Under a Protection

***This story is a fan fiction of “Hawaii Five-0” and contains gay sex***
I was always an outlaw guy, but nothing major, just minor thefts, one case though made me a person of interest, I made a deal with Steve McGarrett that he would leave me free if I would testify against a specific drug lord of Hawaii, I accepted, I’m a cute 22 year old boy, and I hear that jail is not for guys like me…at first they booked me a hotel room, along with some cops on the entrance, but I was attacked by some guy who was dressed as room service, so McGarrett suggested to me that I would be safer to stay with him, in his house, the guy was a navy seal so I accepted, that and also the fact that he was handsome.
The first days I would take a sneak peek, wherever he would take a shower, or whenever he would pull his shirt off, his muscular torso was torturing me, because I wanted to feel it against my body, he had hairy chest, not too much, but he wasn’t smooth, and I liked it. One night I was watching TV, I was bored.

“Hey, I’m gonna go for some drinks, stay inside the house, I will activate the alarm, you should be safe” he said in an almost mechanical tone. “Yeah don’t worry” I replied, I was thinking of going through his underwear drawer or better yet his dirty underwear

on the bathroom, he left, but then thirty minutes later he came back.

“That was quick!” I said when I saw him standing in the living room, he smiled “Well, It didn’t feel right leaving you all alone here” he said, he was so adorable, he sat next to me on his sofa “So what are we watching?” he asked, I pointed the remote and started explaining the movie I was watching, the whole movie thing became a deep conversation about me and my past, he was looking at me and I did something that seemed reckless, I leaned and kissed his lips, he was surprised but he didn’t move.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me” I replied, he came closer, his blue piercing eyes looking mine, and holding my head he gave me an even more passionate kiss than mine, his tongue rolled around mine, and his kiss was both gentle and wild, his hand was holding my head against his face, then he stopped kissing me, he was looking at me, he was asking me a question with his eyes “Will you be mine tonight?” that was the question even if he didn’t asked it, I pulled his shirt over his head, and admired his muscular pecks and abs up close, I leaned closer and kissed his chest, then the nipples, one by one, and felt his hot breath on me, my lips felt then tension of his body, his chest hair, the sweat, I moved lower, as he caressed my hair, until I reached, his belt and his safari beige cargo pants, I could see his cock being hard through them, I looked at him, he kept caressing my hair, he was so handsome, smug and tender, he didn’t pushed me, I knew that I could just stand up and go, and he wouldn’t even force me to suck his cock, that’s why I wanted to do it, I undid his pants, and came across his black boxers, the little hair trail led straight to the inside on his boxers, I lowered them, his pubic hair were trimmed, but not shaved, and that was a plus for me! I licked his pubic hair first, he moaned, and then I licked his penis, first the glans and then I moved my tongue on his shaft, it was already very hard, so I sucked it all, slowly, looking at him while I did that, he moaned, and I could feel his breath being shortened by excitement, he was a big boy, but I managed to suck his hardness all inside my mouth, giving him the pleasure he craved for, then he reached with his hand and pushed my head into a rhythmic move, sliding his cock inside and outside of my mouth, and I kept looking at him like a little bitch, his blue eyes were filled with passion, this stud would fuck me, and I would let him, I rolled my tongue lower and reached his balls, I licked each one with careful moves, that causes him to moan louder.

“I want you inside me McGarrett” I said and I climbed on him as he was sitting on the sofa, straddling him, he held me by my arms, and lowered my shorts, with his hand he grabbed my buttcheeks, he was grabbing them with so much “hunger”, I could feel his cock touching my butt, I lifted myself, as he placed his cock under my butt, I lowered myself and took it in slowly, I always thought moaning was an option, but not with Steve McGarrett, I moaned like a little bitch, as his penis entered deeper and deeper up my butthole, with my hands I was holding his face, looking at him, I sat and his whole penis was inside me, I moaned, it felt so good to have a man up your ass, I felt his hard cock throbbing inside my asshole, and he was moaning as I was bobbing up and down, taking it, and moaning too “I have never had a big one up there” I said, he held my face “you’re so tight” he said, my body was touching his, and it felt like static electricity, feeling this hunk against my body. He was thrusting his waist as hard as he could, and I felt my orgasm coming, he kept fucking me, while I kept bobbing up and down, and then it happened, my cums shot and landed on his belly, he didn’t even cared “I’m sorry” I said, he grabbed me and we changed position, he held my legs on his shoulders, and then he fucked me, so hard, I felt tears on my eyes, his waist was thrusting hard and was opening my ass, stretching it,,making me moan and cry like a bitch for him, all that while his lips were kissing my neck and biting my ear, he sweat made him stick all over me, I loved his manly smell, I felt him tremble and his back muscles tighten, under my arms, he groaned loudly saying a “Fuck!” as he shot his sperm inside my ass, I moaned out of pleasure, it felt so nice to have a man shooting his creamy sperm up your ass. He got out of my ass and went to shower, then I took a shower and I sucked his cock, because I was a slut like that, he let me, it took longer for him to finish, but I didn’t care, his cock was so delicious I could suck on it for days.


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