When Lions Mate…


***This story is fictional I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Dave Salmoni***

Having a gay experience,is not something only a gay guy can have, I’m a bisexual but before this story I was just straight, I liked only girls, and I never felt any attraction to guys. I was about to be in an expedition in West Africa, so we can research the lions, during their mating season, what made this trip even more exciting is that I would be along with Dave Salmoni, he chose me to be his partner in this expedition, I couldn’t wait to be closer to lions, I felt scared too but being with another person, made it better. When I met Dave he was kind and also a perfectionist in his job, he would order me to do stuff or to check stuff, in order to be sure we where ready to go.

We made camp inside he jungle, we tried to find a good spot, but in the jungle there is no spot that can be good, so we had to be careful, we set up our scene, it was one scene for both of us, and then we sat watching two lions, one female and one male approaching each other, we were close but hidden, or else the male lion would kill us, Dave seemed more relaxed than me, I was scared that the lion might smell us or something, so I was sitting close to Dave. “That’s why I like Lions, she how he approaches his mate? With pride! That’s how men should do!” he told me
“I can see but women are scarier than female lions!” I replied, he laughed “You’re right Jake!”, now the lion had climbed over the female one, and they were fucking, in front of us, Dave was looking at them daydreaming, I thought I saw a bulge on his safari pants. “Yeah baby nail her” he muttered more like talking to himself, when I saw his pants again, it was official, he was horny “man I’m so horny!” he said
I would be lying if I said I didn’t find it arousing too seeing the lions fucking.
“You wanna know a secret Jake?” he asked me, caressing his crotch, “Sure” I replied, “The best moves on sex, I learned them watching lions fucking! Now women just beg me for more!” he said, what he said made me think of me on four and Dave on me like the lion in front of me, fucking me, with pride and hard. I felt my cock getting hard too. “I don’t understand how he manages to put his penis inside” I said to Dave, “Let me show you!” he replied, it wasn’t anything sexual, “Sit on your four, I’m going to ride you, so you can understand ok?” he said, I was ok with that, I sat on four, and he climbed on me, I felt his abs, his chest on my back, I felt his tough hands touching mine, and his hot breath on me, “ok now I’m going to push a bit behind, so you can understand” he said, I felt his waist moving and something hard touching my ass “See? That’s how he does it” he said and as he was ready to get up, I pushed my ass back, I liked the sensation of his cock, against my ass, he seemed to be thinking about it, he didn’t move, he let me rub my ass on his crotch “You shouldn’t be doing that!” he said, but didn’t move “Yeah? Why?” I asked, “because it’s wrong, and I’m old enough to be your father!” he said, “yeah daddy teach me some respect!” I said, he smiled “Are you sure?” he asked, I nodded and he took of his shirt, and then he lied down “Ride me babe!” he said, I climbed on him, he unzipped his pants and I smelled the cock before I could see it, his hairy chest was a dream, “I haven’t done this before!” I said, he smiled “You’re going to like it Jake” he said, I smiled too. He pushed his cock closer to my ass I could feel the hot cockhead, I sat down slowly, the sensation was so great, his expression made me feel so unique, his hands on my waist, and my hands on his chest, his nice hairy chest, I could feel his tremble under my hands. I felt my ass opening from his hard cock, a moan escaped my lips, as I was still having doubts, what I was doing? I wasn’t gay, why I was riding a man? my mind told me I was wrong to do this, my body though needed it, his cock was something I needed, it was stuck inside my virgin tight ass, and all I could do was to moan, “Yeah baby, oh my…” Dave muttered in short breaths “I’m going to cum and I haven even fucked you yet!” he told me, “Ahhh please…make it…last…longer!” I said trying to breath with all this meat stake stuck in my ass, who was still trying to push the cock outside, with no luck, “Ride me babe, ride me!” he said, holding for as long as he could, I started moving, his cock inside my ass, was hurting me like hell, every move was a torture “Aahhhhh! I can’t it hurts!” I said, “if you won’t move then the pain will never stop!” he said, I gathered my courage, and started to bob on his cock “Ahhhh it hurts!” I said, while tears came out of my eyes, but I didn’t stop, I immersed my waist on his cock, feeling it’s veins throbbing inside my ass, then I pulled my waist up, letting the sensation of rapture by his cock sliding out, fill me.
Some ups and downs and I could move with less pain, I was riding him in cowgirl position, ironic since that’s how I liked to nail girls myself. His hands holding my butt as I was riding, and moaning like a bitch “Keep it down son” he told me “we don’t want the lions to find us like this”, I tried to moan less, but his thick cock was orgasmic in and out of my ass, plus the feeling while sitting on his balls made it even more exciting. With my hands rubbing his hairy chest, I leaned on him, and kissed his chest, that drove him crazy, he held me like that, and thrusted so fast, I didn’t even managed to scream, and then the rivers of pleasure were running inside my ass, I kept bouncing up and down, his cock was covered with his cums, since my ass was spurting it on it, “Ahhhh ahhhh!” I moaned as my cums exploded on his belly, “This was the best and most wrong thing I have ever done with a guy!” he said breathing shallow, I fell on the side, I felt different, my ass felt like it was missing the thick cock, and I knew that new adventures were awaiting me in my sex life. “Do you mind cleaning my cock?” he asked, I obeyed and licked his cock off, until it was polished, he zipped his pants and buttoned his shirt, I wore my pants, and we never spoke again of this…


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