Tyler Lockwood Short Fuck Story!


***This story is fictional, I use Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Michael Trevino***

My lips touched his warm chest, I could feel his warmth, I could smell his sweat, and I knew he was looking at me, because his breath touched my face.
“We shouldn’t be doing this” he said
“Sshh Tyler, there is nothing wrong with me appreciating your body” I replied, he let me continue, with no further interruption, my lips kept exploring him, now lower, to his stomach and abs, I could feel those bulging muscles tremble with every touch, I reached his shorts and tried to pull them, but he stopped me “This is not right, you should go!” he said
“You mean you don’t like this?” I said and bit his nipple softly, he moaned then I pulled his shorts down, Tyler Lockwood had a very nice “wood” indeed! I played with it,it was semi hard, as I was licking it, his hand reached and pushed my head against his cock,
“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” I said, he smiled, I sucked his penis while holding his tight butt, Tyler Lockwood was a jock, a hot guy who should do porn but had remained to Mystic Falls, I knew his secret, he used to be a hybrid, but before that he was a werewolf, now he was just human, but still sexy!
He moaned and groaned as I kept pumping his cock with my mouth and then he grabbed me and threw me against the expensive table, he turned me back on him, and pushed his body against mine, the sensation was amazing, he lowered my sweatpants and fingered my butthole “Nice, tight, but not for long” he told me, he fucked my butt with his tongue for a few minutes and I felt I could cum but then he stopped, he thrusted his meaty cock inside me, I tried to scream but I couldn’t, it was painful, it was a sizzling sensation, Tyler groaned and pushed harder as I moaned, my butt have never been under such attack, I’m gay and not a virgin one, but this fuck was intense, Tyler kept me pinned down, it felt like rape, he was fucking me so hard and he was groaning like he hated me, his balls were slamming against my butt
“Do you like it?” He groaned
“I love it, ahhhh!” I moaned
“Yeah, you like cocks? Bitch?” He asked me
“I like your cock!” I replied
“Nice reply” he said and gave me a strong thrust before his penis erupt in an explosion of sperm inside my ass, he pulled his hard penis out, and his cum was dripping on my inner thigh “I knock you up good!” He said as he was wearing his t-shirt, I managed to smile even though my ass felt like I was fucked by a black man!


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