Me and Dave Alone!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Dave Salmoni***

“Grab the bags boy” he shouted at me, he was a gentle man, but when it came to our trip to the Amazon, he was all tense, it was something that had to do with “if we forget even one bag, it renders our trip useless” phrase he kept saying all the time. I was the helper, 22 years old, a very handsome guy, and also gay and having a crush on Dave.
“Dave, this is the last bag, I checked! Twice!” I replied, he didn’t listen, he kept counting the fucking bags. “Ok in the car now!” he said, I sat on the back seats, he sat on the front, we had a driver who would drive us to the nearest city, before we embark for our journey, the funny thing was that the guy was a douche and he didn’t had gas, so three hours later we were near a small town, with no gas, and the gas station was closed, Dave flipped “What the fuck dude! I have to have the show ready! Shit!” He yelled, We walked half an hour to reach that town, they even had a hotel, ok motel, ok it was a fuck hotel, were young couples would find rooms to fuck each other!
“Two rooms please” Dave said flashing his credit card, the guy looked like he saw something rare, then he said “I’m sorry sir but we only have one room, with a double bed!” he said, as if that would make it better, Dave shrugged at our bad luck.
“Yeah whatever!” he replied and then he turned to me “You won’t have a problem right?” he asked, “No sir” I replied, even if I had a problem I wouldn’t have said it, this guy had enough for that day, plus I loved the idea of sleeping next to him.
Our room was as tacky as one would imagine, it had pink drapes, and a carpet that had all kind of stains on it, some of them might have been sperm? The bed was big, with satin sheets, and a mirror was behind it, Dave dropped our bags, “This is so surreal” he said, and went for a shower, I just removed my shirt, when Dave came out of the shower he had a towel wrapped around his waist, it wasn’t the first time I would see him shirtless, but everytime, his body amazed me, such a perfect body. He checked his phone “Great! No service!” he said, and he removed the towel, I turned so I wouldn’t be looking, I wanted to look, but I was afraid he might see me. When I turned he was wearing one of those Lycra black boxers, the tight ones, were they let all things to be visible through the bulge, “I always sleep in my underwear only, if this makes you uncomfortable, tell me, I will put some fucking clothes on!” he said, “No Sir, there is not a problem!” I replied, my ass was ready for his cock! I lied wearing my shorts only, I felt him as he lied next to me, our legs even touched a little bit!
Then loud moans were heard through the wall, “Oh yeah baby, put it in there! Yeah!” Some woman was screwing a guy, who would moan, while she gave a full speech with every push he gave! “Oh come on!” Dave said, and placed a pillow over his head…I was aroused, after a few minutes, the moans were louder than ever, Dave removed the pillow off of his face, he lowered his legs, through the sheets I could see a tent! He was horny! “Well that’s embarrassing” he said, “No problem, I’m too” I said, he laughed, I wanted him so much that moment. I did something I wouldn’t have, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass, slowly I reached and touched his bulge, over his boxers.
He turned and looked at me surprised, “Was that by accident?” he asked looking a bit awkward, I smiled “Did it look like it?” I asked, he smiled “Not at all, it’s just I have never had sex with a guy before” he replied, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, did that meant he would have sex with me? “What the hell!” he said, and threw his boxers away! “No Kisses in mouth ok? I’m not into that, and if you tell anyone I will kill you!” He said. I touched his hairy chest and kissed it slowly, taking in all of his manliness with every kiss, he smelled of sweat, but not the gross type! I bit his nipples softly, he moaned and caressed my head, “That’s it lick me baby” he said, and removed my shorts, and grabbed my ass, “Nice ass there!”, I smiled and reached for his cock, a nice thick cock, with veins and pubic hair, trimmed, I licked the tip, and then around his cockhead using slow moves with my tongue, “Yeah that’s it!” he said, I sucked it with force, “Oh my…you are a bitch!” he said, and pushed my head toward it, giving me rhythm, my nose and lips felt his pubic hair, it turned me on so much,my ass was would cum if that was possible, and then I felt it, a strong sensation, his finger inside my ass, playing with it, “Ahhhh” I moaned, he smiled at me “Di you like that?” He asked playing with different moves everytime, if he could use his fingers in such manner, I couldn’t imagine what he could do with his big cock, “I want you so much sir!” I said to arouse him more, he became harder instantly “No, no don’t do that, don’t call me “sir” it will make me cum!” he said, with a shallow breath, “Sir, you are so generous” I replied, he was trying to hold on, “Oh you are such a teaser” He smiled
He was sitting with his back against the bedrest, I climbed on him, and he automatically placed his cock between my butt, I sat slowly, I wasn’t a virgin, but his meat was so thick, that it stretched my ass and gave me chills, as I felt it entering and making its way up my ass, “Ohhhhh Ohhhhhh” I moaned, as I was holding him from his shoulders, his smug face made me wanna cum, the whole package of his made me wanna cum! He was looking at me, smiling with his side smile, I was moving my ass up and down, fucking myself on his cock! The deeper he went, the more I wanted him!
“Yeah that’s it, ride me baby, that’s it” He was saying, as I was moaning, in a nirvana of pleasure, bobbing up and down, my ass was hungry for suck cock, in fact I think I never had such cock inside my us ever! As I was riding I let my hands slip from his shoulders to his chest, I pinched his nipples! “oh fuck!” He moaned, that did it, he thrusted his waist against my ass, we were both moving, I was moving up and down on his cock, and he was pushing his cock inside my ass, it felt like we were in perfect order, like a well-assembled machinery, his warmth, his breath, everything on him turned me on! He was holding my face “Look at me, Look at me! I’m fucking you!” He yelled as I was bobbing, “Oh Dave! You wild animal!” I said as he kept thrusting his waist and his hard cock was going deeper! I messed up my hair looking at him, “Yeah baby, dance on my cock!” he said, and then he turned and he was on top, and I was with spread legs, he entered easily now, while holding my legs open, and he kept pounding, such a masterpiece of a man, I could see him in his full glory. His muscles, his hairy body, his abs, his sweat, his gentle het handsome face complexion, “I’m giving it to you boy!” he yelled, “Ahhh yes! Yessss! Dave that’s it! Aaaaaaaaaaah!” I yelled and felt my penis ejaculate, he kept going, “Did I make you cum? Huh? did Daddy made you cum?” he asked me, without stopping he kept pounding, with my legs spread on his hands! “it’s coming baby! Oh yeah Oooooh yeahhh aaaaaaaaghhhh!” He groaned and shot his load on my chest and belly.
Hot, creamy load! “That was awesome Dave!” I said, he smiled “you weren’t bad yourself, remember though, it will never happen again, and if you say it did I will deny it!”…


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