge amount and giving it to Miles, “oh and by the way, as long as this man is here, you will not bother us, at all, and you won’t say a word to my parents ok?” Kyle asked. Miles knew want was happening to those who disobeyed Kyle, his previous butler, said to his parents about his party, Kyle got in trouble but managed to fire the other butler, so Miles knew that if he loved his job he would shut his mouth. “Yes sir, as you wish” Miles said and left the room. Kyle, locked the door behind the butler, and undressed, he looked at his nice body, he was almost smooth, his nice ass was so nice and tight, he knew that Rusty wouldn’t be able to resist, nobody would resist, his ass was so nice, that would cause instant erections.

Afternoon arrived and the house was quite, very quiet, it was something common for this time of the day, Kyle’s house was a large one, you could get lost easily in it.
Most of the staff had left, and Miles who usually stayed, had his day off. Kyle looked at his watch, either Rusty was late or he would not come. He. Had seen Rusty Joiner in some tv shows, and some modeling campaigns, the guy was a turn on, since Kyle saw him, he promised himself he would be the one who would take his ass virginity. The doorbell rang. Nirjana a beautiful Vietnamese ,aid they had, opened, Rusty entered the house. He was wearing a nice gray t-shirt with some stamp on it, also a leather biker’s jacket, and a classic blue jean. He had scruff on his face and his hair were dirty blond, and kinda messy in a nice way.
Nirjana pointed the door and let Rusty alone. Rusty was curious, when this guy appeared on his house, he left a check with a very generous amount of money, in exchange of visiting a guy named Kyle Greely. But what the man did not say, was what this Kyle had paid him for. Rusty was outside Kyle’s room, he knocked.
“Come in” a nice young voice said
“Hello I’m looking for…” Rusty froze on his tracks, a young boy, with blondish hair was lying naked on a large expensive bed, Rusty couldn’t help but notice this boys nice body, and his ass, so beautiful, and smooth. “I’m sorry I’m probably mistaken” Rusty said when he came into his senses. “You are not mistaken Rusty, come on in” Kyle said and stood up, now Rusty could see this boy was wearing a male’s string, his penis and balls were covered by a small piece of fabric in front, while his ass swallowed the string. It wasn’t a fat ass, it was tight and big.
Kyle locked the door, Rusty was still stunned, what he supposed to do with this gay young guy? “Are you Kyle?” Rusty asked. “Yes nice to meet you Rusty” Kyle replied. Rusty shook Kyle’s hand. “How old are you Kyle?” Rusty asked because he was thinking that this boy did not wear string just for fun. “I’m eighteen since last night” Kyle replied. “Good for you, do you mind explaining what am I doing here?”
Rusty asked. Kyle smiled “I’m gay Rusty, and I promised myself that in eighteenth birthday I would like to get fucked by you” Kyle said in a flat tone, as if he was explaining something boring. “By me? Look man, you are a beautiful boy but ai don’t think I can…not that I never thought of it…but you are young and inexperienced” Rusty said. “Look Rusty, let me worry about my…inexperience and do your job, that’s why I paid you” Kyle replied. Rusty thought about it, it was too crazy, he was hired as a male whore to fuck a brat? No it was outrageous.
“I’m sorry I won’t do it Kyle” Rusty said. Kyle knew the right buttons so he said “ok you may leave then, after you give me back my cheque”, Rusty thought again the amount, it was a very generous offer, and he wasn’t so appalled by the idea.
“Are you eighteen?” For real?” He asked Kyle
“For real” Kyle smiled
Rusty threw his leather jacket on Kyle’s bed. “Have you ever sucked a cock before?” Rusty asked.
“No, I wanted too but I didn’t seem to decide to do it” Kyle replied.
“Ok then, come over here, and get on your knees” Rusty said
“What on my knees? You have any idea who am I?, lie on the bed and I’ll suck you there!” Kyle yelled
“Look Kyle, I’m not a pussy so you can boss me around, get your ass here and kneel in front of me or I’ll make you” Rusty said, Kyle felt shivers going through his spine, he felt so turned on by Rusty.
Kyle obeyed, probably the first time he ever obeyed anyone. He kneeled in front of Rusty, facing his bulging crotch. Doing nothing though.
“Are you gonna stare for long? Pull my cock out and work it” Rusty asked
