How To Treat Your Best Friend!

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Joshua Bowman***
The good thing about having a famous friend, is that you can brag about it, the bad thing is you can barely hang out with him. My name Kyle, I have a best friend named Josh Bowman, for you who watched “Revenge” this name might ring a bell,main e he was Daniel Grayson in that show, Josh is a good guy, and we are best friends, Before this happened, we haven’t met for about 5 years or so, but he would email or call.

I felt good for him being a famous actor, it was something he always wanted to do,but I couldn’t help feeling a bit forgotten, I mean yeah he called and emailed, but we were best friends, and now he barely came to see me even when he came close to where I lived. I never mention that, I didn’t want to be a buzzkill, he didn’t have to be with me if he didn’t want to, and by telling him, I would only make him come over because I told him so, and I didn’t want that.

He called me an afternoon and asked me if I wanted a sandwich, that was an old habit we had, whenever he would go to our favorite fast food he would call me in case I wanted a sandwich too, I knew what that meant “Wow! Are you coming over?” I asked, 

“Yeah I’m you fucking moron” he said, and then I heard the doorbell, I opened and that’s when it all started. First of all I notice he wore a t-shirt that was fitted on his body and I could see his muscles, and jeans, classic dark blue jeans, with a nice bulge, I always felt something more about Josh, but I never told him, it wasn’t all guys, it was just him, him I would be gay for, others never turned me on, other males I mean.

We hugged “How are you Hollywood star?” I joked, he punched my arm playfully “Now that I’m here, I’m good, we finished up with that Revenge show, I finished, my character got killed in an episode, so I had free time” he said, we sat at the sofa, our bodies touching, I don’t know how to explain why he turned me on so much, I mean he always did, but now it was stronger. We watched a couple of movies and drank some beers. He wasn’t drunk but he got red in the face, which meant that the beer had affected him a bit, he said he was hot, so he removed his shirt! We used to go for swimming together and he didn’t have such body back then, now his build was muscular and manly, and his chest hair seemed to fit into the whole pattern, a nice hair trail led low and got lost into his jeans. “Dude you got really pumped up huh?” I asked, as the moron he always was he said “Yeah touch my arm” he said as he showed me his bulging biceps. “Wow nice” I replied, but I didn’t took my hand off him, instead I caressed his arm, then his chest and then his abs, he was looking at me all serious “Man what are you doing?” he asked me, I tried to lie but then I realized I didn’t want to lie so I said the truth to him “Come on Josh, you do realize I always felt attracted by you” I said, I thought he would call me a fag or something but then he said this “I know, but you are my fucking friend dude? I mean if we fuck, where does that leave us? I don’t want a relationship with a guy, I already have Emily and…” I stopped him, “Josh listen to me, all I want from you, is one night, not relationships, just our friendship after that..” I said, he smiled, I could smell his sweat and it was turning me on “Kyle my friend, get on your knees then” he said, and I did as he asked, I got on my knees while he sat on the sofa, he undid his jeans and his cock got out, a beautiful, meaty cock, not too long, it was normal, with veins like ornamental carvings surrounding it, so many times I imagined his cock, but I never got close to this beauty, he had trimmed pubic hair, and his balls were hanging low.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked him, I wanted to hear him tell me, he smiled “I want you to suck my cock” he replied, and I rolled my tongue around it, what an amazing sensation, I had never been with a man, but being a man I knew what he would like to feel on his cock, I felt his cock pulsating on my tongue,Josh moaned, he was such a turn on, his muscular body glistening with sweat, I took the whole cock inside my mouth, feeling his taste, and touching his balls with my lips “You’re driving me crazy, you know that?” he said, I nodded, and then I licked his cock in a lollipop style, making sounds that drove him even more crazy, his hand grabbed my head and pushed me in a rhythm towards his cock, “Yeah baby, suck it all! Yeah!” he moaned

