Dirty Road


***This story is fictional, I use Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jensen Ackles***

This is a REVISED version of the story, I think I could rewrite it in a better way…so here it is…

I had to get to Kentucky today, or else I was fired, I was already a bit late, so I asked the local Gas station, which road was faster, they pointed me to this one, a remote road, forest on both, only animals could find you here, but if it was the quickest way, then I didn’t had a problem, but my car did! I heard a loud sound and then my car broke down, I go out of the car, I checked the engine, it was fried, and I had no idea how to fix cars!

I was on the verge of a panic attack, when the sound of car parking next to me, startled me. A good looking guy got out of it, he wore grey t-shirt, that made his muscles show, and classic blue jeans, the one that pointed out your package, as a guy I always admired other guys, not in a gay way.
“Hello there, is there a problem?” he asked me
“Yeah my car broke down, I think the engine is fried, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to fix cars!” I said, he looked at me disparagingly, like he couldn’t believe a guy wouldn’t know how to fix cars, he looked at my engine!
“It’s fixable” he said after some short inspection
“Great! I have to get to Kentucky or I lose my job! Can you fix it?” I asked
“What’s in it for me?” he asked, as he was wiping his hands with a dirty rug
“Oh, I can pay you if you want” I said, he smiled slightly
“Oh it’s not money, that I want, I’m Dean by the way” he said and I shook his hand
“My name is Dave, nice to meet you Dean, so if it’s not money, then what do you want?” I said
“Your nice ass, I want to fuck the crap out of you!” he replied calmly, he was a sure stud
“Ok maybe you misunderstood me, but I’m not gay! So that ain’t gonna happen” I replied
“Then good luck, I hope they won’t fire you” he said and turned toward his car.
“Wait!” I yelled
“On your knees!” he said, I had no idea he was so blunt
“Ok” I said and got on my knees in front of him, I could smell his sweat, he undid his jeans but without pulling them down, he just pulled his cock right there.
“I never did this before, are you sure you don’t want money?” I asked
“I’m sure, no suck my cock!” He ordered
“You’re gross!” I replied, he grabbed me by my hair and made me sick his cock, by pushing me in a rhythm, he was basically face fucking me! His cock had a hint of urine in the aftertaste. He pushed deeper, I gagged…
“I think it’s hard enough!” He replied
“Hard enough for what?” I yelled
“You didn’t think that a crappy blowjob would do for me, did ya?” He asked me, this man wanted to fuck me! I wasn’t in for that…I stood up
“That’s it, I won’t let a stranger fuck me for fixing my car” I said
“Bent over!” he yelled
“Fuck you!” I said and I turned my back on him, he grabbed me by my hair and pushed me on his car’s hood.
“Let go of me!” I said and I tried to escape, he grabbed my pants and pulled them down, I could feel the cold air on my ass. “I will fuck you so hard and you are going to like it! You hear me?” he said, I pushed him away and I bent to pull my pants back on, and then I heard a click.
“Pull those pants up and I will shoot you right here, right now!” he said menacingly.
He was pointing at me with a silver gun, I had no choice.
“Ok now, Bent over the hood” He said, I did as he asked
“Spread your legs!” he said, he placed his gun between my buttcheeks.
“Stop that!” I said with as much, manhood I had left
“If you are so uptight about this gun, wait until you have mine inside you!” he said
“You are disgusting!” I cried
“Yeah, yeah, I’m disgusting but you will moan like a bitch in a bit!” he replied.
He wore a condom, and I felt his big cock covered with latex caressing my butt.
“be gentle” I said
He groaned as he pushed his penis inside my ass, stretching it beyond comfort, the sensation of a foreign alive item inside my ass, was exhilarating the least, I also felt ashamed by what was happening to me, I felt my manhood slipping away, with every thrust of Dean’s!
“Ah ahhh! Mmmm, ahhhhh!” I moaned like a bitch, he was right
“Yeah baby, like that!” he pushed harder, his cock was getting harder inside my ass
“Ahhh ahhhhh! Your cock is so big!”
My whole body was shaken by his strong thrusts, my ass felt like raw meat, and he was only starting! His hands held me by my shoulders, he leaned forward, on my back, I felt his breath, I smelled his sweat.
“You are so fucking tight!” he said to my ear
“Fuck me!” I said, and I meant it, yeah at first I didn’t want it, but as the fuck went on, I was liking it more and more
“Are you sure” He asked
“Yes” I replied, and then he begun pounding me, hard,p and steady, my ass made weird sounds by his slamming, his balls were slamming on my butt.
He placed my leg on the hood, so my ass would be more open and he kept slamming
“Ahhh Ahhh yeah, yeahhh Oh yes! OoooooH, yeaaaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Yes! What are you doing to me!” I moaned
“I’m fucking you!” he said with his heavy voice…
“Yes you are, you are fucking me! Ahhhh!” I moaned, a car passed by, he only slowed down, to watch Dean fucking me, bent over on his Impala’s hood!
“Rip his ass off!” The driver yelled as he passed by
“I’m working on it” Dean replied, and kept slamming me with his strong thrusts
“It hurts Dean!” I cried
“Shut up” he groaned, he didn’t stopped for a minute, he was slamming and slamming my ass! I felt like a bitch, he strong hands kept me pinned on the hood!
He took his shirt off, the smell of his sweat was stronger now, maybe because he threw his shirt next to me on the hood!
He stopped and pushed me on my knees, he was stroking his gigantic cock,all those veins, and the sweat, made it look threatening, it took him seconds, until he doused me with his sperm! Bitter! He groaned and as I kept my mouth open and let his creamy load land on my tongue. I cleaned his penis after that and he finally fixed my car.
As I was watching him, I realize what a stud he was…
He fucked me hard and I liked it! As he promised.


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