Chris Pratt: My First Fuck!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Chris Pratt***

From the moment, I told Chris Pratt I was gay, he kept joking about his cock and stuff, I really thought this was just his sense of jokes, since working as an assistant there, I have seen Chris being funny with everyone, I won’t lie, as a 22 year old gay virgin guy, Chris was a dreamy lover, his build made me fantasize about him a lot. It was late, everybody had left, Chris was a bit drunk, he was wearing those clothes from Jurassic World (that was the movie he was working on, with us in our studio), he wore that sleeveless marine blue jacket, with that light blue shirt and those sexy cargo pants, he was sexy all the time, but those clothes made him irresistible to me.
He was holding a beer, and was laughing “Hey what are you doing here little girl?” he joked, “I’m cleaning up your mess” I replied back laughing, “Aren’t you afraid of the bad people around here” he said, stepping closer to me, “What bad people?” I asked, his breath was a mix of beer and lust, “One of them is…myself” he said, and he leaned to kiss me, I pulled back, because that was so not him, “Sorry” he said and stood back, “No no, it’s just, it was unexpected, I thought you didn’t like guys” I said, he smiled, “No, I do not like guys, just you” he said, and his honesty turned me on.
“Oh come on, I’m just an average gay guy” I said, he slapped my butt “with a killer ass” he said, I laughed, he kissed me, I embraced it, I held his face as he was doing it.
“I want to take you, right here!” he moaned
“No, what if someone walks in?” I said, these studios were guarded, but what if a guard or a director walked in? “Maybe they’ll join us” he said, he had a way with words.
“Come here, in the jungle studio” he said and pulled me to the nearest jungle like studio, it was so real, Chris pulled some levers, and the jungle sound came on
“What if someone hears this!” I said
“Nobody is gonna hear this, and don’t forget this studio is soundproof” he said
He came closer to me, I was standing in the middle of our fake jungle. He kissed me so passionately, that I almost fell to his arms
“Wait, Chris, I have to say something” I said, he stopped, it was so obvious he wanted to fuck me hard, to his eye, and to his pants.
“What is it?” He asked me
“I have never done it before” I said, he smiled, and kissed me again
“Don’t worry, let me guide you” he said and pressed himself against me, his body was so fit, I loved feeling his abs against me. He pushed me to my knees.
“Suck my cock” he said with a calm yet bossy tone, I felt weird, he pulled his penis out of the zipper hole without undoing his belt at all, it was a cut, thick, veiny cock, I licked it slowly “Look at me, I want you to look at me, while you’re doing this” he said, I looked directly into his eyes, an abyss of lust, his cock was getting harder, by my licks? By my glance to his eyes? Both? I don’t know, his hand pushed me in a rhythm against his cock, I felt I would choke, but I wouldn’t dare, to oppose his desires, his romantic mood was gone. His penis taste was so good, maybe it was my sexual excitement.
Feeling that cut cock inside my mouth, in its full erection, was amazing, I never had a gay sexual experience before, but this should be hard to overcome, his hand kept pushing me harder on his cock, I kept sucking, and then he pulled out his balls through the zipper hole, big balls, full of sperm, I licked them slowly, causing him more hardness. He pulled me to stand, “Show me your ass, pull down your fucking pants” he said, he was kind of a jerk but he was turning me on, I pulled my sweatpants down, revealing my hairless, virgin butt, he groped it with lust, “I’m going to destroy this” he said, He kneeled and ate my butthole, his tongue worked so great, inside my ass, that I felt I could climax only by having him fucking me with his tongue. “Ohhh that’s fucking amazing” I moaned, and then I felt his finger, I moaned with excitement. He pushed me and bend me over a table, he undid his pants and let them drop, his cock was huge, he sprang my buttcheeks, and pushed his cockhead inside slowly, while he was undoing his shirt’s buttons, “mmmmm that’s so nice” I moaned, he pushed further, I felt a stinging pain but it wasn’t strong, and then he pushed his entire cock inside my virgin butt, I couldn’t moan, because the pain was so strong, I grabbed the table, he leaned on my back, “Breath” he said, he didn’t move, he kept his cock, inside my butt, and the pain wouldn’t fade, in the contrary, it seemed to be more strong.
“Stop, pull it out” I cried out
“No, you have to endure this, or else it will always be painful, let your ass take it hard and then you won’t be so afraid of cocks” he explained to me, I could feel his sweaty chest against my back, his breath on my neck, beer and lust
“It hurts so much” I moaned
“Hold on tight” he said, and started doing circling movies with his waist, that was a torture, my butt interpreted every move of his, with pain.
“Stop! Stop! Ahhhh!” I yelled
“Do you really want me to stop” he said as he pulled his penis slowly out of my ass, the sensation was amazing, I thought he was going to pull it out and then zip his pants, and go but as he was about to pull his entire cock out, he thrusted inside again, I yelled, like a bitch
“Yeah bitch!” He moaned
“Ahhhh it’s so big” I said, he kept pounding me with his strong arms pulling me from my shoulders.
“Yeah it is” he said
He lifted one of my legs, causing me even more pain and excitement, as his cock kept fucking my butt
“Ahhh stop!” I cried again
“If you keep being so uptight, it will hurt you” he said
I left my guard down, and that was the most painful moment of that fuck, his cock thrusted inside my ass, I cried like a bitch, but I could also feel excitement, I realized I loved being fucked by this stud, his short breaths, turned me on, his sweat turned me on, his strong waist kept pounding me, and he groaned.
“Where do you want them?” He asked me with his short breaths
“What!?” I asked, as I didn’t heard him the first time
“Where do you want them?” He yelled
“I don’t know I…” I was completely untrained to this, then he pulled his cock out of my ass, and pushed me on my knees, he jerked his meat only a few times when he let his sperm run down on my face like a waterfall…

The next day, I realized Chris Pratt was a very standup guy, I was also in love with him, he explained to me, he only felt lust, and nothing more, I accepted that, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy his sperm when he needs me too…


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