I kept eye contact with him, I could see the lust in his eyes, he always liked being in control, I heard about his sex life, how he fucked girls and how he liked being in control, and now I was his bitch, and I was loving it “You like sucking cocks? Is that it?” he asked me, I nodded, he smiled “Then suck mine, and suck it good, suck it like you mean it” he said, I kept sucking his cock, until it was all wet from his precums and my saliva, when he pulled it out of my mouth, strings of my saliva connected it with my mouth, it was kinda disgusting and hot at the same time, his cock glisten by my mouth, I attacked on his balls, I buried my face in them, balls, hairy British balls, Josh’s hairy British balls, I know how it sounds, but it’s not disgusting at all, it’s hot, I could feel on my face every vein that throbbed on his huge balls due to his sperm boiling, I licked each ball separately, taking it in my mouth and Josh just kept moaning, he was sweating all over, and he had closed his eyes, letting me take care of his privates, his cock remained hard and then he opened his eyes looking at me with sleepy gaze and we walked toward my bedroom, I lay on my bed naked, he stands in front of me, admiring me, I can see it in his eyes, looking at my butt, whom I took care, as I said I wasn’t gay for anyone else but Josh, but Josh’s thought kept me on keeping my butt smooth “Lay on your side babe” he said in a husky voice, I did as he asked, he came to my bed, I felt his weight behind me, he brought his finger on my mouth and pushed it inside, he pushed it deep, until his whole finger was covered in saliva, I knew what he was going to do, I took a deep breath, and then I felt his finger entering my virgin butt, a moan escaped my mouth, he was behind me, I could feel his hot breaths on my neck “You have a very tight ass mate” he said in his British accent that drove me crazy.

“I know, you’re my first” I said, he took a deep breath, I felt his hot cock pushing against my whole, moans escaped my lips as he pushed very hard to make his cock slide in, and he did! It felt uncomfortable and hot at the same time! He pushed his waist slowly up my butt, and I felt his raw cock sliding inside me, I was moaning legitimately,

he used his waist slowly, pushing in and then out, and then repeating the same move slowly, while he kept his lips to my ear, his breath smelled of lust and beer, my butt was in a bit of pain but as long as he kept going slowly I was ok, but I should have know better, those slow moves turned into thrusts, and I found myself screaming “Stop it!” while he groaned to my ear, he was spooning me hard, his hands were hugging my chest, and his fingers played with my nipples, it was such a strong sensation, I screamed and moaned by pleasure, if butts could come, then that’s what would it feel like because I felt my ass throbbing for more, while his hard cock was still fucking me

“You’re fucking amazing, you know that?” he said to my ear and kept me locked and pinned against his body, fucking me hard, in spooning position, and then he pushed me, we changed position, as I was laying face on bed, he climbed behind me and pinned me down with his muscular body, he pushed his hard cock again up my ass and he fucked me hard, so hard, I felt tears welling in my eyes, his body grind with mine, I felt his hairy chest, rubbing on my back, his hairy legs around my things, and his cock slamming me hard, I have heard for his epic fucks as he called them, when he was talking about the girls he fucked, but I thought he was just exaggerating like most men do, his balls slammed against my ass, and my butt felt sore but I didn’t want him to stop “Yeah yeah! I’m fucking your sweet ass” he was yelling, and his groans and moans followed the bed’s squeaking, it turned me on so much, I came, I felt myself shooting sperm against the mattress, the orgasm was hard and amazing since his cock was up my ass “I’m going to cum” he yelled, “I want it in my mouth!” I said, he kept pounding me and then he pulled his cock out of my ass, I turned to receive my prize, what a creamy prize! Jets shot out of his cock like ribbons and landed on my face, and open mouth, the taste wasn’t great, but I was so turned on, that I would swallow even if he was shooting acid out of his cock! He groaned as he finished shooting “Don’t swallow it all” he said, I did as he asked and kept some of his hot cums on my tongue, he leaned close, and kissed me, his tongue mixing his cums with my tongue, it was amazing…”I taste good, don’t I?” he asked me, I punched his arm playfully, he took a shower, and then he had to go, but we kept contact, a close one! 


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