Officer Porter and FBI Agent Taylor


***This is a fan fiction, of the following scene we saw on “Revenge” season 4 episode 9***

Agent Taylor was ready to read her secret message, but as she was opening the envelope, someone knocked on her hotel room door, she smiled, she knew who it was, holding her towel wrapped around her, she opened, Jack Porter, stood there, she was using him but he was a very handsome man, he kissed her, and as he kept sucking her lips with his mouth, her towel unfold and fell down…

He pushed her and she landed on with her back on her bed, she smiled, he got hard, her body was smoking hot, he got on his knees, spread her legs and licked her clit slowly, her moans, reached to his ears as a sweet melody, his jeans could not hold him anymore, he undid the zipper, and kept licking and biting softly her clit
“Jack…” She gasped with her excitement reaching new levels, he kept going
“I love your taste” he said
“I want to taste you too!” she said, he looked at her and stood up, she came to the edge of the bed and started sucking Jack’s cock, he moaned, as his hardened cock reached her mouth, how long he had felt this excited? It was with Margaux? Yeah that woman knew how to blow a dude, but Agent Taylor did it better, he mouth was on full working schedule on his cock, as her hands pulled down the rest of his jeans, and caressing his balls. “ahhhh, you’re sucking it like a pro!” He moaned, she smiled and grabbed his balls strongly, he gasped, it was pain and excitement together.
“Stop, if you want to get fucked, stop! I’m gonna cum!” He yelled, Agent Taylor stopped, she looked at his thick cock, veiny, thick, not too long but a good stretcher for her vagina. Pubic hairs trimmed, Agent Porter was a stud, and his shyness was hiding this stud from her, for so long…she got on her four, Jack positioned himself behind her, he leaned and grabbed her breasts, new hard on overcame him, Kate moaned as he leaned, and his penis rubbed between her behind.
“I want you so much!” He said to her ear, his breath turned her on
“Then take me…captain!” She replied, that was it, Jack got a full hard on, he pushed himself between her legs, inside her butt, she stopped him “No, not from behind!”
Jack smiled “I’m the captain, shut up!” He told her, she would protest but she kinda liked his attitude, he pushed his cock up her ass, such a tight ass, she moaned “Yeah you like that, don’t you?” he asked, she moaned as a reply. She was trying not to yell, his cock was two thick for her virgin ass, he kept pushing it in, no spit, nothing!
“Oh my, I’m gonna scream” she told him
“Scream agent Taylor, how do you feel that a casual officer like me, fucks you, an FBI Agent hard from the ass?” He asked
“You dirty pig” she replied, he started pounding her, his balls slammed against her ass, she screamed, so bad, that someone was knocking at their door, they stop knocking when they heard her moaning again, Jack felt his cock being smothered by her tight butt, he leaned and grabbed her breasts as he kept fucking her, it wasn’t just making love, this was fuck! He was fucking her!
“Ahhhh JACK! ohhhhh!” she moaned and climaxed as he kept going on in her ass
“Bitch, Your ass is so fucking awesome!” He yelled, Kate realized he wasn’t the shy guy she thought he was, he was a fucker, and waited for the right time to reveal himself, he pulled his hard cock our of her butt, and sticked it inside her pussy
“Ahhhhhhhhh!” She moaned, now it was just pleasure, her vagina was replying to his hardness
“What is it you slutty agent?” he asked with short breaths
“Your cock, Officer Porter! Shoot me with your gun!” She moaned, and before she could even finish her phrase, Jack shot his load inside her pussy, he groaned and pushed his waist up her pussy, his sperm was now inside her…when they both realized he finished inside her, they were panicked
“Damn it Porter! If you knocked me up, I’m gonna cut your cock off!” she said going to the bathroom, Jack cleaned his penis, and got dressed, when Agent Taylor was out of the shower he had already left…


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