How To Get Away With Hard Fuck!

***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Charlie Weber***
“Come in, sit” Frank Delfino said, he was overly kind, he is being the lawyer of my enemy Kyle Nicolson, so I have seen his bad side, its weird seeing him kind.

“Look Frank, if it’s about a settlement, you can forget it, tell Kyle I will fight him to the end” I said. “Nick don’t be a moron, you won’t fight him, not after I saw you this” he said and showed me a very incriminating report a I tried to bury years ago. “Where did you find this!?” I asked, he just smiled “I have my ways, now about that settlement?” he said, this report could destroy my career, I’m a guy that everyone looks up too despite the fact that I’m just 23 years old. “Ok, what do you want?” I asked. Frank stood in front of me, he wore a dress shirt with a tie, and a vest, such a handsome man, “Your drop the case against my client, and also…you will let me fuck you” he said. “What!? Dude I’m not gay” I yelled, he laughed “I don’t care, I want to violate that sweet ass of yours, you seem so tight” he replied, I stood up and went for the door

“If you leave my office, this report will go straight to the media, do you really value your masculinity enough? Besides even in white collar prisons, they will fuck you so hard, you will need a wheelchair” he said. I return in front of him, “Ok, what do you want me to do?” I said, I couldn’t believe what I was about to do “Suck my cum pump” he said, as he unzipped his pants, he didn’t let them fall he just let his cock come out of the zip hole. What a cock, Frank Delphino was hung like a bull,veiny, strong and arrogant cock like himself. I got on my knees and took it in my mouth, I have never had another guys penis in my mouth, but I expected a worse taste than this, I sucked it harder and Frank moaned “Look at me, I want you to look at me as you blow my whistle” he said. I worked my tongue around his gravy maker, tasting and feeling his throbbing veins

“Yeah work your tongue!” he kept saying, while he held my head and pushed it toward his cock, I felt so submitted, but also so good, I wasn’t gay, I’ve never been gay, but I loved this, “Do you like sucking my gadget Nick?” he asked me while I had his cock in my mouth, “Yes very much” I tried to say “What is that? I can’t hear you, don’t talk while you suck my sugar stick, or you prefer to call it daddy stick?” he said, he used so many dirty words that he turned me on, his waist moved along stabbing my mouth.

“Get up, it’s time for some manhole inspection” he said, I stood up and dropped my jeans, “Bend over my desk” he said as he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his vest, he leaned on my back and stabbed my ass with his daddy stick, feeling my asshole being violated like that, brought tears to my eyes, I moaned, and tried to not scream, but as his sausage grazed me inside, a I found it harder to keep quiet, I moaned like a little bitch, my ass was too virgin and too tight to stand such cock, Frank moaned “Oh yeah! I’m gonna split these buns alright” he said, and he pushed the remaining inches of his gravy maker inside my butt, it felt so painful and it was also so exciting, I didn’t know how to feel, I moaned as he moved it slowly out of my butthole, but then he pushed it right back in, those pushes, became thrusts, and soon he was pounding me on his desk, I could feel his breath on my neck, sometimes I could feel his beard grazing my shoulder as he leaned closer while he rectified my manhole. “Do you like it? Backdoo Nick? That’s what I’m gonna call you” he groaned behind me “I like it, oh my…it hurts” I yelled, “Shut up and take my cream stick boy” he moaned, as he rimmed me hard on his desk, I felt so turned on, I was being fucked by my enemy’s lawyer, a lawyer I swore I hated, maybe that’s why it felt so good, because he was my enemy, and I was submitting to him, he sat on the sofa “Ride my saddle Nick, your back on me” he said, I did as he asked, I sat on his legs, my back on his face, and sat slowly until his whole beef was up my ass, I felt his thrusts but I had to move, so I did, I moved up and down, fucking his cock with my butt, while my junk was hanging hard. “I love your back, keep going on sailor, take it all in” he said as a I fucked myself on his cock, it was a nice sensation touching his dress pants with my naked skin and then feeling his hot fishing rod stabbing me in the ass. He held my waist and then thrusted his with force, my ass felt a sizzling pain as he kept doing that “Who’s your daddy boy?” He asked me, I couldn’t see his face, but I’m sure he had his sadistic satisfaction face, the one he did whenever he knew he won a case, I should have stopped, but I didn’t want too, I wanted to keep going. I liked his ha, up my ass so much, suddenly he stabbed in the ass and held me there, he groaned “Fuck! Fuck!” and then he dropped his load inside my ass, he was shooting jets of sperm for around a minute, it was amazing how much sperm my ass took. When I goo dressed he gave me the report and a kiss “I like your style Nick, see ya” he said, and I walked funny the entire way back to my office.


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