Virgin Hood!

***This story is a fan fiction of OUAT, it contains gay sex with Robin Hood who’s been played by Sean Maguire, there is some scenes of rape, but it’s only for the story, I do not endorse rape, sex should be consensual, rape in real life is disgusting…***
“What do you want?” Robin said pinning the black dressed man on a tree trunk, holding his hands behind his back “Let me go, I’m not here to harm you, I need your services” he said, a Robin let go of him, the man turned around and looked at him, a Robin did not like his glance, he seemed bad, very bad, he threw a black leather pouch on the ground, some gold coins spilled out of it. “I want you to steal something for me Robin Hood” he said, Robin looked at the leather pouch and then at the man.

“What is it?” he asked with his hand still on his sword, the man smiled slyly

“It’s kinda complicated, but I want you to steal Prince Kyle’s virginity” he said.

Robin rolled his eyes in surprise, “What? You want me to rape a prince? are you out of your mind?” he said and turned his back starting to walk away, the man then said a phrase that changed everything “Rolland seems like a good kid, he’s been asking for you”, Robin charges against him the man pulled his sword and while Robin was an excellent swordsman, his worry for his son made him reckless, the tip of the man’s sword touched Robin’s neck “Now Robin Hood, you will take the pouch and you will see your son, after you do what I asked you to do, try to cross me and I will kill your little bastard myself” he said, Robin wanted to snap this guys neck but he had no other choice but to do as he was told.
He managed to get into the castle, he only met two guards but his fists where more than enough to take them out. He took a deep breath before opening the door to Prince Kyle’s chambers, he went in, Prince Kyle wasn’t there, so Robin waited for him.

Hours later Prince Kyle entered his chambers, he was alone, that was convenient for Robin, he was undressing probably to go to sleep, when he wore nothing but the pair of fine fabric pants and his shirt, Robin came out of his hiding place, and with his sword pointed at Prince Kyle he said “If you wish to live you will come with me and you will do as I say, do you hear me?” he said in a low but threatening tone, Prince Kyle nodded, Robin Hood, tied his hands behind his back and with careful steps, they were out of the castle and into the woods. Prince Kyle was walking in front of Robin, with his hands tied behind his back, he was crying like a bitch “How old are you?” Robin asked, 

“I’m 19 years old sir” he replied, Robin stopped him “Here” he said, they were on an opening, nobody would see them unless they would come very deep in the forest.

Robin pushed Kyle on a tree trunk, making him bend, then he went around and tied his hands tight on the trunk of the fallen tree, now Kyle was lying on the tree trunk, his butt exposed and unable to move “What are you doing!?” Kyle asked in terror, Robin faced him “Look, they got my kid, I wouldn’t do such thing but I’m forced to do it, ok? Try to stay calm” he said, Kyle was confused, he didn’t know what Robin had in plan for him, but he realized when Robin stood behind him, and he undid his pants “No! You can’t do that! Please don’t do that” Kyle started begging trying to break the ropes that held him captive on the tree trunk “I have no choice, trust me, I’m taking no pleasure in doing this to a guy” Robin Hood said and he seemed genuinely sad, Kyle felt his pants pulled down by Robin, he started whimpering, “Sir you wish money? I can give them to you!” Prince Kyle said, Robin placed his manhood on the entry of Kyle’s tight asshole, he could feel it being tighten, Kyle would hurt “My son will die if I don’t fuck your ass, do you hear me? Do you think I would take any amount of money to take this disgusting thing?” Robin yelled, Kyle knew he had no chance of escaping this, and as he did that thought, he heard Robin spitting, and then his wet finger entering his butthole, then he felt something hard and hot pushing through his butthole, it wouldn’t enter, a Robin sworn loudly, he spat again and then pushed harder, the tight butthole budged and his hard thick penis started moving slowly inside, Kyle yelled, this was too much for him, Robin Hood had a big penis, and his butt was tight and virgin…”Sir ahhh you’re hurting me…please don’t do this” Kyle tried one more time, “If you relax your butt it won’t hurt so much” Robin replied coldly, as he pushed deeper, he felt this boys ass, suffocating his penis, he pushed deeper until his whole dick was in.

He stayed there, so Kyle’s ass would realize the shape, Kyle whispered and koan, he hurt, it wasn’t Robin’s first anal fuck, his wife was also fucked anally, well she wanted it, and Robin liked fucking her female ass, so he knew that Kyle would have to hurt a lot before his ass would give in. Robin caught his shoulders and he started thrusting his waist “Ahhh sir! Aaaaaaaaah!” Kyle yelled, and cried, it was a good thing Robin chose this place in the forest, or else someone might hear them. Robin thrusted harder and harder, he wanted to finish with him as soon as possible, his butt no matter how hard tried to push Robin Hood cock out, it was of no use, his rock hard thick penis had won, it had conquered Kyle’s ass, and now was destroying his masculinity in a very harsh way, Kyle moaned and yelled, tried to break his ropes, while Robin Hood kept fucking him in a steady pounding, hearing him moan with every thrust, they were like a fuck symphony, every move a moan or cry, every thrust a groan by a Robin a hood, the sound of the forced entered butthole was a low squeak, even Robin Hood was turned on by it, while when he begun this he was just sad he had to do this, now he found himself turned on by fucking a royal guy, even if it was just the Prince. Robin Hood thought all of those unfair laws and taxes the king, Kyle’s father, had brought upon his people, and now he pounded harder, he was hate fucking the king’s only son.

“How do you like it being submitted by a thief Prince?” Robin said, Kyle whimpered, he would reply but he dropped his head low out of shame, “You the only Prince of our land, being fucked by Robin Hood, huh? A thief is fucking you boy, you are being fucked like a prostitute, in the woods”, Kyle cried, his body wasn’t resisting anymore, his butt was completely ripped, it hurt but due to this fuck for almost an hour, he got used to it, he felt Robin’s thick cock going in and out of his less tighter ass, Robin laughed ironically as he kept fucking, he fucked him so hard, his wife would be jealous, his breath now was quicker, he felt his balls tremble and tingling, Kyle realized that, and cried out as Robin pushed hard his cock in, and stayed there shooting his creamy sperm in, he was shooting for a full minute, even a Robin was surprised with this huge load, when he pulled out, he brought a white handkerchief and wipe Kyle’s butthole, sperm and red blood was all over the handkerchief, Robin wore his pants and then the black dressed guy appeared, he was hiding there all along and his pants showed he had an erection “Uncle!” Kyle yelled in surprise, his uncle went closer and looked Kyle’s gaping open ass “Nice job thief, give me the handkerchief I left your son in your tavern with his mother” Robin nodded and went to untie a Kyle, but his uncle stopped him “I will take care of him, your job is over” he said, and as Robin walked away from that perverted situation, he turned to look in the clearing, he saw the black dressed man, fucking Kyle, he felt his cock getting hard again but he also felt sorry for that 19 year old boy who would never be a proper man after that night, two men shoving their junks up his virgin ass, that got to hurt! Robin found his son with his wife, he took a shower and then fucked his wife like never before, while he kept remembering how tight Kyle’s ass was…


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