Daddy Fucked Me!


***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with David Cubitt***

The are famous actors, that are overrated, and then they are not so famous actors that are underrated.

I’m a young guy, 22 years old, my car broke down out of a town, and I had to wait until someone fixed it, so I went for a drink, I never look around me, when in a bar, so I just sat there and ordered something, when I managed to take a peek around me, next to me quietly sat a guy I knew, he was very known to me, because I watched his tv show, he was David Cubitt, that hot detective from the tv show “Medium” I was a fan, but I wanted to be sure before I talk to him.
When he showed his glass, the bartender came closer and asked “The same David?”, yeah that was him, he looked very normal and human, you know? When you see them on tv, you kinda feel they are from a different universe, but here he is. Next to me, his sexy wrinkles around the eyes, he was wearing a leather jacket, inside a deep blue shirt, and jeans. “Hi, sorry to bother, are you David Cubitt?” I asked, he turned to look at me, his glance was so intimidating that I thought he was going to tell me off but he smiled “Yes, yes and you are?” he asked me, “Oh just a fan, I loved you in “Medium” I replied, “Thanks, I take it you are not from around here, I haven’t seen you before” he said, his sexy voice turned me on, “No, my car broke down and I have to wait” I said, he smiled again “Oh I see, well you are going to be here for quite a while then, Norman is a slow fixer” he said and drank a bit of his whiskey, “Oh it’s ok, it’s a beautiful town after all” I said and touched his leg, he looked at me, he knew that was a move, I smiled and winked, he drunk the whole glass of whiskey and turned toward me “Do you uh…want me to show you around?” he asked, his eyes were telling me, that it was his cock I was going to see,
“Sure, I need an experienced tour guide to see this city” I said, he paid for my drink and his, and we left the bar, he climbed on his bike, a nice Harley type motorcycle, I don’t know what model was it, but he was so right for it, “Hop on” he said, I climbed on the back and I placed my hands around his waist, groping stuff a bit.
“hold on there, you don’t want me to cum right now!” he said and we rode our way to his apartment.

When he closed the door behind us, I waited, I thought he would offer me some drink, but he just stood there, his hands on his waist, with a bulging crotch
“It’s not gonna suck itself you know?” he said, I got on my knees in front of him, he undid his zip and he offered me one of the manliest cocks, cut, not too long but very thick, with little veins popping around it, I sucked it, slowly, first taking it all in and then letting it out of my mouth, slowly while gazing at his beautiful eyes, he was stunned by my ability to suck his cock so perfectly, I could see it, he undid his shirt and let it hang open, his beautiful torso, turned me on more, I kept sucking at his hard cock intensely, I was taking it all in, and then all out slowly, letting my lips brush it, as it came out, balls deep sucking, it was a technique I was proud of!
“Oh boy! What are you doing to me!” he muttered, with shallow breaths, “I’m sucking your cock!” I replied, I knew that guys loved it, hearing you saying what were you doing, “Oh yes you are!” he said and I felt more veins pop around that cock, he grabbed me, and placed me on the table, I got a good hold of it, as he clumsily and wildly entered my ass! If I was a virgin I would pass out, such was the impact of that fat cock inside my ass, I moaned “Do you like it?” he asked me leaning next to my ear, making me feel his breath, “I love it!” I replied, “You love what?” he asked, he wanted me to talk dirty, so I did, “I love getting fucked by your cock!” I said, he moaned and he pounded me harder, the table was moving some inches everytime he thrusted! I could feel his rough hands holding the sides of my waist, even that turned me on, his shallow breath, his sweating, turned me on, this man was a turn on, for me on so many levels, “fuck me!” I yelled, he pounded harder, “oh my…this is it, push your rocket inside me!” his gaze was wild, he was as turned on, as I was, “Ahhh fuck!” he moaned, as he kept pounding, and now holding my buttcheeks together, “Ah daddy! Daddy yes!” I said, “Oh my…don’t call me daddy I’m gonna explode!” he pleaded, “You are my daddy” I said, trying to breath, I could feel my orgasm coming and my breath was as shallow as his, “oh shit oh…” he moaned, trying to hold on, “Yes Daddy, Oh yes daddy!” I kept going.
I could smell his sweat, his hands were now on my shoulders pulling me on his cock, my ass felt sore but this fuck was so nice I didn’t want him to end, “Who’s your daddy?” he yelled, “You are!” I replied and then he came, I felt it as stream of liquid inside my ass, he slowed down as the last drops of sperm reached my ass, he was breathing shallow, when he pulled his cock out, I felt his cums coming out my ass, creamy, sperm! “Wash yourself” he said, when I finished, he was smoking, “I called you a cab, I trust you won’t say anywhere what happened here” he said, and I could feel the threat in his tone, “I won’t don’t worry” I replied, “Good boy” he said and showed me the door, just like that, I was fucked like a slut and then kicked out of his house like a slut, well I had it coming!


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