The Services I Offer!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Ryan Guzman, also I do not endorse prostitution, I use that profession here for the development of my fictional story***

My name is Derek, I’m 22 years old, a beautiful guy, with lean body, on the outside people think I’m just another surfer guy or something, but they have no idea what my job is.

I work for “Bound2Sex” it’s a private club, only famous or rich people come over here,
Our prices are high, and an average man could not afford them. I will explain what we do here by telling you this story, my client was Ryan Guzman.

He stepped inside the room, in was lit only by candles, and some incense sticks were giving a comfortable vibe, he seemed kinda nervous.
“Hello” he said, he had a kind smile to his face, I smiled too
“Come on in, but first remove all of your clothes” I said
He undressed, his body was so in shape, that I bit my lips looking at it, and his penis even though flaccid, it seemed big! He came closer to me, I could smell his sweat, manly yet not disgusting “Lie down and relax, do you trust me?” I asked, he nodded, he lied on the massage bed, “Place your hands above your head and relax” I said, Ryan did as I asked, I handcuffed his hands on the custom made bed, and also his feet, once handcuff to each ankle, I could feel his tension, “Relax Ryan” I said and placed my hand on his rock hard abs, he looked at me, and smiled, I anointed my hands with a special oil, it was edible, I begun from his neck and anointed his whole body, his chest, his abs, his penis, balls, his legs, calves everywhere, he was anointed with a strawberry flavored oil, his penis started getting harder, “Where do you want me to begin?” I asked, he was firm about it “My toes, begin from there, and be thorough” he replied, I licked his big toe, sucked it, and then did the same to the next one, and then to the next, then my tongue run along his calves, his leg hair, turned me on, that feeling on my tongue, I licked his balls slowly, soft shaven balls, he moaned “Do you like that?” I asked, “I love that” he replied, then I licked the base of his cock were the balls are connected, and rolled my tongue around the veiny cock, that seemed to be so hard, it was normal length, but the thickness was awesome, this man could destroy pussies and asses easily! “Your cock is so nice” I said while sucking licking it
“If it’s so nice, taking in your mouth” he said, I grabbed it and sucked it, I used my whole talent, and it worked, his cock was so hard, and he kept moaning, strawberry and cock flavor, on of the best, I managed to take it all in, even though I had to stretch my mouth a lot, I could feel his muscles moving trying to hold his sperm, “I’m gonna torture you” I said, he smiled, I sucked his cock so hard, my lips cupped his penis and kept milking it, his muscles were tighten “Are you man enough to hold them?” I teased him and kept sucking, his cockhead was red from my sucking, I licked and sucked his balls “Stop, I’m gonna cum” he said struggling, I climbed on him, he was tied tight,he smiled, he was so handsome, I sat on his cock, and let it slide inside my ass, I felt it stretching me, I moaned, feeling his penis veins, with my ass, I moved in circular motion with his cock inside my ass, “Yeah baby that’s it” he moaned, I started bobbing myself up and down on him, it felt painful and also so incredible “Yeah fuck me!” I said, “Do you like my cock?” he asked, I could see his muscles body tense from me,fucking his cock with my ass, “I like it senior!” I said,,referring to his heritage, “Tu eyes mi pera!” he told me (I’m his bitch!) I smiled, and then I felt his cock shooting, sperm was flooding my butt, Ryan’s expressions were the best,as he moaned, when he finished I climbed off of him, he was sweaty, I licked his nipples before I uncuffed him,he thanked me, and paid me, and then he kissed me passionately.


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