When Detective Ryan is off duty…


***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Seamus Dever***

In my neighborhood there is this specific guy, a cop, he lives in the apartment next to ours and I often see him when he is going to work, his name is Kevin Ryan, and I fell in love the moment I saw him for the first time. I tried to come closer to him and it worked, we are not buddies, but he is there for me like a dad or something.
I forgot to introduce myself, I’m David and I’m a gay guy, 22 years old, with a very good body which I take care off, even though I had sex with other people, David Ryan remains my true passion, the one that I want to make love too.

Today I hear his door open, so I open my door too, I create many of those of the “same time” moments, so I can see him closely, and smell his after shave.
He smiles at me “Hey David watch up?” he asks me as I nod, “nothing new, how are you?” I ask back, he smiles “good”, I look at him, he is not gorgeous, but he has something, something that those gorgeous men out there don’t have, I can’t put a finger on it but I know it’s there. I was sure that I would not have sex with him, nothing have happened for years and this day was no different but something changed. I like to play cards, and one of my friends had this illegal casino type gathering, so I often went there to play, I’m not a gambler, just for fun, and that’s when we got arrested. I was so scared I didn’t realize I would see Kevin in the station, but there he was, wearing a shirt along with a tie, he was just so hot, he asked something pointing at me, and the guy replied, then Kevin came closer to me.
“David, what’s going on here? did they arrest you?” He asked, he had this fatherly tone that sometimes turned me on.
“Yeah” I managed to reply
“Were you playing cards?” He asked
“I was but I swear I was there for fun, I never believed that it was that serious”
“Well usually it’s not, the reason everyone’s arrested is because a body came up and he has ties with that illegal casino you had” he told me
“I said I wasn’t the one running it, I was just there” I replied.
“Well your friend over there seems to be pretty sure this was your idea” he said.
“Now I’m screwed, I swear Kevin I was never a part of this” I replied, he seemed to think about it, maybe he did not believed me.
“Look sit tight and let me see what I can do” he said and went to his captain’s office. I saw both of them arguing about something, then his captain looked at me and said something, he smiled, and he came toward me again.
“Look you are going to stay with me tonight, but you have to tell me everything, ok? it’s this or a cell” he told me.
” I think I prefer your place, oh and Kevin sorry for the mess” I said
“Don’t mention it, as long as you are innocent I will do everything to clear you up”
The way he said it made me fall in love with him again..it wasn’t just attraction for sex.

Kevin agreed to not tell my mother about the arrest, we told her we would watch some movie and since he was across the hall, she didn’t have a problem to allow me to stay there. Someone would expect a lonely man’s house to be full of pizza boxes and of clothes everywhere but Jake’s apartment was neat, simple, clean and comfortable. “Sit wherever you want, take a breath because later we need to talk” he said and left his keys and other stuff on a table. “I’m gonna hit the shower” he said, since he said that, I couldn’t relax, I imagined him showering naked and there was only a door between us. I could hear the water running. I turned on the tv and after a minute I went to take a peek through the door. He was still in the shower, I could see him back to me, his back and ass were so beautiful, not toned but not disgusting either, he did not turned, and I was tired so I didn’t wait for him to finish showering to see his penis. I sat on the sofa and pretended to watch tv. He came out of the shower, he was a hottie with his wet hair pulled back, dripping water and his nice body, his towel was around his waist, but I could see his torso, still not toned but a very nice body for someone who wasn’t a fitness buff.

