My Sexy Beast!


***This story is fictional, I have never met or had any sexual intercourse with Jay Ryan***
Jay wore a dark shirt and a tie, his smile was full of “hunger”, I kissed his lips slowly, but his kiss became harsh, I got on my knees, in front of him, he growled in pleasures I undid his belt and his dress pants, they feel to his ankles, his black boxers held a big bulge, which I licked over the fabric, tasting his sweat and precums, I’m a guy I would have find this disgusting, but not with Jay, I pulled his boxers down on his thighs, and enjoyed the view, a trimmed, veiny cock, ready for my mouth and my ass. I grabbed his balls as I sucked his dick slowly, taking it, all in my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, and playing with the little hole on it. “Ahhh yes, keep doing that” he said as he grabbed my head and pushed me against his gravy maker, while thrusting his waist “All in your mouth baby, I want it all in your mouth” he said excited, I tried but it was too big to take it all, I could only take it for a few seconds before I gagged. my saliva made his cock glisten, “I want to smash in your back doors…” he whispered in my ear as he hugged me from behind, I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass…

“Jay…I want you” I managed to say before he kneeled, spread my buttcheeks and buried his face in my ass, when I felt his wet hot tongue fucking my asshole, I almost collapsed on him “oh my, Jay! Jay!” I moaned, nobody have ever done that to me, I have been with other men but Jay knew how to make me want to be fucked.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you! Isn’t what you want my fan? Isn’t this why you tracked me down and asked to come to my house?” Jay asked, I nodded “yes” and I tried to lie on bed. “No stand up, I want to fuck you like this, against this wall baby” he said with his hot raspy voice. I got completely naked and Jay pinned me from behind against the wall. It was exhilarating feeling his naked skin touching mine, feeling his hot skin, and his hot breath on my neck, his lips brushed against my neck “For a guy you have a very smooth skin” he said, his voice is so sexy, that he could even recite recipes and a I would get turned on. “Spread your legs more” he instructed me, and I felt him behind me, “Are you ready?” he asked, I nodded and he pushed his sausage up my ass, I groaned in pain, “Yeah, scream for me” he said, I moaned enjoying his anaconda sliding in my ass, feeling it’s throbbing veins in my ass. “Ahhh Jay, you’re really are a beast” I said, he laughed and then he pushed his waist with a thrust pinning me on the wall, trapping me with his body, with his cock “Ahhhh it hurts!” I moaned, as a I felt my ass being on fire, I cried out “Tell me, how does it feel? How does it feel to be fucked by another man?” he asked me. “Ahhh Jay” it’s all I managed to say as I felt his big snake fucking me in and out, quickly, it was so hard it felt like it was made of wood.

His chest grinding with my back, our sweat made us stick, it was so hard taking a cock while standing, I felt tears running down, not because I was crying but because I was trying so hard not to scream…Jay’s waist was so strong that my ass felt sore, and his thrusts were stronger than before. “Jay! It hurts!” I yelled, “Shut up! You knew it when you came here, didn’t you? You knew I would “sign you an autograph”? Didn’t you?” He asked. His hit breath against my skin, his lips kissing my neck, his speed decreasing, now he was thrusting slowly and deep “I’m going to knock you up! Spread your fucking legs more!” he yelled, I managed to do it just as he released jets and jets of his sperm “Ahhhhhhh! Yeah! Fuck!” he groaned, pushing his cock deeper inside me while he shot jets of his love gravy! “Jay! I love you!” I moaned, as we both almost fell on the floor panting. I spend the night with him, sucking his cock for the rest of the night. Jay was my sexy beast for a night!


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