Oliver Queen sticked up his arrow…


***This is a fictional story, I do not own anything from the tv show “Arrow” and never had any sexual intercourse with Stephen Amell***

Harry Salvek a young 22 year old guy, the youngest businessman in Starling City, the youngest criminal, the vigilante had to stop.

Harry Salvek is a young man, who takes care of himself, always in the gym, his body is beautiful and hairless. He seems to be the most successful businessman for his age, but the truth is that he makes his money by laundering them for his company. Oliver Queen had to put a stop to that.

“Mr. Salvek please I don’t have the money to pay you” a woman begged him
“Yeah? Then why did you took that loan from me?” he said in a cynical tone
“I thought I could pay, I will try to pay!” She begged
“Too late” he said and pushed her away, while he climbed the stairs of his apartment, he was tired from being polite to every bastard in his office, he undid his tie and before he could even drop his jacket, the lights went out
“One move and you are dead!” Vigilante said
“Who are you?” Salvek asked
“I’m the one who will make you confess your crimes!” the vigilante replied
“Huh! Too bad I have not commitment any crimes!” Salvek said
“You have failed this city little bastard!” the vigilante said
” and what? By killing me this city will return to normal?” Harry Salvek asked
“You will confess everything or else I will kill you” the vigilante said
“I will confess nothing, you can do nothing, kill me” Salvek replied
“Ok get on your knees then!” the vigilante ordered
Salvek realized that he wasn’t joking, he was going to kill him
“Please don’t kill me, please” he pleaded
“Ok I won’t kill you but I will do something else” the vigilante said, he turned on the lights, his muscular body was visible even through the hood.
“Get on your knees and suck my cock!” he said pointing his bow to Harry
“What!? I said I will confess!” Salvek replied trembling
“You will pay for the financial crimes, but you must pay with your dignity, for what you did to those poor people! Come on we don’t have all night”
the vigilante came closer, Harry on his knees, pulled the vigilante’s leather pants down, a very juicy veiny cock fell out, “Sir I can pay you, please don’t make me…” Salvek started to say but Oliver Queen the vigilante, would not back down “Pay me with your dignity, suck my cock!” he said, Salvek brought the cock to his lips and with trembling hands sucked it, the vigilante moaned, making Salvek feel like a bitch
After a few moments “I can’t do it, I feel disgust, I can’t suck a penis!” Salvek said, the vigilante grabbed him from his hair “Then you have to try harder not to feel disgusted or else you are gonna have an arrow through your throat!”, Salvek needed no more convincing, his mouth took the cock without complaining, he could feel it, slimy inside his mouth, he was sucking another man’s penis, not any man, the vigilante’s penis, Oliver moaned, Salvek’s inexperience turned him on, the thought that he had his penis inside an unwilling man’s mouth turned him on so bad.
He grabbed his balls “Now my balls, lick them like you mean it!” he said to Salvek.
He seemed like he was slapped “I can’t they are hairy” he replied as if that would mean something to the vigilante. Oliver laughed “I don’t care”, Salvek disgusted licked Oliver’s hairy balls, they were big and the hair’s on them were blonde, he could feel those hairs on his tongue, even after he stopped sucking the vigilante’s balls, Oliver moaned again, this was supposed to be a punishment, and it was for Salvek, but Oliver liked it, he was aroused by all this. Salvek was sucking the throbbing cock again now, he was living his worst nightmare, he was a playboy. He fucked every girl he wanted, and now, he was being a bitch to vigilante’s perversities. But he did love his life, an arrow to his throat was an awful way to die. So he kept going, he kept sucking Oliver’s cock, feeling it’s veins on his tongue, having Oliver’s hand on his head pushing him in a rhythm, he loved his life more than his masculinity.