He returned wearing a black t-shirt and black sweatpants, he then proceeded to his kitchen and made some eggs and bacon for me and himself.
“So tell me, exactly what were you doing there?” Kevin asked while ate some bacon
“I like to play cards sometimes, so my friend who has these gatherings, told me to go there, so I did, that’s all I did though”
“So you never planned those gatherings?” He asked me looking with his piercing blue eyes into mine.
“Never! This is so messed up!” I exclaimed
“Relax, I’m just asking, why your pal would say it was you?” He asked
“Isn’t it obvious? He wants me to take the fall, that bastard”

The night came and Kevin was making the sofa, but it broke down, so we settle to sleep together, I was this close to scream from excitement. I had a plan I took off all my clothes, I only kept my jockstrap on, so my ass would be visible. Kevin looked at me surprised but said nothing, even though he wanted. He took of his sweatpants, and wearing a tight black boxer with a black t-shirt he lied next to me, his breath was steady, calm, I could smell vanilla which was the aroma of his shower gel.
“Hey are they going to lock me up?” I asked
He looked at me with his blue eyes and his kind face
“Nah, if you are really innocent, the evidence will prove it, sorry to ask this again, are you innocent?” He asked me, touching my hand, putting his on top of mine,mi felt a jolt of pleasure
“Kevin I’m not part of that illegal casino thing, my only crime was that I was there playing but that’s it” I said
“I believe you, you seem like a kind kid” he said
“Not kid, guy, I’m a guy, I’m 22!” I said
“Oh you look so young, ok you are a kind guy” he laughed
his hand was still on mine, caressing, I didn’t want to move my hand, I wanted him to continue.
“Kevin can I tell you something?” I asked
“Yeah anything” he said sitting up looking worried
“From the first time I saw you, I liked you”
“I like you too” he replied
and kissed me on the lips, while caressing my leg, his body close to mine, now made me anxious. I could feel his pulsating body on mine, and I felt like I was having sex for the first time, it was true, I was having sex like that for the first time, all the other experiences were just sex, this was love…he was holding my face softly while he was kissing me, I pulled him closer, my tongue never left his mouth, he was a gentle lover, I pulled his shirt off of him, and kissed his chest slowly, his nipples and his bellybutton, I could see his bulging boxers, I kissed the boxer where his penis was, he moaned slowly, while caressing my hair, and he let his cock out of the boxers, it was a nice penis, not a huge one, but not tiny either, normal, this was my area now, I licked the cockhead, slowly and rolled my tongue all the way to his shaft “You are driving me crazy David” he said in low moan, with my lips I trapped his penis inside my mouth and sucked, the jolt of pleasure that hit him, made him moan loudly, his hand was still on my head pushing me gently on his cock, to continue, he was standing on the bed, on his knees, and I was on four sucking his cock, while he let a finger slip inside my asshole, as I was sucking, that turned me on so much.
Kevin’s finger played softly yet intensely with my butthole as I was tasting every inch of his nice cock that was trembling inside my mouth, while it was getting harder. “What we do is not right” he said without stopping playing with his finger
“If we harm nobody, it’s right” I reply and lick his balls slowly, he moans and leans to his drawer, he gives me a condom “dress it up” he says, I place it on my mouth, and roll it over his cock, slowly, then he pushes me back and places himself between my legs, his arms are next to my head, his chest is near my face, his little cross pendant, hangs and tingles me, on my chest, his breath is hot as he looks at me with his blue eyes, and his kind face, all I could think off was “so this is how it is when they make love to you”, he kissed me on the lips, while his whole body was grinding with mine, sweat made us stick together but it wasn’t gross or anything, I could feel his “gun” touching me, my butt was asking for it, “are you ready?” he asked me, “yes” I reply and he places his cock near my butthole, he pushes slowly, his cockhead enters my butt, it feels so hot, I almost moan. He pushes slowly inside the rest of his cock while he is looking at me intensely, he spoons me, I look at him as his cock getting deeper, I moaned,as his abdomen touched against my lower back, again and again, “I love you” I moan, he breathes heavily as he looks at me.
“I love you too” he says as he moans loudly and his cock unloads his sperm inside me, his grip around my waist softens a bit, we glisten from sweat, he withdraws his cock out of my ass slowly, I just lay there, this was the best fuck I ever had. He lies on his back with his hands behind his head. He fell asleep, as I kept sucking his cock, next day my friend had confessed,Mai was free, Kevin Ryan still offers me some “sausage” and it’s great!


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