***This story is a sex fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles ***

Despite the fact that he is just 22 years old, Dr. Xander works for “Imagine”, a company that specializes in recreation such as virtual reality machines and such, his new product is called “Imaginarium”, he likes to call it, the liquid fantasy, you’ll see why…

Dr. Xander sat on his recliner, he had locked the doors, told his assistant to not bother him and turned off the phones, it was time, he had perfected “Imaginarium”, after sleepless nights of equations and tests, he was ready to try the new formula.
He brought the little vial to his lips, and he drunk it, at first he felt nothing, but then in a blink of an eye, he wasn’t in the recliner anymore, he was standing in a meadow, in front of him, there was a barn, he recognized the place. It was his grandfather’s barn, he took some steps toward the barn, he stopped, he couldn’t perceive how “Imaginarium” could make him feel the breezy of the air, the hot sun, everything seemed so real. He pushed the barn door, inside the smell of hay, reminded him memories of his childhood, through the windows of the upper floor, rays of the sun, made the barn feel cozy and beautiful.

Dr.Xander’s narration
As I proceeded deeper into the barn, I heard someone “is anyone there?” a voice familiar to me said, I replied “It’s me” , Jensen Ackles sweating looked at me, he was wearing an old open shirt, his chest was sweaty and his nipples were amazing, and jeans, old classic jeans. He was cleaning the barn, I admire Jensen Ackles for his role on Supernatural. I didn’t know though why he was here, and dressed like that, it’s not like I was gay or something. “Oh Xander, I’ve been waiting for you, tell your grandfather I cleaned the shelves as he asked, let’s go for a walk first” he said, he seemed so eager to go for a walk with me, I followed him, so far “Imaginarium” was working great, even though Jensen Ackles was something I did not expect, we got out from the back door of the barn, there the shadow of the barn was covering some part of the meadow, it was beautiful, Jensen walked past me “follow me” he said, I did as he asked, it was so nice to be with Jensen Ackles even though it was imagination and not real, we walked for some hour, we went through the forest and then, to a beautiful waterfall, that wasn’t a part of my grandfather’s town, we did not have such a waterfall, it seemed so real, Jensen looked over the edge, toward the lake “Care for a swim?” He said, and he took his clothes off, all of them, I wasn’t gay but I couldn’t ignore Jensen’s sexy body, it wasn’t fit like a gym buff, but it was a beautiful body, and his cock, was amazing, not too long, not too short, veiny and thick, I got aroused by that, even though I never had any sexual fantasies about men. He smiled as he caught me looking at his schlong. He turned his back on me and jumped off the edge, I took my clothes off and followed, for a fantasy I could feel the cold waters as if I was in a lake for real, Jensen with his wet hair was smiling , he came closer to me “Nice waters huh?” He asked me, I nodded, he was so sexy with his scruffy face, and his green eyes, his hand under the water grabbed my butt
“Hey stop that!” I said, and I meant it, he seemed like a schoolboy, ready to tease again, then I felt his finger under the water and into my ass, I felt a jolt of…pleasure?
“Ah…” I managed to say, he came closer until my back was against his chest, I could feel his breath “Yeah that’s it relax, you like it?” he asked, I moaned, and he pushed his finger deeper, I thought I would cum. “Let’s go to the shore there” He said, and as he took his finger out of my ass, I felt awake again, I followed him, he was swimming faster, and I could see his back muscles, he was such a handsome guy, and then it hit me, why I was aroused by his finger? Am I gay? I could swim away and the “Imaginarium” would probably change the fantasy, but. I didn’t want to, he was standing at the shore waiting for me, his hands on his waist, naked, but so confident, and why wouldn’t he be, with that cock! I decided that I would follow him, I went to the shore toward him, as I approached he pushed me by my shoulders, I knelt down in front of him, feeling so aroused by the situation, his clock was erect, and throbbing, Pubic hair in a nice trimmed manner was around it and the balls, oh those balls, not very big, but hanging like champions down there.
I licked his cockhead slowly with his hand on his waist, he leaned his head back and with closed eyes he moaned, enjoying, I sucked his cock slowly, took it in my mouth inch by inch, and all this time he was moaning, I could even see his balls trembling from pleasure, his hand landed on my head and he started giving me rhythm, “Suck on it bitch!” He said, pushing too hard his waist to my mouth, and his hand holding me with force, tears gathered to my eyes, not from crying but because his cock, was hitting the back of my throat, I was ready to gag “are you crying? Wait until I fuck your pretty ass!” he said, this fantasy was way too real, I pushed him, his cock was glistening and dripping of my saliva, “What bitch?” he asked, “Stop I don’t want this!” I said, thinking that “Imaginarium” would take the order I send it, but Jensen moved toward me, he grabbed me by my hair, and dragged me, this was getting out of control, “Hey stop it you moron!” I yelled, Jensen replied with his fist, sending me to the ground, “Imaginarium” was out of control but I could not help but admire the whole real sensation, I fell face first on the ground, naked, I thought if I wouldn’t move, this would change, I felt Jensen holding my hands behind my back, and then he slid his cock inside my ass, slowly and painfully, I yelled and yelled, but I was trapped inside my mind with that fucking liquid fantasy I created.
“Ahhh stop! Stop!” I yelled, Jensen groaned like an animal, as he was fucking me holding my hands behind my back, my ass felt so sore, with his cock entering so violently, I could feel his balls slamming against my buttcheeks as he was fucking me, I could feel and hear his even breaths, as he was doing it, my knees were on pain as I had them spread to support my body, while I was being fucked, Jensen was using his entire body to fuck me, he was slamming himself against my ass, I felt I would die from fuck! My face was on the ground and my waist lifted so he could fuck me, my hands were on pain because he was holding them behind my back! I screamed,”Yeah!” he yelled, like a ruler conquering a land, “Please stop!”I pleaded like a bitch, my ass felt numb and sore, I could still feel with my ass his strong cock entering, like a snake, I could even feel the veins of his cock while it was sliding inside my ass. “stop it!” I yelled, Jensen kept fucking,like he was in a loop, he kept slamming against my ass, I was so tired, everytime I tried to stand, he would push me down, he was in a loop! “Imaginarium” failed, I was in a loop, trapped in a fantasy were Jensen Ackles was fucking me indefinitely, I yelled and screamed, but Jensen was fucking me like a robot, my butt felt really sore, I tried to calm myself and suddenly Jensen got out of the loop, “I’m going to cum!” he groaned, his rhythm went slower but his cock went deeper, I had to hold on, it would finish soon, and then he said “I’m going to cum so much in your ass that it’s going to come out of your mouth bitch!” he groaned, and then I felt it, his cock jerking and releasing sperm inside my ass, I was happy I would be free soon, and then I felt I wanted to spit, something was in my mouth, he was ejaculating in my ass and his cums were coming out of my mouth, creamy sperm, he pushed me on the ground and kept coming, on my face this time, creamy sperm, so much sperm, “Imaginarium” had lost control, he stopped only when my face was covered with sperm, like ten guys had came on me, not just one, when I managed to clean up my eyes, Jensen was nowhere to be found, suddenly the rocks, the lake, started to disappear, until it was just me in total black background, and then I opened my eyes, I was on my recliner, my ass felt sore like I had been fucked for real, my pants were covered in sperm, my sperm! I had decided “Imaginarium” wasn’t something I wanted to distribute, I could still feel Jensen Ackles slamming against my ass, fucking me like a bitch, but I must say I kept a bunch of it, I use it sometimes when I get lonely and turned on…


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