Once Upon A Charming!


***This story is fictional, it involves Josh Dallas as Prince Charming from Once Upon A TIme***

I’m not poor nor rich, I have never wanted something in my life, and for what I wanted I always worked hard to get it, I’m a regular young man, in my 20’s and as they say a pretty boy, what they do not know, is that I like men, it wasn’t always like that. It all started when Snow White and her Prince walked by me, when I saw him, I felt an urge to kiss him all over. My mind kept telling me “He is a man! You need help!” But my body was saying “I need this man to fuck me”, Since I saw him, James was his name, I couldn’t stop dreaming about him, I dreamed he was fucking me in barns, in his castle or in his bed, I was nearly mad, and then I knew I had to do something about it, or else I was going to be mad by desire. Once I heard fellow people talk about, a very mean person, his name was Rumblestiltskin, he was also a very powerful person, he granted your wish, in exchange for something, and that’s what I needed.

When my parents slept, I slipped through the door and went to the forest, as if he knew I needed him, Rumblestiltskin was there.
“What Can I do for you Dearie?” he asked with his weird voice
“I want to have sex with Prince Charming, even if it’s for one time!” I said
“I see, what you need is this!” he said and a bottle appeared out of thin air, a beautiful purple bottle. “What is this?” I asked.
“This my boy, is going to make Prince Charming think you are the love of his life, it will transfer his passion and love for his wife, to you. Only for one night” He said.
I grabbed the bottle, “But what do you want?” I asked, he smiled “Whenever I want something I will ask you, have fun Dearie” He said and disappeared as if he was never there.

The next day, Snow White had something to do and left the castle, it was my chance, I sneaked inside the castle, and I found Prince James sitting in a round table, he was thinking something troubling, I could tell by his expression.
“Hello my Prince” I bowed in front of him, he looked at me
“Hello to you too! Why are you here?” He asked me, I looked at his kind blue eyes, his luscious lips and his light brown hair, this man haunted my dreams for so long, and he was even more handsome in person.
“I came to give you this” I said and I uncorked the little bottle, a silky purple smoke came out of it, and covered Prince David, then it sunk down to nothingness, he stood there without talking. I caresses his cheek and let my hand run down his chest.
He smiled, what a beautiful smile. “You know I love it when you touch me like that” He said, I smiled back “I can touch you some more if you show me your bedroom”, he grabbed my hand, as if he was in love with me, and gently led me to his bedrooms, a giant room with a big bed, the bed I was about to lose my virginity. I undid his jacket and he pulled off his shirt, his body was so beautiful, I kissed his nipples as he was caressing my head while I was doing it, his smell, I never smelled a man before from so close, but David’s smell, sweat and manliness, reassured me that this was worth it.
He pushed me down by my shoulders. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do, I was in front of his leather pants, I could see his manhood ready and hard outline itself on the leather, he pulled his pants off and his penis hard, strong and thick appeared, so beautiful, and big, but still I was sure this was going to end up, inside my back door.
“Take it in your mouth as you always do my princess” he said, and I was startled, I never knew, you can please a man with your mouth, it seemed a disgusting way,to place a man’s manhood inside your mouth. I have been with women and none of them did that on my penis, It was probably something royals did, I had to do it though, because Rumblestiltskin said this magic bottle would last only for one time.
I licked his penis slowly, the taste was weird, but I gave him my best, and by his moans and his hand that pushed me toward his penis I could understand he liked it, it had a strange pleasure, being on my knees, submitted to this handsome Prince, and sucking his manhood. He was smiling at me, while I could feel his manhood pulsing, I never thought that putting a penis in your mouth could bring so much pleasure to me, my hands were holding his strong buttocks, “I love it when you do that my love” he said, what a beautiful thing to say, I know he didn’t meant me, it was that in his eyes I was the love of his life, but still, I licked his penis glans, he then grabbed my arm and gently gestured for me to stand up and follow him to the bed, he took off his clothes and lied, looking at me expectantly, I took off all of my clothes too, I felt self-conscious because he was a beautiful Prince, his whole body was strong and muscular, mine was not muscular. I wasn’t fat but I wasn’t in shape either, he seemed to oversee that, because of the bottle.
He lied on his back, I climbed on top of him, my naked skin touched his, and I felt tingly, I supported myself on his pecks, as he placed his manhood near my back door, it felt so big, I knew it would hurt, he pushed inside but I had to sit so this manhood would go deeper, I sat slowly, feeling the sizzling sensation and the pain overwhelming me “Ahhh you are so big…” I gasped, he smiled “You always say that, will you ever get used to it?” he asked me, I couldn’t reply, the pain was too much for my tight butt,
“Remember my love, I’m your husband, if you wish to scream, scream” he said with his soft voice, “To be honest I like it when you do” He said smiling his smug smile, I took his advice, “Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh” my voice echoes on the room, “Fuck me Prince James” I said, he seemed confused “I didn’t know you spoke such language my love”,
“You don’t like it?” I asked as I was bouncing up and down to his manhood, “I love it” He said and held my waist as I was bouncing, feeling pleasure having his penis inside my butt, and then he turned, and he was on top of me, between my legs. He pushed his penis inside me again, and fucked me with even more force, while he kept looking in my eyes, he was a stud our Prince, I never doubted that, but having me impaled with his “sword” proved it, “You like it?” he asked, I moaned, as his sperm was shot inside my ass and he groaned, he fell on top of me, I could feel our bodies sticky by sweat, I had done what I wanted, Prince Charming had fucked me, and I liked it, now I had to go before he would wake up and realizes who I’m and what I made him do, as I was closing his bedroom door behind me, a purple smoke came under the door and entered the bottle, luckily I managed to leave the castle unnoticed while Prince Charming’s sperm was running down my leg from my butt..


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