When Nick Zano Fell in Love with Me!


***This story is fictional, I’m not a pornstar, nor I have ever met or had any sexual intercourse with Nick Zano***

I felt excited and a bit anxious, I was waiting wearing only shorts, it was an audition for gay porn, I never had sex before, but I was sure about it, I was 22 years old, and ready to fuck my ass! Also the money were good, I had good chances I was quite cute, not in a sissy way, but also I wasn’t too macho…one of those managers thing came from the other room.
“Hi, you must be Derek, for the audition?” He asked
“Yes sir, that’s me!” I said, he looked at me, he looked at my body
“Nice, can I see your butt please?” He asked, I dropped my shorts, he touched my butt, not in an erotic way, more like he was testing a fruit he might buy.
“Very well, you have good chances young man” he said, and went to the other office.
I wore my shorts again and waited, I knew someone would fuck me, that was not the scariest, what I was dreading was that it had to be done in front of other people.
I was a virgin, so I was afraid they might laugh at any screams that might escape while some big cock actor rip my ass off.
The manager came back “Follow me” he said, and I did, we went to a nice studio, there was a bed, cameras, and the crew, also a guy sitting on a chair waiting for us “the director” the manager told me, I smiled at him, he did the same, and then another guy waiting there, familiar to me, it took me some minutes to realize it, but it was Nick Zano! The actor I had seen in many comedies, he looked pretty handsome, and his body was lean and muscular. He smiled at me awkwardly. I didn’t realized why but then the manager said
“Guys this is an audition for both of you, Nick is auditioning for the top role, and Derek will be auditioning for the bottom’s role, please proceed as if you just met each other and fuck, act like we are not here, even if the camera comes closer, don’t look at it.” I nodded, Nick looked at me “Have you done this before?” He asked me, “No” I said, he looked at me stoically, and then we heard the director yelling “Action”, I was frozen in my position but thanks to Nick, it didn’t show, he grabbed me and kissed me, I hugged him and kissed his neck, I kissed his chest and got on my knees working my way to his stomach, He pulled down his shorts slowly, revealing a 7 inch shaved masterpiece, the veins were popping around it, and it was hanging threatening to tear any hole that would stood on its way, I took it inside my mouth, I tried to act naturally, even though I never had done sex, gay or otherwise, before. The taste wasn’t so bad, it felt nice having a cock in my mouth, what felt awesome was, Nick moaning and pushing my head against his cock. I kept sucking it, to postpone the fuck, I knew it had to be done, but I kept going, the director yelled “Enough with the blowjob, show me some real action”, Nick spread my legs, while I was laying on my back on the bed, I could smell the erections around me, I could imagine all those men, feeling horny looking at a young porn actor getting fucked, what if they wanted to fuck me too? Nick woke me up from those thoughts, when he sticked his thick meat up my ass, I moaned gracefully as I felt it sliding like a snake up my ass, opening the way, It was a weird sensation, I felt pain and something else, pleasure? I moaned loudly. That wasn’t planned, Nick forced his way deeper, and then I screamed like a bitch, I heard zippers coming down, someone couldn’t handle seeing without masturbating. That made me feel bad and also turned me on. Nick moved his waist, while looking at me stoically, it was like a good friend fucked me because he couldn’t do otherwise, his nobility was a turn on to me, everything was a turn on to me at that moment, as if the cock up my butt, was working to make everything look sexy! Nick had my legs spread and on his shoulders, his whole body started pounding me, and I heard scream,they were my screams, it felt as if someone was ripping my ass off, I felt some tears but I didn’t let them drop, this was an audition. They wanted actors, not little bitches who cried because their ass was under siege. Nick probably wanted his role too because he kept going even though I screamed like a bitch, I could even feel those cock veins inside my butt as his cock was sliding in and out…”Cut!” The director yelled, I thought it was over but then he said “Let’s see this in doggystyle” I sat on my four, with my ass feeling sore, I felt Nick coming behind me, he pushed his cock again inside my ass, and held me by my waist, he started slowly, which was nice, but then he increased speed and power and he was slamming his body against mine, 7 thick inches were using my butt as a tunnel, it felt it was bigger, his cock felt to me like a sizzling hot thick iron rod, it didn’t felt like it was a human cock, it felt as if it was a dildo, but that was probably due to its hardness and my sore ass, his balls slammed against mine, I heard flapping, someone was playing with his junk, I moaned gracefully, but the pain did not let me, it came out as pain scream. I kept clasping my hands on the pillow in front of me, while the bed squeaked under the fuck pressure, a slapping sound was heard by my ass, “You re not a virgin anymore” Nick told me while gasping and fucking me, moans and groans by someone, probably someone from the crew ejaculated, it felt so weird being fucked like this in front of people, “Finish on his face, tongue out!” The director yelled, Nick turned me to face him, sitting was painful so I lied down, looking at him stroking his junk, his one foot stepping next to my arm and the other kneeling on my other arm, his cock was just above me, his face was a mask of orgasm “tongue out” he said whispering before he groaned, I opened my mouth and I let my tongue out, I felt everywhere on my face, thick creamy hot liquid sperm, it landed on my face, and my mouth. And my tongue, it was bitter, but I smiled, I pretended I liked it, I knew that if I wanted the role I had to pretend I liked being douched with sperm, Nick kept shooting loads, I swallowed and put my tongue out again, and he managed to fill my mouth again.
The director was smiling, when we finished, someones gave me a towel and another one told me he wanted me to suck him off.
Nick wore his shorts, I wore mine, and we approached the director, I could barely walk…my ass was killing me
“I loved this, I will edit it, and release it, you are both hired…” He said, he was a middle aged man, nice handsome he looked at me “You need more training” he said “I will train you myself” he said, and I saw a thick outline on his jeans. Nick and I went to a room to wear our clothes, he was smiling “Sorry for asking this, but how the fuck did you managed to shoot so many sperm?” I asked, “oh they gave me something, it causes erection to last and gives me more sperm production…did you like it?” He asked me, I smiled at him “I wish the next movie to be with you”, he patted my back and we left the studios. A hand grabbed mine, it was the director, “You have training” he said, “but sir my butt hurts” I said, he laughed “Your butt will always hurt, come on” he said…I got fucked so rough, that Nick Zano’s fuck seemed like a romantic love making, the director, had a 9 inch cock, and he was fucking me so hard, We broke the sofa…as I screamed while that bear director was destroying my butt, I saw in the window of the office, Nick looking at me, tears down his eyes, he left when he saw I saw him…


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