Kyle felt for the first time, so low, he unzipped Rusty’s jeans and grabbed his beautiful cock, it was a 15-16 cm medium thickness cock, with veins and nerves going around it, it was how Kyle imagined it would be, the public hair was there but they were trimmed and at the same dirty blond color. Rusty felt so horny, he didn’t know if it was the fact that he was having a virgin begging him to fuck him or because he was a spoiled brat who probably had to obey someone for the first time. Kyle was stroking the cock, he felt it getting harder on his hands but he couldn’t take it in his mouth, he was having second thoughts. “Suck it bitch” Rusty said, Kyle did as he was asked, he put Rusty’s cock inside his mouth, every inch of his mouth was tasting Rusty’s cock, Kyle’s tongue, was rolling around the cock, feeling the nerves and veins around it, Rusty had an instant boner, Kyle felt it too, inside his mouth, Rusty pushed him to take more inside his mouth “I can’t, it’s too big” Kyle replied. “Suck my damn cock right will ya?” Rusty yelled
Kyle tried but it was impossible, his mouth was untrained, he tried again, he felt his eyes water from the cock reaching new depths, he could accept it for seconds and then he let the cock out of his mouth. Rusty wasn’t happy. “I’m trying I can’t” Kyle said. “Try one more time” Rusty asked. Kyle took the cock inside again, he let it reach the deep depth of his mouth, and he was ready to gag, but them Rusty grabbed him by the hair and held him there….Kyle felt he would choke. Rusty did not relaxed his fists, “breath from your nose, do as I say” he said. Kyle tried it and felt his gag reflexes stop, Rusty drove his cock slowly out of Kyle’s mouth, Kyle stood there as his lips were feeling the cock leaving his mouth,me very vein and nerve was felt by those lips. “See, it’s not so difficult, now I will lie down, lie on rope off me with your back to my face.” Rusty, lied down, his body was amazingly hot, those muscles bulging and that cock ready to fuck Kyle rode him with his back facing Rusty’s face. “Spread your legs, each to a side of mine” Rusty gave the instructions. Kyle did, his ass now was touching the area just above Rusty’s cock.
“Lift your body a bit” Rusty said, and then placed his cock, in a straight line with Kyle’s asshole, Kyle was in for a hard fuck and he didn’t even knew it yet.
“Lower your waist now, sit on it” Rusty said. Kyle sat cautiously, and slow, he moaned a bit when the cockhead entered his asshole, but he stopped there.
“Continued…sit on it” Rusty yelled.
“It’s uncomfortable…” Kyle replied. He fantasized this moment many times, but he never knew it would be like this, feeling a cock inside his ass, now was kinda uncomfortable. Rusty took manners to his own hands, and lifted both of Kyle’s legs, forcing Kyle to be impaled on his cock, through his own weight. “Ouch! Aahhh!” Kyle moaned. It was like his asshole was on fire. Stretched and sore.
“Come on move” Rusty said, thrusting his waist upwards
“Ouch! No! Stop it ahhhhh!” Kyle yelled
Rusty knew that if he stopped Kyle wouldn’t have the courage to continue, so he kept ignoring his calls to stop. He held his legs upwards and fucked his tight sweet asshole with strong thrusts. Kyle could feel his sweat mixing with his own, Rusty’s chest and abs muscles were bulging against Kyle’s back, he liked the feeling of it. Rusty’s waist pinned against his ass, his cock inside his asshole, feeling it moving inside his ass, was an incredible feeling, but he also felt that his asshole might rip like a paper, Rusty’s cock seemed so big now that was inside his ass. Rusty held Kyle from his shoulders, while thrusting him, he could feel Kyle’s balls brushing on his as he was moving up and down. “Do you like it?” Rusty yelled.
“Yes sir!” Kyle yelled back
“That’s what I thought”
Rusty thrusted with more strength now. “Ouch! Ah!” Every thrust was a moan from Kyle. “Ahhhhh!” Rusty felt an overwhelming sensation coming from his balls toward his working cock. “I’m going to come!” He yelled. Kyle sat down and did not let the cock, he tightened his ass, and then he felt it. Rusty’s shooting sperm inside his ass, a liquid sensation, that gave him shivers….”you are amazing!” Kyle said.
” I know I’ve been told” Rusty replied in his gruff voice, feeling burned out”

That day Kyle, changed, this fuck did not only gave him the pleasure he always wanted, but also he changed his views toward other people, he listened more and he wasn’t so spoiled after that, he never saw Rusty again, but he jerked off thinking of the hot fuck he had with him…


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