Chris Pratt has a huge junk!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***

I felt his dick inside me, it was getting deeper, and I moaned “Yeah Chris!”, he moaned too, it was the first cock ever, I was a virgin guy from behind, Chris Pratt was my first one, I felt his balls, he was inside me, all of him, my ass felt stretched on its limits, it hurt but I didn’t care, it wasn’t everyday I got to ride such a cock, With my back on Chris, I moved up and down on his cock, this was very painful,but also a huge turn on, I could feel his enormous cock along with its throbbing veins with my ass.
“Do you like that?” he asked me, as I kept bobbing up and down, “Yes Yes! I like it Chris!” I moaned, “Yeah take it deep!” he yelled. I knew Chris Pratt since he was a sweet fat guy, I never saw him as a hot guy, only like the sweet friend of my brother’s, but since he showed up all fit, and muscled! I couldn’t forget his body, I wanted him to fuck me, my virgin butthole would crave his cock!

“Let’s change positions” He said, and I sat in a doggystyle position, he came behind me, he was out of my ass for just seconds, and I could feel my butthole craving it! He inserted his penis, deep, what a sensation, I felt complete again, I moaned.
“Chris oh yeah! What are we doing?” I asked as if in ecstasy.
“We are fucking babe?” He said, and grabbed me by my shoulders and gave himself boost, so he can thrust harder, my ass was tight and even with Chris big cock, it was still tight after so much fuck. His hands traced my back and stopped at my waist as he kept pounding me.
“You have the best ass I have ever fucked!” he said, moaning
“My ass is all yours Chris! If you win an Oscar someday, I want you to bring it over here and shove it up my ass, while I suck your enormous junk!” I said, I was delirious from pleasure, and the most dirty kinky fantasies came to my mind.
“Stop it! Stop it! I’m gonna cum if you keep saying stuff like that!” he said
“Yeah, shoot your load guardian of the Galaxy, shoot it!” I yelled
His pounding became strong, his front collided with my ass, causing a smacking sound, like those professional porno movies!
“Fuck me!” I yelled like a bitch, even though his enormous dick made me want to scream from pain!
“Yeah yeah!” He moaned
“You are my big brother’s best friend, and you fucking me, I’m so turned on right now” I said
He was thrusting his cock with such force that I yelled from pain
“Ahhhhh! Yeah yeaaaaah! I’m gonna tear your ass apart!” He groaned
“Aaaaahhh you’re hurting me!” I cried! but instead of making him stop, he became aroused, he leaned on my back, I could feel his sweaty kinda hairy chest, sticking with my back, his hot breath on my neck, he kept thrusting…
“Tell me, I’m the best you ever had!” he whispered softly
“But you are my first” I cried
“Don’t ruin it, just say stuff like this” he yelled
“Fuck me daddy!” I said causing him to get more turned on
“Yeah! Who’s your daddy?” he asked me
“You are my daddy! Yeaaaah!” I moaned as my hard penis ejaculated by itself without me touching it
“You came? That’s good because I can’t keep it any longer” he said
He pulled himself out of my ass, I turned and look, and before I realize it, I felt blobs of sperm on my face, followed by his moans and groans, it felt so nice to feel warm sperm running down on your face.
“My balls hurt” he said, it was an intense fuck, I washed myself up.
When I got out of the bathroom he was dressed up again, he smiled
“How are you feeling?” he asked me
“More open” I replied with a kinky tone
“That’s my boy!” he smiled and we watched tv as if he never fucked me, as if I didn’t crave more of his huge junk…


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