Nick Likes It Tough!


***This story is pure fiction, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Nick Wechsler***

My name is Kyle, I’m 22 years old, and I work for a TV station, I’m the guy who puts microphones on the guest on our tv show…I’m bisexual so for me it’s a pleasure touching pecks of famous people…

I have never flirted with any of our guests, but everything changed when Nick Wechsler was our guest…He was standing there, casual, wearing black jeans and a plaid blue shirt, his new short haircut made him look gorgeous and handsome.
I approached him, I smiled “Hi, follow me” I said, I grabbed a microphone, and undid his shirt button a bit, I slowed my moves down, his chest was so strong and hard.
As I was placing the microphone, I allowed my hand to touch his peck…I looked at him slowly, he was looking at me, smiling lightly, “I’m sorry” I said and I showed him were he was supposed to enter. He looked back at me for a moment before he entered the studio, because the host just called his name, people cheering and me horny as fuck.

When the show ended, Nick returned to me so I can remove his microphone then he pretended he was trying to unplug it himself and he threw it inside his shirt…
“Look what I did now” he said faking being sad
“Don’t worry, I’m gonna grab it” I replied
“You’re gonna grab it hard?” he asked me while his hot breath brushed my face
“I’m gonna grab it, so hard” I said…and then I saw his bulge in his jeans
“Is there a more private place here?” he asked me
I smiled “There is the archives room, it’s bit dusty but nobody ever sets foot there” I replied…he smiled too “How about you show me the archives room?” he asked, I grabbed his hand and led him there, as expected the room was empty, only desks and old tape from TV shows, I heard Nick locking the door behind him…
“Now can you please search for that microphone?” he said and undid his shirt a little more, I approached touched his hard chest, and lowered my hand touching his abs, “Is it here?” I asked, he smiled “Let me make it easier for you” he said and undid all of the buttons of his shirt, then threw it behind him, the man was gorgeous, a real buff, I could see his muscles bulgin, I licked one of his nipples, while smelling the sweet aroma of his sweat, the silence between us was charged with passion, nobody talked but his breath said a lot, heavy, the breath of a turned on man, I could see the bulge on his jeans, he was hard for me, I looked deep in his eyes, and kissed him softly on his lips, his strong hands pushed me on my knees “This is where you belong” he said with his husky voice, I bit my lip, Nick knew how to turn me on, even if he just met me, he smiled, as I unzipped his jeans, slowly, the aroma of his manhood reached my nose slowly, in his black boxers, I could see his “gun” hard and ready.
“What do you want me to do Daddy?” I said using an extra boost of innocence in my eyes.
“I want you to suck my cock” he said firmly, he got my cue, I wanted it rough, like they do it in Albuquerque, I lowered his boxers, and his penis sprang out, it wasn’t too long, but the thickness and those veins were enough to please me, don’t misunderstand me, he wasn’t small, but he wasn’t a pornstar either, my tongue slowly rolled around the tip, I could feel his body tremble, “Oh yeah” he said and his arm grabbed my head, slowly he pushed me with a rhythm toward his penis, as I kept sucking he kept pushing harder, until his penis reached the back of my mouth and made me gag.
“I’m sorry I can’t take it all in” I said, using the corrects words, his penis instantly became harder.
“Maybe there is another hole than can fit this thing is” he said, he played with me
“Really? Will it hurt?” I said still acting all innocent
“It will hurt, I will make you scream” he said, using that husky voice that made me want him even more. I stood up and he made me bend on table, he kept my hands behind my back and tied them with his belt, I felt him behind me, as his hard penis pushed apart my buttcheeks and entered my hole, I felt my butt stretching as Nick pushed deeper, oh and those balls, then he did circling moves with his pelvis, the pain his moves caused me, made me feel like I was being fucked for the first time, I felt his hard penis moving inside me, but still I did not scream.
“Do you feel any pain?” He asked me
“No Daddy fuck me!” I said
He pushed his cock inside me with such strength that my butt crackled, and then he kept pounding me, I didn’t realized I was screaming like a bitch, until he said
“scream to papa! Te estoy jodiendo, perra”, his Spanish made me cum, I didn’t even touched myself, my hands were tied, behind my back, I was bend on desk, and Nick Wechsler kept pounding me, even when the desk was moving along on the floor due to his thrusting. “Stop papa! Stop!” I yelled, my ass was on fire, I could feel his balls hitting mine, his whole body was tense, he wanted to fuck me, and that’s what he was doing, I thought my knees wouldn’t support me and then he moaned and slowed down. Pushing harder but going slower, he pulled his cock out of my ass, he turned me to face him, and pushed me on my knees, with my hands behind my back, I was on my knees, looking at him, provoking him with my glance, as he stroked his penis quickly, it didn’t took long “Son of a…” he moaned and his cock, shot many balls of sperm on my face, others weren’t balls, they were creamy cords of sperm, coming from his cock, I felt all of his sperm running down on my face, warm, and I felt so complete, he was panting, he pulled his jeans on, and zipped them, he took his belt, and smiled at me “You were great” he said, and just like that, he unlocked the door, and left, while I stood staring at him with his sperm running down my neck…


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