What Dean Winchester Doesn’t Tell You!


***This is a fictional story, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles!***

My name is Derek, I’m 22 years old, and the younger hunter of my family, no we do not hunt deers, we hunt monsters, when you are a hunter, you are like family with fellow hunters, but for me only one was etched inside me…Dean Winchester!

I was in Albuquerque in a small bar drinking a whiskey, when I saw him, from the first moment I saw him, I knew that I wanted him, so I bought him a drink, and he sat next to me…he was kind a bit troubled, but not so much too cause me to lose interest in him, we talked and it turns out that he was a hunter too, when he told me his last name I realized I have met his father, John Winchester when he and my father went to hunt something, like father, like son, Dean was a stud, I decided to make my move, so I reached and caressed his leg, he looked at me…
“Woah! dude I don’t play for your team, sorry!”
I was so stricken by his reply, I thought he liked me, but he probably did not realized that I was flirting, when I finished my whiskey, I went to my motel room which was next to the bar, I had just closed my door when I heard someone knocking, I opened the door, and there he was, he grabbed my face and kissed me, his kiss tasted alcohol and testosterone, I kissed him back, and he kicked the door closed behind him, I kneeled in front of him and undid his jeans, his manhood stretched out of its cage, he was looking at me with a smug smile on his face, he longed for someone to suck his cock, I could see it in his green eyes, I took his manhood inside my mouth, he moaned, he held my jaw and forehead and thrusted his waist, his cock reached the back of my mouth, what a taste, salty taste, and his balls, those nice balls were crushing on my jaw everytime he pushed it inside, “Ahhh yeah!” He moaned, he took off all of his clothes and lied to the bed, looking at me, I followed his lead, and did the same, I climbed on him, his chest sweaty, I kissed his neck and his chest, I bit his nipples softly, I could feel his manhood on my skin, hard, ready to explode, I leaned on his chest, my hands on his pecks, he placed his hand to align his manhood with my butthole. “Let me!” I said, he smiled “Ok!” he replied and placed his arms behind his head, I aligned his cock, and felt the tip, on my butthole, with slow moves, I slid it inside my ass, feeling the glans of his penis sliding in, gave me ripples of pleasure, “ahhhh!” I moaned, I lowered my butt, and body, taking his cock in, slowly, it hurt so I kept biting my lips, “Ahhh Dean!” I moaned, as I took the remaining inches inside me, his entire cock was inside my ass, I could feel his balls twitch on my buttcheeks! “Do you like it?” he asked me, I moaned as a reply, and I begun to move my body, bobbing rhythmically, and feeling his cock getting harder as I moved, I supported my self on his pecks, “Ah it’s too big!” I gasped, he had his strong hands around my waist, caressing my butt and legs, “That’s how you like ’em? Big and veiny like mine?” he asked me, “Yes I like cocks, I like them big and veiny up my ass!” I yelled, he grasped my waist and begun thrusting his pelvis with such force I felt new waves of pain, “Ahhh, ahhhhh! Noooo! Aaaaah!” I cried out,
“Shut up!” he yelled, I couldn’t, the pain was too strong, so strong I begun to cry, and he wasn’t my first guy! “A hunter never cries like a bitch! Aren’t you a hunter huh Derek?” he said, while I felt like I was getting an Indian burn inside my ass from his cock! He turned me and now he was on top, “Turn around!” he yelled, I did as he asked, I was face down to the bed, he pushed his cock inside my ass and he fucked while he was holding my hands pinned, “Ahhh ahhhh ohhhhh!” I cried,
“Relax let it get deeper!” he said, and kissed my neck, I felt his breath on my skin,
I tried to relax, his penis indeed got deeper than before, but that wasn’t less painful, now I could feel his balls once again on my buttcheeks! “What would your daddy say if he saw you getting impaled by me huh?” he asked, that turned me on so much that I came without touching myself, I imagined my father looking at me from across the room sitting on the chair were Dean’s clothes were now,a I imagined him playing his cock, while he watched his only son getting laid by Dean Winchester, John’s son, his best friends son fucking his son! Dean climbed off if me and told me to turn around, I did and I opened my mouth with my tongue out, as he pumped his cock, “Here comes the yogurts!” he yelled as I felt warm shots of sperm all around and inside my mouth, his sperm was bitter but I didn’t care, I swallowed and he smiled at me, we slept together until morning, me in his arms, the next morning I woke up with a sore ass and a note that said…

“I had a good time with you! I hadn’t fucked like this in years! Had to go there’s a job two cities away!” I could still smell him on me, and my mouth still had the taste of his manhood and of his sperm, I haven’t met him again since, but if I ever do, I want to repeat that night, I want him to fuck me like that again!


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