“Ok stop!” the vigilante said, Salvek stopped, feeling lucky that this was over but little did he know. “Drop your pants” Oliver said, Salvek could stand blowjob but this was something else, something a lot harder “what? No! I won’t!” he said stomping his foot down like a spoiled brat, Oliver came closer, “I will destroy your ass, the question here is, would it be my hard cock or a metallic arrow?” he said, Harry needed no more, he preferred to be fucked by his meaty big cock, than being impaled up his ass by one of those arrows, trembling he undid his expensive pants and dropped them along with his boxers, “Nice hairless ass, are you sure you haven’t take a cock up there before?” the vigilante asked, Salvek didn’t know what to say, “Look I can pay you or the people, whoever you want, please don’t do this to me!” Salvek begged, Oliver laughed “Are you begging me Salvek” he asked, Salvek thought he got through to him “Yes! Yes! I’m begging you!” he said, thinking that maybe a little drama might change the vigilante’s mind, he really didn’t want to be fucked! “Ok go to that wall, turn your back to me!” Oliver said, Salvek did as he was asked, he felt the vigilante behind him, he could feel his breath!
“If we are gonna do this, please may I say, I have some oil in a drawer in the bathroom!” Salvek said, feeling like a bitch, he had oiled up his cock many times with that oil to fuck women, and now his oil would be oiling up someone else, so he can be fucked!
“I won’t be needing this, I want your first time to be memorable!” Oliver replied
“oh no please!” Salvek begged, this wasn’t a fuck, this was anal destruction, he knew it, that cock was big and without a lubricant, it wasn’t gonna be good for his ass.
“Hold on to something, this is going to hurt!” Oliver said, and pushed, through the virgin buttcheeks of Harry Salvek, his penis would not get through the hole
“Ahhh no!” Salvek moaned but he did not dare to move, the vigilante was behind him, pining him against a wall with his cock, trying to enter his virgin hole, without oil!
“Ah yeahhh!” Oliver moaned, as his penis penetrated Salvek virgin ass, he could feel Salvek’s butthole, trying to close around his cock, “oh my, Ahhh stop it! It hurts!!!” Salvek yelled like a bitch, if he wasn’t such a bastard to many poor people, Oliver might have felt something, but he did not, Harry Salvek was taking what he deserved. “Tell me Harry Salvek, do you like it? Huh? Do you like being impaled by my cock!” Oliver asked. “Ahhhh no, it hurts so bad, please Ahhh ahhhh!” he yelled loudly, “Shut up! If you alert the neighbours I’m going to stick one of my arrows in your ass before I go!” Oliver threatened him, now Salvek only moaned and cried like a bitch, “You’re so tight, Ahhh!” Oliver said, Salvek cried without speaking only moaning, Oliver thrusted his cock hard inside his ass “Ahhh! Aahhhh!” Salvek yelled, his whole body was trembling, his ass was trying to comprehend what was happening, Oliver was fucking him with a steady rhythm, he could feel his unexplored ass opening under the pressure of his cock, “You’re my bitch?” Oliver asked, Salvek did not reply, Oliver grabbed his hair “I asked you something!” He said. “yes I’m your bitch! I’m vigilante’s bitch!” he yelled, he was impaled, he felt ashamed but also aroused, why did he felt aroused, that was the worst.
“Spread your legs!” Oliver yelled, Salvek could control a bit of Oliver’s thrusts with his legs closed, he unwillingly spread his legs, and then he felt it, pain in a new dimension, a hard foreign item inside his ass, throbbing! He heard a scream, and realized it was him who screamed! Pinned against a wall, he could feel the vigilante’s body against his, his balls were slammed by the vigilante’s as he was thrusting, it hurt but not so bad as when he first thrusted his cock inside his ass.
“Ahhhhh! On your knees!” Oliver yelled, Salvek did as he was asked, he was so numb by the thought of what had happened that he couldn’t resist anymore, he saw vigilante’s muscular hand pumping his cock, and then he felt the creamy sperm on his face, the vigilante’s sperm, on his face! He came a lot, Salvek’s face was covered with sticky creamy sperm. “Listen to me, this fuck was recorded! You will say to all the people that their loans are a gift, they don’t need to pay!” Don’t do this and you will be the new hot gay porn movie!”
Harry Salvek stood there on his knees, covered with cum, he moved after he realized the vigilante was gone. He erased all the loans he gave to the people.
He liked being fucked by the vigilante, he liked it so much, he asked the vigilante to fuck him again, and again, and again…


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