Purgatory Fuck


***This is a fan fiction story, We all saw how Dean and Benny were close, and we also know how Dean did not like any monster, so why he acts all friendly toward Benny? Here is the story!***

Purgatory, Dean looked around once again like a psychotic freak, he developed this habit of looking around, in purgatory everything could happen, for now he was ok, Benny was still trying to find that gate where Dean would pass through and escape this hellish place, if he didn’t know where to look, Dean would have killed him a long time ago, he hated monsters, Benny seemed ok so far, but Dean knew that he was still a monster.

Somehow he fell asleep, not likely for Dean to do that in Purgatory, but all those sleepless nights in there, probably caught up with him. He woke up feeling aroused? He opened his eyes wide, something was on his crotch, Benny was licking his schlong! Dean would have told him to cut the crap but he felt turned on by the thought of a monster sucking him off, a hunter, Benny looked at his eyes, probably feeling the erection in his tongue, “Yeah that’s right suck it bitch!” Dean said, Benny smiled and sucked his cock looking at him like the slut he was, if Sam would see him now, he would have not believe it, Benny knew how to suck, probably because he was a vampire, his tongue wrapped delicately around Dean’s fat delicious veiny cock, Dean was so turned on and also on the lookout for any attackers, his cock was fully hard, his veins popped out and made it even more threatening and yummy “Yeah do you like sucking off hunters?” Dean asked, Benny knew what he had to say to keep Dean in the game “I don’t want to but I have to, you are such strong hunter, and if I don’t suck your cock, you’ll kill me!”
Dean replied with a smug smile “You got that right!”. Benny moved lower and licked the proud Winchester hairy balls below the cock, Dean took a deep breath when Benny started licking them, he could feel his tongue, running around his balls, and his breath, hot on them. “Come on sit on it” Dean ordered, Benny looked at him and undid his pants, his ass was big but smooth and nice, he split his buttcheeks and with slow motions he swallowed the fat cock with his asshole slowly. He could feel the pain as Dean’s cock was sliding in, slowly, he could feel it inside his ass, trying to move deeper but due to the lack of lubricant, it wasn’t easy. Every move caused Benny to moan like a bitch, once Dean understood that, he turned Benny and fucked him doggy style, Benny on four, with his butt being violated by a hunter, such a shame for a vampire, but also so hot for Benny, he loved this perversion, he moaned and groaned like a bitch, every time Dean’s cock was nailing his ass, every time Dean’s balls would hit his “Yeah that’s it, Benny you are getting fucked by a hunter, do you like it?” Dean asked, Benny was in so much pain he couldn’t reply, he only moaned, Dean slapped his ass “I asked you, do you like it?”, Benny replied short of breath “Yeah I like it like crazy Dean, I like it!” Dean pushed Benny’s head down, causing his ass to lift, Benny’s asshole was trying to comprehend the fact of what was happening, a big cock was invading, and it couldn’t keep it out, Dean loved how Benny’s asshole was trying to push him out, it caused a nice tingling on his cock. “keep your buttcheeks open for me you bitch!” Dean yelled, Benny grabbed his buttcheeks and spread them open, while crying, he didn’t felt hot anymore, he felt only pain, Dean Winchester was fucking him to oblivion. “Stop please Dean!” Benny begged, without doing any moves, he was afraid of Dean, “Are you begging me to stop?” Dean asked, without stopping, his cock was getting deeper and Benny would cry more “yes I’m begging you! Uhh please!” Benny begged again, Dean leaned on Benny’s back, and pushed harder, “do you feel my breath son of a bitch?” He asked, Benny groaned in reply. “Oh yeah Ohhhh yeah bitch, it’s coming for you! Ohhhhh! Aaaaaaah! Yes!” Benny moaned along with Dean as his ass was absorbing the huge load that came out Dean’s cock!
Dean pushed Benny like a used condom, he zipped his jeans and acted as if nothing happened, Benny wouldn’t stand up, his pants were on his ankles, and his butt was still sore, while creamy loads were coming out it…since then Benny felt closer to Dean, he had developed a bond, a fat bond like Dean’s cock.


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